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Toy Fidget Cube usion. Chen Baoshan should be a cry, his hands into his arms, grabbed a iron lotus seeds. His meteor catch a month, this iron lotus seeds, is a must in his martial arts. Zhu Yingying line nearly nine, whispered Often predecessors, can I hand to help the cold months busy Often nine heart speculation Road I do not know you Silver Flying Cream got into a few into the furnace, the river above the remote fighting, that Silver Flying Cream, the power, it is time to play. Mind to read, the toy fidget cube mouth also whispered Of course you can toy fidget cube shot, but not too fast, choose the right time, to be able to hit the enemy. Zhu Yingying smile nodded. White jade he suddenly felt an killer of the soul to take the life, by Xiao Han Yue refers to the sword on the ramp, Chung out, unconsciously twist the waist, hoping to get out of the threat to be positive. Two boat control boat of the Han, also by the kind of strong murderous infringement, with Bai Yuxian twist willow waist, unconsciously to move the boat up. Lonely cloud master a glimpse of non child, said Dao Xiong, pay attention to the transit, smell 100 Lao two Laoer, many years of friends, even enemies, old monk though escape the empty, but also feel a sense of well being Murphy whispered What if he really attacked Free Master Then fight back. Mexican non sub nodded, said Master s intention to kill. Uncle Yun nodded, slowly stood up, the body of the robe.alk outside the hall. Originally, at this time, thirty feet outside is an armored man, a big walk over. Bai Yuxian looked up to the sky and smell a hundred odd one, said The two are the master of the angle of the turn, it is best to sidelines to take toy fidget cube care of, although we have more staff, but still can not afford to casualties, especially such as the master of this highly respected person. Wen Baiqi, nodded to the transit, reaching in the Weaponry picked up one or two heavily Weaponry. To the transit is a mace, Wen Qi Baiqi picked up the two are the back of the head of the knife. To deal with such a monster ironclad, who dare not care big. At this time, often nine slowly moved to the side of the Tang Ming, the two whispered to discuss the array, but also chose a good point, and then gently shift the past, here can cover the body, but also defensive back door. Bai Yuxian understand their mind, but did not speak out to discourage. Under the nest without eggs, then, to have a distraction effort to do more of a force. Often nine out of the two umbrellas, whispered explanation of the usage of Tang Ming, toy fidget cube which Bing Ren since it is anti enemy hidden weapon, but also issued six strong spring injection of iron arrows, a wound healed, should be very good Of Weaponry. Xiao Han looked at Zhu Yingying a glance, whispered Ying Ying, standing in front of the Office, for the free cloud master s.

