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Fidget Cube Youtube aid The doctor of God surgery, can not cure my illness Zhao Baonian eyes turn, carefully looked for a while, his face suddenly panic and excitement mixed look, said The young man, your name ah In the next Xiao Han months. Shaw son, can you wait, let me look at other patients, tonight, I carefully study your condition This, I fear the cold months Shaw son, what a difficult place, although please say Xiao Han on a wry smile, said The doctor, I am unaccompanied in Jinling, growing increasingly heavy, unable to seek work, all the body, less than thirty two silver Zhao Baitian whisk smile, said Shaw son, do not worry about the cost of medicine, your condition is very rare, I d like to Xiao fidget cube youtube Dadi give me a chance to verify what my medicine At this time, suddenly came a husky voice, said fidget cube youtube Gentlemen of the folks, life saving matters, please let you let a Zhao hundred years to stand up, line out. Xiao Hanyue pondered, with out. I saw a 30 or so of Tsing Yi Han, ran sweating, followed by a soft couch, lying above a patient, cotton covered body, do not know is dead or alive That Han saw Zhao hundred years, Doutou a long bow, said The doctor, you send kindness, save Zhuo Jing people kneel down. Please, please play Zhao Baonian picked up Tsing Yi Han, then said What kind of illness Zufu life Dystocia, the doctor, only one breath, you must save her Let m.ked the audience, not only Wen Tiankui a pedestrian face changed, that is, Zhang Lan, fidget cube youtube Wang Shouyi, also Qiaode changed his face. This is what swordsmanship, even if the rivers and lakes on the first class master, do not allow a chance to fight back In fact, the sword off the ghost knife Hou Xuan of the wrist, even Xiao Han is a great surprise. Bai Yuxian gently sighed, said gentle sword It really is fierce, fierce, unparalleled. Slow walk up. White Dragon right hand disease, sealed Hou Xuan right arm points Road, stopped bleeding. He was very cunning, but the broken wrist pain, biting cone heart, while secretly teeth, people are sitting on the floor, luck pain. Under the bright light, Xiao Han Yue only to find a white jade is about twenty girls, at least, looks like this age. Sparrow followed the white jade behind, looked cold Su, and the kind of gentle Wan Fang in the flower boat, sentenced two people. Xiao Han on the fast sword, shocked the audience but not overawed white jade fairy, her expression calm, walking calmly, straight to the front of Xiao Han five feet or so, stopped, faint smile, said In addition to you In addition, there is a mysterious Zhao Fu House of the Supreme, can not ask him fidget cube add out to meet Tan Sangu recalled Chang 9, whispered The two know the girl Often nine shook his head, said do not know, she rarely appeared in the arena. Zhang Lan, and so do not know the.

e and death, and that is not the same. Zhao Youlan sighed and said It seems that I made a big mistake, should not find you fidget cube youtube meet Xiao Hanyue said Orchids, I hope you listen to me once, good First to save the seven princes, the future, I listen to you Zhao Youlan suddenly smiled and said You said, but the truth. Xiao Han said It is absolutely sincere words. Zhao Youlan said Well, I told you to go, but this is outside the plan, fidget cube youtube missed the event, you have to bear. Xiao Han said Of course, in the next will bear all the consequences. Apricot face color panic, anxious The girl, rescued the master bear, seven princes of the matter, then said later. Zhao Youlan sadly Yi Tan, then said Xiao Gongzi I have a life saving grace, and, millions of people s lives and death, always heavy hundreds of deaths, we will save seven princes Apricot shook his head, hesitantly. Xiao Han touches on some uneasy, should be saved seven princes, Zhao girl rescued the opportunity to save his father, it was a great pity. But seven princes life in the evening, finally moved Zhao Lan, it should not be changed. Leave the public housing, the Xiao Han months only to find that people outside the house cloth Fu a lot of Jin Zhuang Han. But to Xiao Han month surprise, the Sparrow, Wu Feng is also one of them, and, often nine have long been subdued, point the real road. Should these people appear to block, Xiao Hanyue c.aid Naturally, after the establishment of the million drug fidget cube toy set Church, then different. Xiao Han Yue said Mr. has not told the next Two Mr. said You can rest assured that Wan Tong is the door of the new establishment of a parish, as the door of the human, missed after poison poisoning poisoning, is a highly potent general medicine, preparation is very fidget cube youtube easy. Xiao Han Yue said Is the case, Kwak naturally from life Two Mr. said Well This is a word for the set, tomorrow morning early detection, immediately became recruited Examination Xiao Han months puzzled and said What body Two sneer, said Wan Changqing, told him into my door rules. Chen Baoshan should be said It is immediately under the instructions Two Mr. said White girl, you intercept Xiao Han twice failed, I do not know how to explain fidget cube youtube to me Bai Yuxian said Xiao Han months on the stunt, has proven to be the descendants of the sword Emperor, naturally not easy to deal with. Second, Mr. Road Even if he martial arts peerless, but he was a person, but also what to do Xiao Han Yue said Er Ye set up 10,000 drug Hall, so that the entire organization, more sound, Eryuku Guo Tianwei and I would like to co operation, within ten days can be captured Xiao cold month Two gentlemen laughed and said White girl really sure I heard Xiao Hanyue and Lonely Master, ink non sub, have come to Jinling, by.king about Xiao Han has determined that they are not the sword of the descendants of the emperor, that nature is not his brother, my heart a wide, laughed, said Well, you can now shot. Bai Yuxian often recalled a nine, gently called on one breath, said This is where to start Often nine Oh I have been worried that they Syria on the same door of the friendship, this file of things, the big trouble. But see Shangguanjie sword together, suddenly stabbed a sword, fast sword. Xiao Han Yue a sword block, sounded a gold Tiejiao Ming, lingering sound is not, Shanghengjie suddenly Lengheng heard, back Jitter. Blood spray, Shangguanjie left arm, was cut off a piece of meat. Xiao Han did not see the back of the counter, that counterattack of the sword potential, it is too special, and quickly get too busy. Xiao Han Lengran smile, slowly said Xiaomou has mercy, and I hope you can answer in the next few words Shangguan Jie a right hand sword, ten blue swordsman, suddenly pull out the sword together, slowly Wai Wai to. Shen Cang suddenly stepped forward, said Third Brother and slow Shangguan Jie said Big Brother have any instructions, injured shame, how can not report Shen Cang said a little security and impatience, I would like to talk to him a few words. Shangguanjie gas back down, Han Chengfang immediately help him wound dressing. Shen Cang Note Note Xiao Han Yue said You really are the de.

