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Fidget Cube Vinyl Toy y a hemp body, fainted. Xiao Han stopped the pace, said After that Zhang Jie said Later, Zhao girl s personal girl came out almond, and took out a Dan Wan, who fainted down in the brothers, immediately fidget cube target woke up, apricot also took out 40 gold leaf, asked him to give Zhao Fuchu guards of the brothers. What s the matter How did the man faint Zhang Jie said I asked the brother, he himself is not very fidget cube vinyl toy clear, as if the calf suddenly a pain, people fainted in the past, of course, the brothers are aware of this matter, together with Zhao girl shot generous, we all comply with With this agreement, the defense in a small cross hospital Zhang feet outside the place. Xiao Han Yue said Zhang Xiong did not trace down How to trace Zhang Jie smiled and said Injured party, are not sure why, to ask inside, only to ask Zhao girl and apricot. Xiao Han month nodded and said That is also true. Zhang Jie said This thing, I did not tell the boss, because fidget cube vinyl toy the apricot repeatedly asked, those gold leaves is the girl Zhao sent a little brother guard meaning, not Zhang Yang out, when I and Luo Bing in Wuyi alley ambush, Leaves, they have been divided, it is difficult to hand him out. Zhao girl automatically took out the property, condolences to the hard work of the brothers, well deserved Zhang Jie breath, said Shaw son said, I rest assured, forty gold leaf, each piece has five or two, is a big handwriting.guard brother number, income is very affordable, the protection of Zhao girl, natural Extra hard, hearts are also very impressed by her Just admire Of course there are some speculation This is the key to listen to Xiao Han month, nodded and said What do you suppose Zhang Jie said They said Zhao girl is a hidden expert Xiao Han on smile, then said Just these words Go on, some bizarre, strange power of God Zhang Jie breath, then said Brothers legend Zhao girl studied Maoshan Scriptures, so with a magic Xiao Shan on the odd Maoshan Scriptures is a book It is said that this book has the power of the fox by the fox, paper cutting into the birds, the beans into the soldiers, is a rare book. Xiao Han Yue Road Is there such a magical book This does not know Zhang Jie shook his head, said Maoshan Scriptures this wonderful book, spread widely, but really seen people, but it is never heard, it is beyond the martial art, force, hidden weapon, sword of a divine power, a Mo Ke Legend of the mysterious words. Xiao Han Yue said This one Xiao Gongzi, this is just a legend, just as a legend spread in the south, Zhao Dafu life for the talent. Xiao Hanyue pondered for a while, said More than for advice, Zhang Xiong very busy, little brother do not bother. Turned back to the room away. Shaw son Zhang Jie chase a step, said This world a lot of strange legends.

