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Will Buy Fidget Cube es of note Bailong, Hou Xuan, said Distribution go, ready to sell. White Dragon, Hou Xuan, micro a bend, a wave of his hands, twenty four black people, suddenly moving rapidly, in the garden cloth into an octagonal battle, facing the surrounding houses. Sparrow in the white sword next to the girls side of the sword, his hands holding two to wear in the waist of the dagger on the hilt. It seems that the middle aged scholar in white feathers, seems to be the figure, but he was the white girl, but it seems very respectful, slow two steps, slightly bowed, said Wang Xian girl, may have advice White woman shook her head, smiles by the text of the master it, jade fairy is only responsible for dealing with that surname Xiao Xiao Han heart of a move, speculation Road So she is specifically responsible for dealing with me, I do not know what the Wang Xian is a backing Looking back, Tan Sangu is also staring at him. But listen to the middle aged scribes Lang Lang said In the following days Kui, you did not launch an ambush interception, the text of a do not want to cause melee, I hope you come out, according to the rules on the arena, a winner, Out, then do not blame the fire in the next set off the house. Tan Sangu whispered Xiao Gongzi what high Xiao Han said predecessors make decisions. Tan Sangu loudly said Since you want to follow the rules of the arena, Ming Ming to the challenge, p.t, and this is a word for the set. Han Bo Hu said Thank you, Master. Stand up, do not dare to sit. Zhang Lan said can not be too simple, I want them to prepare banquet, so Bo will buy fidget cube Tiger respect you a few glasses. Tan Sangu laughed wine is always to eat rice, do not deliberately, fear of tiger sitting down, the old body has a word to charge you Han Bohu should be a cry, sit back in situ. Well good Chang said The older generation, please, we listen. Tan Sangu said Xiao Han Yue Chuan Zhao wind and thunder concurrency may be Sha Xie Jianjue the secrets, the old body of view, he may be slightly amended, eliminating a lot of domineering, we can not get to him, but if Under the Fan Kujin, integration in their own martial arts achievements within, will be a trick enemy enemy life insurance Looking will buy fidget cube around for a while, Tan Sangu slowly and then said The old body to the income of Bo Tiger under the door. Yes Yes Yes Zhang Lan respectfully answered We do not say out. After lunch, I hope you take a good interest rate adjustment, tonight, the body would like to go to Yang Fu House earlier, a closer look. Wang Shouyi said will buy fidget cube The older generation of injuries It does not matter to the meat of the injury, has been restored quickly, will not affect the old body of action, fear of tigers, after lunch, you go to my room about the old first pointed out your recipe for emergen.

den, dark clouds, the night is not together, will buy fidget cube already hazy in the film, heavy rain such as injection. Days are not the situation, this burst of storm to a good fast. Zhao Youlan cover the door, the room has been dark to pitch dark. This is a great pharmacy, storage of hundreds of valuable medicines, Zhao hundred years is not missing here before the preparation of the treatment of various incurable diseases of the drug. Zhao Youlan remember the fire iron sickle, on the side of the sandalwood table, three days later, when the evening sunset time, she came to the pharmacy, lit a lamp, research with drugs until four more After the back room to rest. Today is the fourth night. Zhao Youlan gently breathed a sigh of relief, stretched out his right hand, to take the fire iron sickle, ready to ignite lights. But feel a tight wrist, seems to be suddenly brought a hoop, felt bone pain as crack, the strength of the total loss, can not help but stay. Ear between the occasion of a deep voice, said Zhao girl, I do not want to hurt you, I hope you can cooperate Zhao Youlan mood shocked, anxious who are you Zhao whispered some of the girls, if you want someone to come to save you, that is forced to destroy my hand to spend, and smart as Zhao girl, probably not so much noise so much noise, right Zhao Youlan calm about the mood of vibration, whispered You squeezed my wrist. Closely linked.lease staff withdrew into the garden, where we have a showdown Wenkui Kan looked at a white girl, said Jade Fairy girl mean White will buy fidget cube girl nodded, suddenly flying into the sky, the bird flies behind, it seems that the text has become a white bird woman care from the female servant. Wen Tiankui laughed and said You are Sansui Tan Sangu. Long hair female Tan Sangu, well, well, if the text of a person s memory is good, you and open door there is a period of hatred Yes, tonight, together with the settlement of Ben Lee, but the old body would like to ask the question, I wonder if you Wenxiong, can not be the master Wen Tiankui said white feather to make the door, the hatred must be reported, never talk about jin two This matter, and you have nothing to do with the white feather. Well, then tell me The old body hope that today a war, regardless of the outcome, hoping to first Zhao things for a solution Wen Tiankui laughed, said Tan Sangu Do will buy fidget cube not be difficult from the life, Zhao Dafu is what people Wen did not know. Xiao month can not help, then said You know what this is Wenkui coldly said About a small house, but nothing more, it would be Longtanhuxue, Dao Shan Jianlin not Xiao Han said This is Zhao hundred years in the husband s former residence. Wen Tiankui said What are you people fidget cube for only $19.9 Chatter, it is very annoying. However, open the door, Xiao Han slowly on the walk out, sa.Zhu Yingying raised his head, sweet smile, was actually innocent deep, no fear of color. Often nine smiled and said Zhu girls wear this, at least, it is not appropriate to let too many people know what you are. Zhu Yingying turned around and glanced, said what will buy fidget cube is that Human skin mask Zhu Yingying Xiao Xiao look at the month, Xiao Han nodded smile, Zhu Yingying took over, wore up. This mask produced exquisite, Zhu Yingying worn on the face, there is no sense of discomfort. Fourteenth back to the white killer A few hundred feet, the sudden appearance of a group of silhouette, the line directly to the lotus floor over. Enemy fidget cube like finally appeared, but the momentum is out of the big nine unexpected. They are not leap to, nor is the hidden encirclement from, actually is divided into three lines, walking calmly straight over. Shadows asymptotic, can be roughly seen, three rows of men, each row of twelve people, a total of thirty six individuals, are wearing a black dress, the body wear long knife. Xiao Han Yue said Wind group killer Often nine Thirty six people, implied the number of stars, is probably the combination of the knife array hit, we rely on heavy stone to the enemy, do not be trapped by them into the knife array. Xiao Han Yue said White girl went to a half stick of incense If not finished, white jade fairy has flow like a flow vector from the Chi, behi.

Will Buy Fidget Cube $k = 0;said I said, you will not let me, jade cents do not believe that she was wrong Xiao cold months then said Bai Yuxian really did not talk about what secret No pathetic eyes Ning condensate in the face of Xiao Han, said The people have aspirations, reluctantly, after this conversation, I have died of the Lord to my life, despite the shot it Then, close your eyes, a bundle of hands tied to sit look, Xiao Han Yue looked to God and found his face a calm, really has come to the realm of death, can not help my heart startled, speculation Road will buy fidget cube What, So that he was so no interest Slowly walking near wood case, coldly said I do not use drugs, we are in the martial arts on a point of life and death, as long as you can will buy fidget cube block me move, I go back Pathetic closed eyes are not open, between the mouth, but thrown a touch of cold smile, said will buy fidget cube Do you know white jade Xiao Han Yue said Know, but she never mentioned you Qingyi people suddenly opened his eyes, pegged to the face of Xiao Han Yue, look for a while, sighed Green bamboo snake mouth, wasp tail needle, two things is not poison, the most ruthless woman heart, this woman s heart, really is unpredictable Xiao Han month sighed, said It seems that between you, seems to have a very lingering feelings Pathetic scribbles smile, said Everything non matter, how painful tragedy, you kill me, despite the shot, I will not.

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