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Fidget Cube Vs t that when there is a group of body red, the body wearing two swords girl, Wai swing over. But the smell of Mr. Er s voice, hot selling! fidget cube came from afar, said Xiao Han month, although I am in the vicinity, but you can not see me, not in vain, and I will not appear by your ridicule, a repair of your accomplishments, is indeed a rare rivers and lakes on the master, I hope to rely on your martial arts, achievements, to identify the shortcomings of a large number of our training master Then, in accordance with their aptitude, to strengthen their training and play the task, the twelve girls, I was part of training girls killer, They are good at the art of co stroke, do not know how their achievements You want to rely on your brother s sword test Xiao look. Xiao Hanyue looked through the sound, I saw a tall outside the Banyan tree, the sound came from there, it seems that the two hiding in the banyan tree, Miman fight the case. But Xiao Han has no chance to rush past, twelve girls have been around the red up, cloth into a fan shaped battle. Xiao Hanyue eyes turn and found that twelve girls in the twenties of the upper and lower, all graceful beauty, but each face are tightly folded, it seems that everyone s hearts are full of hatred. There is no general girl lively atmosphere, can not fidget cube for kids help but a frown, said You one is the leader Twelve girls wearing the same style of clothes, simply can not tell.to get me a way, I pay you a thousand silver No, one thousand two silver, wanted to live forever ah These two words a great voice, most people on the restaurant can be heard. Dozens of eyes betting over, looking at Zhao Fu and Lee clerk. Lee clerk is very embarrassed, whispered Zhao housekeeper, voice small, good, this matter we talk later, you wait, I went fidget cube vs to the kitchen to help you remind. Zhao Fu seems to have been shocked, looked around and said I m waiting for them downstairs. He hurried down the stairs. Everything with the very good. Before noon, two horses of the Han, escort a car into the car Yongle Tang, the car sitting plot over the cloth, apparently after a long journey from the two Han, are also busy schedule, traveling in Zhao Was blocked outside the drive, a full Hou Houzhao tea time, only by the Zhao girl personally welcome, people, cars into Zhao. Rain medicine floor of the food and wine, into the flowers Xuan, but with the two small two, was rejected in the Xuan, the girl fidget cube vs from the Zhao, the food and wine into Xuan, but the two stores have seen stopped in the small two Next to the car park. Car keep the car dust. There is a very strange phenomenon in the world, the emperor s notice posted around, not necessarily someone made a special trip to see, also read the main operator, but belong to privacy, confidential things, but everyone likes to inquire, , Wi.

ot know, she did not complete the task, always inevitable to be punished, I hope the owner loved her, do not punish too much we go, we grew up together, love with sisters, you caught me, why not And the Sparrow seized it I Xiao Han Yue smile about Next time I see her, I ll catch her and ask her to come here to accompany you. Wu Feng said She is cleverer than me, I hope she can protect themselves Eyes swept that black people, then said This person, you caught Is my friend, not me Your strength seems to be very strong, there are many experts Wu Feng smiled, then said However, you definitely can not win why Because, the owner is a genius, giant, powerful, handsome master clouds, no one can fight him Wu Feng Xiao Han Yue said softly Tell me who is your master Wu Feng shook his head and said I will not tell you, I can not betray my master. Xiao Han month faint smile, said If your master is really omnipotent, why not rescue you Wu Feng startled Yi Zheng, Road I I think I m just an insignificant person, life and death will not be on the owner s mind. Do not belittle yourself, Wu Feng, you have peerless color, martial arts and good, is a rare talented woman Wu Feng then If I martial arts good, how can you Qin Zhu, but I do not hate you A closed eyes, rolled down two lines of tears. Let s have a good rest, two days, I come to s.o think of a way, let her speak out the truth. Zhang Lan nodded and smiled, suddenly turned to a Bao Bao on fidget cube kickstarter the cold, said Shaw Brothers, the second experience of skill, really is the world Jueyi, old brother and opened a vision it Hanyue lucky, Zhang has seen the award. In his feeling, he really wins the luck, Wu Feng shot attack, he directly grabbed her wrist, a hairpin point hairpin, enveloped around a few feet radius, he stepped forward to avoid the gold Chotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchotingchristian louboutin outlet Instinctive reaction, to use out. Xiao Hanyue did not learn a complete boxing, palm method, but his chest in mind, is really ten million sets of boxing, the essence of palm method, are the most practical know how, direct response, simplify, see Trick trick, a strike effective. At this time, Wang Shouyi Wu Feng has solved the dumb hole, said The girl this age, no matter how powerful martial arts, it will not be the leaders, let s make a discussion Wu Feng cold then To kill to kill, there is nothing to discuss, I do not want to hear She is as brilliant as spring flowers, but quite heroic death hero. Xiao Han Yue said Wu Feng girl, listen to why not Xiao looked at a month, Wu Feng looked excited and said Sh.ewind, the formation of a large gap in the size of about Xu. Iron seven body armor, but completely intact. Probably iron seven to eat the knife bitterness, uttered a Lengheng, left hand lift, edged Flying knife Jishe out. This and so close to a few feet away from the distance, Flying knife, such as electricity, it is not easy to dodge. But Xiao Han on the martial arts, there is a strange feature, that is, at any time to maintain the highest strain skills, the hands of machetes in the chest waiting, up a Young already sealed the iron seven injection knife. But Xiao Han did not expect that the flying knife as much as a small chain attached to the knife flying out of ten feet away, the armored people suddenly fell arm a close, was Xiao Han Yue knock on the knife, turned around, wrapped around Machetes, the right arm swept, hit over. His distance from the Xiao Han months, enough to have more than three feet, right arm swept, under normal circumstances, is unable to hit Xiao Han months, but can not think of his right arm and then start, suddenly popped a two feet long edged knife , In full access to the expected under the internal electricity and to. Xiao Hanyue was shocked, hastily suction abdominal retreat, razor swept chest and over, even scratched the clothes of Xiao Han months, also draw a chest wound, more than half a foot long, blood gush. Such as non Shaw month, put on a per.

