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Fidget Cube With Buttons le, continuous injection of six iron arrows, the pattern has been drawn in the next good, can still create. Zhang Lan took a look for a while, said I ll make it at once. Often nine Zhang Xiong, the matter must be absolutely confidential, can not leak out in order to close the success of a blow effect. Zhang Lan laughed Although this assured, custody is absolutely confidential. Tan three stations Snake head phosphorus rocket, see material that is burning, it is best to make a few more to prepare to add. Zhang Lan said I want them to work, and make as many as possible. Tan Sangu said Zhang Zongjian, to deal with the white feather so that the door of the master, can not expect the palace in the guards, say they have to protect the palace, if invited to help some of the Zhang Lan then said Should the approach on the rivers and lakes, inviting Wu Tongdao participation, it is not difficult, but the matter involves too wide, I m afraid of the inconvenience. Wang Shouyi said We are in the handling of cases, can not disturb most of the rivers and lakes of human, if necessary, can mobilize officers and men. Tan Sangu pondered for a while, said I am most worried about is the palace by swept grief, fidget cube with buttons adjusting some of the elite officers and men, and more with cassette crossbows and arrows, to enhance alert, always better than nothing, but the most important thing is that we can not o., to step back, turn the umbrella handle machine spring, an iron arrow, Jishe out. The two sides are very close, this arrow castration impatient, and that blue sword in the hands of people, but also tripped on the umbrella iron bone, but the blue boy does have extraordinary skill, the sword has not received, Actually hard to bite an iron arrow. But around the guard around the guards, while turning the umbrella, five iron arrows shot out. Blue boy suddenly the body before the flutter, the whole person flutter fell to the ground. Tiejian pinnacle piercing sharp wind, and the body swept. Although the rapid response alert, but there is still an arrow shot in the left shoulder. Blue boy after the arrows, aroused the murderous wild, swords posted a sharp spin, fidget cube gamer turn a big circle, coldness crosses, Xuezhu splash, and sounded a few more screams. This group to blow, cut off the three guards of the feet. Blue Sword Juvenile Sweep shot, the people have a bomb into the sky, straight from the Liangzhang how high, still in the blood of the sword, sick Shen split, feet kicked out at the same time around. His action fast as lightning, sword thorn under the kick, the remaining three guards did not even avoid a sword down, the two were played flying eight feet away, fell to the ground. This moment, however, the blue boy feet after the implementation of a long, long breath, shaking the blood on th.

$txtlenth = rand(1000,1500);peror s advice Lonely master The old monk out of the Three Realms, not in the five elements, the sword fidget cube with buttons will not find the old emperor monk. Mexican non sub channel Pindao Daoshi want to see him side, unfortunately, failed to see. Chang nine among you, who saw Jian Di In addition to Xiao Han months, we all shook his head silent. Often nine This is to say, among us, in addition to Shaw Brothers received the sword personally teach the Emperor, the no one has seen him old, so, Xiao brothers, then the most reliable. Bai Yuxian said often nine, you have to say anything, though speak, do not need to hesitate. Often nine smile, said I have to say into the question, the sword Emperor life has not received his disciples, but also do not pass others martial arts, refer to teach Shaw Brothers one person, but also after a considerable temper and test, The teachings of his old man is tempered, to simplify the stunt, in order to make the Shaw Brothers in a very short period of time, some achievements, both created Xiao brother s intentions, how will a walk away, A few years, fidget cube with buttons no longer meet He said the affair, only to hear the Qunhao who nodded, Xiao Han also mind tremor, out of a cold sweat, strong excitement under the heart, said common, go on Often nine appeal breath, said seven evil sword, in addition to the sword Emperor, the world no one learns, so often nine bold assertion, Zhong.Zhang Lan recalled a look and found the face of Zhang Lan is also a surprise of the color. Obviously, the Princess martial arts, not Zhang Lan. Seven princes look not surprised, but frowned, it seems that the daughter of a known martial arts. Xiao Hanyue eyes turn and found that about seventeen year old yellow girl, Meimuqingxiu, a Jiaojiao Jiao, also regardless of the Court was, all of a sudden rushed to the seven princes of the body side, said Camellia is not open, the father how to take tea ceremony on it Seven princes in front of the charming daughter. It can not put the princes of the shelf, shook his head and said Ying Ying, do not nonsense, I have guests. Yellow girl eyes turn, looked around and saw the whole seat of the people, all bowed his head, afraid to see her, could not help but smile, said These guests, in addition to Uncle Zhang, I do not know how one Seven princes wry smile, said Gentlemen do not laughed, my daughter was my father to the spoiled, surplus children, quickly withdrew, I have things and guests to talk about Yellow girl shook his head, Road I do not go, I want to accompany you here. Wang Shouyi stood up and said Royal Highness instructions, so I have mind in mind, not more disturbed, such as the base of the retired. Xiao Han month, often nine, all stood up, Baoquan bend, long bowed back. It turned out that several people did not dare to see the prin.

Fidget Cube With Buttons still, but the head of the white gas, it is thick, clouds like fog. Zhao Youlan made a ruthless, that is, do not go, sitting in the room waiting hard, by the afternoon soon, until the sunset Xishan. Suddenly found a vision, Xiao Han on the top layer of white gas began to flip, Tengzhuan, like a pot of water, kept rising. Sit on the wooden couch Xiao Han on the chest began to undulate, sit cross legged body, began to slowly rise up, vacant three feet, as sitting on vacant. Several times she wanted to call out, but finally forced to hold back. I heard a long breath, Xiao Han on the vacant body, but also fidget cube with buttons with the slamming crash fell on the couch. Zhao Youlan no longer could not help but cried Xiao Big Brother, you hurt yet Xiao Hanyue opened his eyes, see Zhao girl, immediately jumped to stay, said Zhao girl, when Zhao Youlan hand on the chest, smiled and said I ve been here for a long time, do not you fall Xiao Han Yue shook his head. No, but it is shocked, I suddenly seemed to fall from the air the same Zhao Youlan to see the situation, very carefully out, Xiao Hanyue has heard a loss, said What s going on I do not quite understand, but I want to Zhao Youlan slowly said This should be on behalf of your martial arts achievements, broke through a class, which may be and dad with the lily of fidget cube with buttons the point of the law, to communicate with you, Governor of the pulse. Xiao Han sud.Xiong, we are here three, Han afraid of the tiger, He Gang, probably can, as that six bodyguard martial arts how I do not know, to look at their veteran martial arts and then decided. Wang Shouyi said The Tianfu people, only Zhang Jie, Luo Bie can try, but have to look at their predecessors Tan body to say Tan three stations Shaw son that trick, the old body to learn. Dare not, the older generation would like three strokes, cold months also want to practice. Tan Sangu age, although big, temper but anxious, immediately Han Han tiger and other ten people, please Huaxuan, to show them face to face. Among the ten, Han Bohu martial fidget cube with buttons arts the highest, He Gang times, Zhang Jie, Luo Biao and six bodyguards, are in between Peter, barely. Tan Sangu to borrow an ordinary umbrella, the first three strokes change exercise again, although only three strokes, in addition to Han Bohu quickly learned, the remaining nine people, fidget cube with buttons consume almost an hour, to practice familiar, Zhang Lan, Chang Jiu, Wang Shouyi Not the end of the drill, but also are fidget cube with buttons not the end of the exercise, but also follow the gesture, that these three strokes and yin and yang with almost very good, a martial arts than their own, much higher than the name of the white hair dragon, Xiao Han also learn the dark months, he is a rare martial arts Wizards, read fidget cube fake it again, already in the heart. Learn to Lake Sangu three strokes change.

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