Our Approach

At Mendel Money Management, we focus on helping you create a strong investment portfolio to meet your goals and objectives.

To do this, we assist you in the following areas:

  • Setting realistic targets aimed at long-term success
  • Determining your appropriate level of risk
  • Creating the CORE of your portfolio FIRST
  • Deciding if and how much to invest outside of your CORE portfolio


  • Analyze current financial situation and compare with established goals
  • Promote a plan and series of recommendations to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals


  • Review our recommendations and rationale
  • Share our plan with your other trusted advisors, such as accountants and lawyers
  • Adjust plan based on feedback


  • Work closely to implement strategies
  • Partner to ensure all recommendations have been implemented according to the plan


  • As your needs change, our process continually refines and adapts our planning efforts to meet your needs
  • Ensure your plan stays current with new laws and market conditions
  • Continue to work with you to implement any changes required to keep you on track towards your lifestyle goals

A Disciplined Approach To Investing

The core of your portfolio will consist of high-quality equities and fixed-income investments focused on companies with consistent profitability, robust finances, and solid growth prospects on at least a 3-to-5-year timeline.  These companies provide the stability and growth needed to help you reach
your desired financial results.

Establishing the core of your portfolio first creates a disciplined approach that will yield rewards in the long run.