Fidget fidget cube vs Cube Vs shed the four books, the five. Let the Church is a talented woman. Xiao Han month nodded and said talented woman word, my mother should be well deserved, she not only proficient in poetry and literature, and good painting can piano, needle embroidery female red, all fine, Han Yue home the most valuable, is a seven string guqin. Said to this, suddenly stopped, Zhao hundred years have not asked, the topic of a turn, said Shaw son, you seem to say, you have the disease, only three months Yes. How to get the disease Xiao Han on a wry smile, said In the next seems to fork out the gas Obsession, Shaw son, you will be qi Yes, the cold month impatient rush into the qi bifurcated into the odd, the fidget cube vs end of this fall, but also self inflicted Zhao Bainian nodded, said The gas bifurcated by the strange, non related illness, although I laughed pathology Meridian, but not practiced the practice of qi, but fidget cube vs the truth, should be the same, Xiao Gongzi today I see with silver Needle through the point of the law, to save a pregnant woman, protect their mother and child peace. The doctor a needle to save the second life, worthy of the reputation of the doctor, Hanxue bitter thoughts, but can not think of the doctor under the needle, and that the disease of pregnant women off hot selling! fidget cube Zhao hundred years Xiao Gongzi, you know needle acupuncture new arrival fidget cube points Xiao Han said The next do not understand ne.hu no Zhang Lan slightly Yi Zheng, said Qiao out what Often nine The situation tonight some strange Zhang Lan said What is strange Often nine Our design is to entice the enemy into the hospital three decisive battle, the enemy seems to be such a plan, even the staff concentrated in the three into the hospital. Zhang Lan nodded and said Yes, it seems so, how such a clever method Often nine This is not a coincidence, but both sides of the situation in Zhao Fu is very clear, choose the decisive battle of the land, actually in one place But see the figure flying, volley bird in general, down five people. Xiao Hanyue eyes condensate injection, found that among the five, there are three know, they are the White Dragon magic knife, ghost knife Hou Xuan, and the Sparrow, another scribbled in blue clothes, and fidget cube vs a white body Saber girl. The middle aged lady s four square towel with a white feathers. White feather so that the door finally appeared. Xiao Han heart thought the twenty four swordsman, swordsman, I wonder if there is no white feather so that the door. See the white feathers, the room often nine, Zhang Lan, who do not consciously touch the hand of God with the umbrella in the body. The face of the murderous world of white feathers that the door, everyone s eyes, can not help oil gave birth to a chill. That middle aged scholar Mori two cold eyes, looked around for a while, the ey.

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