Fidget Cube Youtube lot of fans to Xiao Han months to infer, guess. A line of patrol soldiers, in the sky just at night, on to the palace outside the alley. This pedestrian, it is Xiao Hanyue, etc. change, eight people, including Zhang Lan, He Gang, Chang Jiu, Zhang Jie, Luo Biao, Xiao Han Yue, Han afraid of tiger, Wang Shouyi, Zhang Jie, Luo Biao also with a strong bow, Two bags of arrows, the hands of persistent spear, points in the alley at both ends. Place, selected by the regular nine, Qunhao turns hands, less than two hours, has dug a ten feet deep. Often nine strokes stop, take a look at Zhang Lan, said Personnel allocation to please Zhang Xiong and Wang total catcher. Zhang Lan said The tunnel has not yet dug up Often nine hands lifted the shovel, forced a push, brick fall soil collapse, exposing a hole. Ganqing has dug to the tunnel where the brick wall. Zhang Lan probe into the hole looked at the heart secretly surprised, that authentic large scale, higher than one person, four feet wide, green brick wall, tunnel in a well ventilated, no moist feeling, obviously when the building, The cost of the project is very large. Zhang Lan gently said in a sigh breath Chang Xiong, this authentic, the number of risks, you know better than us, how to allocate staff, you decide, but I Zhangmou people to count. Obviously Zhang Lan of the nine can, mind already admired. Often nine good You Zha.to hold the right to hold the left, maybe two will come to nothing. Xiao Hanyue finally understand the meaning of the lotus, the hearts of speculation Sparrow, Wu Feng appeared very suddenly, the lotus move a few days ago, but also not without reason, it would be wrong to be caught in between them, desk toy fidget cube may be able to manage a clue. Mind to read, long sigh, said Can be borrowed, the district can not stay in Jinling for too long, although the stunning current, only Wangyangxingtan. Lotus laugh laugh, said Xiao Ye can stay a few days Xiao Han Yue said Can you stop for up to three days Lotus Road That s a desperation. How about a throw Lotus Flower Road strong medicine heavily, as people from the match, to see if they can tempted, however, Xiao Ye first to decide, like that one Soft curtain start, the text of a smile came in fidget cube youtube a smile, said Lotus sister, what are you talking about Lotus mouth chuckle, said What to talk about Shaw uncle to ask Scarab near the Xiao Han month sat down, said Xiao Ye, can not tell me what is it Xiao Han Yue on his face a hot, said We re talking talking about you What about me This this Xiao Hanyue Although there is ulterior motives, but he is the beginning of the breeze into the market, but also difficult to fully adapt to this for a long time, this does not come out. Lotus staring at Xiao Han on smile, said It seems that fidget cube indiegogo Xiao Ye is no.

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