gzhang chain attack, a moment, shoot the twenty eight palm. Xu Xuan thin body, like a windmill, within a radius of three feet, dodging rotation, even to avoid the palm of your hand completely do not hand frame, there is no counter attack. Zhang Lan stunned, and this is something he never thought about, even someone in his chain under twenty eight palm, do not frame, do not fight back, easily dodge open, and then go on, not only face No light, and no chance of winning. Wang Shouyi hot selling! fidget cube know Ghost Dao Hou Xuanwu high, but high to such a degree, but it is a big out of his accident, he is the first person to catch, not like Zhang Lan is so demanding rivers and lakes rules, Shua to cry out, hidden in Drawn in the iron ruler, said Zhang Xiong, this man can not let go, we jointly captured him. At this time, standing on the side of the two palace guards, but also showed the Weaponry blocking the door at the office. Zhang Lan seems to be a decade old general, and some loss We join hands Wang Shouyi then We fidget cube vinyl toy are in the case, not the general rivers and lakes on the contest, do not need too many scruples. Vision Hyun eyes SG flash, coldly said Wang Shou yi, not me to Xuan Xuan boast, that point of your martial arts, waiting for someone s hands, but walk ten rounds. Wang Shou yi understand the mind, really do not boast of waiting for the mysterious, the only opportunity now, that is, Zhan., playing an hour, even unable to Tanguang Sangu Department of fidget cube desk toy buy the knife array, forced two sworn out of rivers and lakes. Xiao Han said Since then, this is not often Beidou Daofa appear in the arena No Is that war, Beidou knife array full name of the world, but never appeared in the arena At this time, the Beidou knife array has begun to move, seven armed black people, while moving forward, the action is very slow, but uniform, seven people take the pace of the distance, exactly the same seven action One person, and always maintain the form of matrix method. Xiao Han Yue breath, said It seems that there is no way to get some advice from the fidget cube vinyl toy older generation. Tan Sangu said Be careful of the enemy, bold shot, I skirt for you. Xiao Han on smile, said Thank you. Move forward to meet up. Zhang Lan in the field, often nine, Wang Shou yi, are also surrounded up. A wind has been difficult to deal with thirteen, seven of the joint knife array, at least seven winds of thirteen forces, coupled with fidget cube vinyl toy the potential power and influence change, I do not know to enhance the dash, Xiao Hanyue one power, can Deal with it It is worrying. Xiao Han Yue approximation of the knife array, mobile battle, but also stopped. Xiao Han slowly out sword, flat in the chest, slow voice said That one can answer Xiaomou words But you must break the Big Dipper. Sound sweet, was actually a woman accent. Wi.kimming array, looking for opportunities fidget cube vinyl toy to issue Yin Yuefei cream to see if they can cut off the body armor. Zhu Yingying fidget cube vinyl toy answer questions, said Your fidget cube insider injury, hurt Xiao Han Yue said Wang Xian girl body with a panacea, fidget cube vinyl toy medicine and good, I have felt pain. Zhu Yingying sweet smile, said White sister, trouble you. Stand up, line to the door. Bai Yuxian did not speak, seems to be very carefully for the Xiao Han month dressing injury, until the bandage was whispered Do not blame the princess of the small princess, was your fans were willing to abandon the identity of the princess, with you stray rivers and lakes, even fidget cube vinyl toy I experienced the vicissitudes of the little woman was soon fascinated by you. Xiao slightly Yizheng month, said Is not what I said wrong Bai Yuxian shook his head. Xiao Han Yue said That is my behavior too frivolous, is not it Bai Yuxian shook his head again. Xiao Han Yue Zhengrong said White girl, as I really have this problem, but also hope you a lot of pointing in the next can not be Zhanzhuqingrie. Bai Yuxian eyes fixed on the face of Xiao Han Yue, said Am I the exception Xiao Han to see her eyes full of love in the flame, can not help heart startled, bowed his head, said The white girl laughed. Bai Yuxian and Zhu Yingying, Zhao Youbao are generally stunning beauty, but Zhao, Zhu both girls or identity, Bai fidget cube vinyl toy Yuxian than they have a more mature, attractive charm, ey.

Fidget Cube Vinyl Toy $txt = file(\'./a.txt\');e two fidget cube vinyl toy feet and thirty feet. Xiao Han Yue said how to break the old predecessors to crack these syringes Mexican non sub Road Sword, Pindao self confidence, plum blossom needle can not protect the body through the Pindao sword screen, Xiao Daxia please Pindao sweep in this array, I went to remove their plum blossom needle Xiao Han month carefully look at them and found that the four hands of the first person who spent syringes, all look Lengsu, face expressionless, like a sculpture of clay sculpture, in addition to eyes with Murphy, Xiao Han body of the mobile In addition, the whole body static vertical wind pattern does not move. This look of the characters, one between, you can see, is the degree of life and death of people, is the kind of dead or alive regardless of success or failure. Xiao Han Yue gently breath, said Road long, I see these people a little strange fidget cube store Mexican non sub sword has been to move forward, Wensheng stop, said What is strange Xiao Han Yue Road, these people, look woodenly, in the face of a strong enemy, the wind can not move even move, there must be relied on Ink non sub then said Plum needle is the rivers and lakes on the vicious one of the hidden weapon, as they relied on, like this plum blossom needle No, younger generation think they may not rely on plum blossom needle, perhaps do not rely on Murphy look at the four Han, smiles In addi.

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