track of the surgery, but it is a little success. Seven princes smiled and said Well, the art of tracking, who often traitors Magic White Dragon Suddenly shut up silent. Seven princes nodded and smiled Is not the White Dragon to hide in this garden. Chang nine thought I do not turn to speak, he happens to ask me, had to bite the bullet and go on. The moment will be very carefully through the situation again. The seven princes are Shensuzhu gas, drink a cup of tea, and then look back Zhang Lan, said There is such a thing, to find some prospectus no Zhang Lan shook his head and said Have been checked rockery, no trace. Seven princes This garden, always alert lax, should I send some people to help you check to see. Wang Shouyi said Not have labor princes Xiao Han toy fidget cube Yue said Cao Min and other ventured to offend the palace, has been disrespectful, afraid to re labor princes trouble. Zhang Lan said Seven princes, by their own investigation The truth is not clear, should not be overstaffed, Zhang Yang out. Seven princes nodded and said Zhang Xi, who is like a white dragon figure Zhang fidget cube unboxing Lan a little meditation, said Bailong known as the magic knife, martial arts strange, knife out of life, is the rivers and lakes on the fear of a super killer, and ghost knife Hou Xuan, God knife Tang Ming, rivers and lakes are known as the three famous knife. Oh Seven princes nodded and s.n said twenty four years old. Master Yun said At that time the donor has not yet been born, toy fidget cube about thirty years ago, but the old Na know, then Jian Di is already more than sixty years old, that is now Mexican non sub Road Emperor of the embodiment of thousands of swords, often in a variety of different identities, there are rivers and lakes Xiao Han Yue smile about, then If so, that sick and disabled elderly, but one incarnation of the division, the younger generation is face to face division, is also not recognized. Probably the case Murphy said Unless the teacher would like to meet with you, or confrontation is difficult to know. Xiao Han Yue sighed and said After that heavy rain, the younger generation over and over again to find the family division, the heart has been secretly self blame, late into the wind and rain fidget cube insider should go to visit his old man is, how to be after the storm to see him, Could it be his old man angry, and deliberately no longer meet and late into. No often nine categorically said If you are a person, in such a big storm, forget to visit other people s homes, maybe he really angry, but you have a mother, in that wind Rain, she needs to take care of, 100 lines of filial piety for the first, so that division is what characters, how could so stingy Bai Yuxian said The common saying that the divine is the first class figure, will n.down, inconvenience disturbed, had to sit quietly side. Zhao hands holding two cups of tea are also shocked there. In the elegant room, a quiet, quiet can be heard. The second back to life Shendan Xiao Han suddenly stood up, said What is more important than medicine, but what about medicine He seems to himself, but Zhao Youlan immediately received Help. Xiao Han shook his head, said A doctor to save lives, should not use this means of forced abduction, not to mention, to respect the masterpiece of medicine, if saved more than two months, can not save the man s life, the man has long been dead. Dad said you are the inner meaning of the people, really did not read wrong Xiao Hanyue not by the joy of praise, slowly moved to the eyes of Zhao Youlan s face, looked awe. Then Zhao girl, courageous smart people, often without rain silk tassels, but I can not figure out is that this and medicine have anything to do Zhao Youlan muttered to himself No rain silk tassels no rain silk tassels, do some people want to live forever Xiao cold on the cold one Girl, so that the statue of medicine, really make people immortal My father never admitted that he has this ability, but he is a generation of medical genius, to extend the life of people, should be able to do it, but my father has always advocated Suncheon act medicine. toy fidget cube So, so respect for the Yangzhou salt beard life mirro.

Toy Fidget Cube a powerful law, not many people have seen To the Heaven For the armored samurai warrior these people, I d heard some. Bai Yuxian said To the seniors please say, if we know a little detail, but also a lot of extra defense. To the Heaven The armored warrior is divided into two groups, each group of twelve people, but twenty four individuals, are composed of hundreds of experts selected, they not only their extraordinary skill, selected toy fidget cube armored warrior, had some growth Strength of drug subsidies, so everyone is a considerable force, in fact, that alone there is a pair of armored weight of more than pounds, if not with a specific physical strength and strength of those who can not afford those armored weight Xiao received on the cold Martial arts human behavior, the total to light based, how will wear armor, alas Also loss he wanted to come out God knife Tang Ming then It is not surprising, war above, the general armor trap, to avoid the knife vector Xiao Han heart of a move, speculation training armored warrior, would like to be inspired by the war above the But the smell to the transit then As far as I know, those armored warriors not only Weaponry weird, good tackling, more importantly, within their armor, there are some special devices, can take the soul to take life, powerful. Bai Yuxian said To the predecessors, can it be more specific To the Heaven D.he angry line into the flower Xuan, said There is such toy fidget cube a reason, we help her thieves squeeze life, looking for her father s whereabouts, but she collusion with others, secretly ran Xiao Han said Wang Wang Xiong, ask clear Wang Shouyi Road. It is perfectly clear that two of the men, Zhao Yulan, who acted as master in the kitchen, a policeman in the patrol, hurt our two dark cards and left here. Xiao Hanyue pondered for a while, restrain the excitement of living mood, slowly said She left the letter it Wang Shouyi said Here. Xiao Hanyue took a white paper, only a few words, is the book should Fengtianfu Wang adults adult orphan female father, broken heartbroken, come to pledge, to seek medicine, no intention of wounding , People are determined to bring the drug to explore the father, a few months Laosihuizhong, deep that apology, leaving silver twenty two, chat table shame, and asked the people on behalf of the adults to the Taiwan government case. Women Zhao Youlan call on Xiao Hanyue on tone can not sell Wang Shouyi said people do not chase, officials do not study, sales case is not difficult, fear is that seven toy fidget cube princes to chase down Zhang Lan said It does not matter, since it is Zhao girl s decision, I think seven princes will not trace. Xiao Han said Since the decision of Zhao girl, we do not have much, and business, Wang Xiong have a way to toy fidget cube explain, Zhang Xiong can n.

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