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Toy Fidget Cube Shop yue secretly count, each team of ten people, four teams together as many as 40 people. They were dressed in red, yellow, blue and white. Leader of the four leaders of the elderly are very old, white beard fluttering, it seems that more than sixty people. Mofei stay for a toy fidget cube shop stay, said how would they be four Wen Baiqi said think of ah Zhongzhou four odd, even when the killer leader. Bai Yuxian whispered Shaw son, they divided the four color clothes, there must be a role, or else the heart. Xiao Han month nodded, near the line often nine, whispered Zhongzhou four Qi What kind of character Chang nine Central Plains region is the most famous of four people, twenty years ago has been hidden out of the rivers and lakes, can not think of the two have been toy fidget cube shop Mr. Luo Zhi. Xiao Hanyue said Their reputation in the arena on how Often nine is a very prestigious heroes, and fidget cube etsy even Shaolin, Wudang, very respect for them, can not think of is the Festival does not guarantee. Xiao Han said They are on the leader of the killer, I m afraid there is something inside, perhaps forced to this point. Conversation between the four team killer is already approaching, immediately spread out, shaped like a hook, surrounded on three sides, but empty the way. Mexican non sub Chen Sheng said Zhongzhou four brothers, remember the rooftop of ink it Four elderly eight eyes, together betting in the face of ink non sub l.versation, suddenly saw a team of warriors dressed in white, slowly to the lotus floor, this line. They do not look like the enemy of the array, they are wearing white, are gowns, the head also with a white towel reined in, from toy fidget cube shop top to bottom, in addition to head and face, a white, do not see a little variegated. Their actions are also very elegant, walked slowly pace, like a group of reading scholar is poetic walk. This group is divided into two teams, each team of six people, a total of twelve, hidden twelve stars of the number. Xiao Han heart of a move, said White girl, two gentlemen, may have any special characters Bai Yuxian pondered a moment, said He under the door a large number of patrons, I do not know Xiao Xiong asked what kind of person Xiao Han Yue said Looking at their training of staff, not coincide with the twelve stars, that is, with the number of days to Plow, the principal of the people, should be full of Confucian scholars, or Xuanmen the Supreme. White jade eyes swept to the transit, said To the older generation in this longer, may have seen such a character toy fidget cube shop Zhongtian shaking his head to smile, said Although the next was included in the VIP status, but did not participate in confidential qualifications, the girl started late, but by the courtesy, but much higher than the next. Tang Ming suddenly said I have seen a fidget cube review white beard, Qingpao, quite Xianfengdaodao o.

s of people, will not affect the overall situation, we only seven people, one casualty to one person, the strength also has a great impact. Xiao Han Yue said I ll try it, and if there is a sense of fatigue, it will be immediately returned, and the white girl will ask the man to get the litter from the house. Bai Yuxian then said Do you really have arrangements, there are rescue troops came Xiao Han on smile, said Whether there is no rescue came, at least, lit up the pile of fireworks, will cause suspicion of the plan Bai Yuxian nodded and said Justified, I went to point less. Often nine Do not labor white girl, I went to the ignition, or stay in the back door, helping Chen Baoshan a hand. There is often a labor Xiao Han month to walk outside the door to go. Bai Yuxian set the strategy is to try to save strength, sitting in the rescue, there is no reinforcements is one thing, but gave to transit, Tang toy fidget cube shop Ming a hope. Therefore, Zhongtian and Tang Ming in the enemy of the time, also preserved a considerable strength, the two did not shot, but Daoguang, palm potential, toy fidget cube shop forcing people close to the lotus floor, black people. Xiao Han on the step out, joined the war situation, the situation immediately changed greatly, I saw Xiao Han on his sword out of the wind, but a momentary effort, six people have been injured in his sword. This swordsmanship, martial arts, to the Z.ck is not only envy cents feeling. Unfortunately, all the good things, always so short, three days after everything has become a thing of the past. That small upstairs nestled affectionate, candle light pity honey love, have disappeared without a trace. Xiao Hanyue like to do a dream, woke up, still sleeping in a small building on the nuances. But opened his eyes, is already a matter of people, standing in front of the bed is often nine mice. Still lingering fragrance, beauty can be Xiao Han suddenly stood up and took up. But Wen Changjiu gently called for one breath, said Well, finally wake up. I Xiao Han month secretly breath, so that they become sober, identify the eye some of the personnel situation, slowly said Chang Xiong, how is this going Often nine wry smile, said What you eat Ecstasy drugs, even so good sleep Xiao Han spent a stay, said Did I sleep a long time Chang nine I get the news of the Sparrow, came here, keep here, has been a day and a night. Xiao Han on a wry smile, said Twenty hour. Often nine Of course more than, the scarecrow informed me when Hou, has told me that you slept twelve hours. That is to say, I have slept for two days and two nights Chang nine It appears that at least is the case. Xiao Hanyue suddenly alert, anxious The second gentleman Chang nine has been taken into custody should be among the Tianfu jail. Oh Xiao Han said What.is a drive to the shelves Tan three martial arts how high strength Often nine quick steps into the flower Xuan, then But also with the wheel tactics to deal with Xiao brothers a person. Wang Shouyi coldly said Surname, we are talking about big things, you do not understand, do not intervene Often nine I hear very well, do not Xiao received on the cold Chang Xiong please sit Look to Zhang Lan s face, then said Zhang Xiong, I promised, however, the official number of courtesy complex, but a loss of brother, between the outcome, how to grasp, but also pointing Zhang brother. To win can not be defeated Zhang Lan cold Su s face showed a smile, said Can not win can not be defeated, if the owner shot, naturally to mercy, as Tan Sangu, if you can force the power, might as well give her a little lesson. fidget cube nowthis Xiao Han Yue Road Were she hurt Zhang Lan said It is best to face her face, if the closed hand, save the first win, even if she did not have to scruple. Xiao Han Yue said I see, when will we leave toy fidget cube shop Zhang Lan said The sooner the better, Xiao brothers sit and look, we immediately leave. Xiao Han Yue said Do not take anxious, let s go now. Often nine to see Xiao Han Yue said You really want to start with the three Tan Brother, things forced to the head, the younger do not want to die. toy fidget cube shop Often nine of the breath, watching Zhang Lan, said Zhang Zongjian seats, Ta.

Toy Fidget Cube Shop dom, may be able to secure a sad death Xiao Hanyue whispered But for the share of fidget cube on sale the fidget cube mashable imperial seal, three will be title Seven princes stay for a stay, said how do you know Xiao Han Yue said Seven princes please be happy, the concept of Caomin the matter, maybe I can find that the sign of the secret Chao Well well really the case, the cold months, you are not only my benefactor, but also to save the world people, millions of people Seven princes looked excited and said Unfortunately, I can not share the glory of the Royal Highness Xiao Han Yue said solemnly You have to live. Seven princes startled Yi Zheng, said I Xiao said At least, you have to live to plan and courage, we can do Seven princes then said too late, even before the beginning of tonight, I did not take drugs, will be poisoned to death. Now, we are about four hours Turn your eyes, looked around, then said There may be their ambush Seven princes said There They are hidden in the rockery. Zhang Lan said No wonder the princes told us not allowed to enter the garden. I know your loyalty, but also do the effort, but I know, you can not resist them, I am afraid the consequences of direct conflict, will make them immediately launched Eyes turned to Xiao Han on the body, then said I can not think, Xiao Hanyue actually have an op. $txt1 = join(\" \",$txtArray);

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