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Fidget Cube Verge he snow, regardless of the situation of others on the cream. Xiao Han stood up on the body, called on one breath, said The younger generation, such as re encounter white feather so that the door of the human, it touches on them and hope to fight a while Tan three stations then said Young man, Xiao Han Yue shook his head, smiled and said not for the predecessors to come forward, and, on the view of juniors, white feathers in the door so that this is not found in the old retired here, but they are involved in Zhao s disappearance, Sooner or later inevitably across a fight. Tan three stations You are not afraid of white feather that makes the door Xiao Han Yue said I am not afraid I do not believe in the world there is no more than the white feather to make the door more enemies, between each other, the case of the case, not the same to face to face a war. Tan Sigu pondered for a while, suddenly laughed and said Well, young people, you like to say moving the old body, perhaps a flame in the past year, I witnessed two rivers and lakes master, casualties in the snakehead white feather arrows, Of the mood, has been shrouded on me Xiao cold month then said escape is not a way to come is always will come Yes Is a blessing is not a curse, is a curse, however, the old body will not escape, and once encountered, to let go of a war, but also stronger than this and o.ive battle within the courtyard in order to focus, but also makes a strong bow crossbow concentrated, play with the power. Defensive in the other side of the regular nine, Zhang Lan, also found the enemy invaded, a group of six, straight into the triple courtyard. In fact, the invasion of the enemy Zhao, is divided into four fidget cube verge sides, each group of six individuals, a total of twenty four. Zhao Fu in the situation of the people, it seems that there is a considerable understanding of a government, and immediately to the third focus within the courtyard. It turned out that the whole Zhao House, is the seat of a three into a large house, the third after the hospital, is the garden. Come and look over the house, but no one stop, quickly put the four groups of staff, concentrated in one place. This situation is somewhat strange, anti action between those who come to become careful. A closer look, found the incoming, although wearing the same fidget cube verge color of strength equipment, but the four led the people, in the arm, are wrapped in a white ribbon, at the moment, four people are set to discuss one. Just listen to one of the arm wrapped around the white ribbon, said strange ah I heard Wang Shouyi Tianfu should be the elite to arrest dozens of people, are sent fidget cube verge here to protect the safety of Zhao House, how could not see a man shot catch cut Another person replied As far as I know, Zhao that girl.

it bluntly, it is not difficult to understand the truth. Master Yun said often implying chest Zaobo complex, would like to hear the details Gentleman bully to the side often nine slowly Road Yi Rong drug with a Xiangyun San, looks like smoke clouds in the clouds in the sandy beach, it seems like a real body and magic, Mr. Second Has been no real face and you have seen Bai Yuxian then said Yang Fanghe it Is it true Often nine sighed and said His words moving, I often nine also attracted by his words, did not pay attention to observe Xiao Xiong month then said Chang Xiong is easy to hold hands, so when he came again, look carefully. Chang nine He really want to come, I m afraid too late. Xiao slightly Yizheng month, said Changxiong mean fidget cube verge Often nine If he did not want to deal with our approach, how come Bai Yuxian gently breath, said Xiao Daxia, often said that since the older generation, we should also prepare it. Xiao Han said how to prepare Often nine first think of Mr. II, Yang Fanghe will use what way to hurt us, and then to think of the law to deal with. Xiao Hanyue then said We can not make a man first move, then it is necessary to support people to talk But the smell of a heavy, fast walking voice, pass over. Anyone can hear, come to Benhang quickly, and settled very heavy, is not a martial arts people. Xiao Hanyue looked up and saw.five years did not leave the house one step, so that he has today s reputation, Xiao Xiong, a person s reputation and achievements are made of blood and tears piling up Girl, I am very fond of, and very blame, I should not ask so much Zhao Youlan faint smile, said Dad is a great man, fidget cube verge mother died, but the father refused to admit, even I have this identity Xiao Han month odd What is going on Zhao Youlan sadly said This is our Zhao a great secret, Dad s medicine back to the day, but not perfect, I She suddenly stopped silent. Xiao cold on a loss, but did not ask. Xiao Xiong, find my father, I will seek the father to tell you the secret, now, do not ask me, in short, I can take the initiative to deal with all the wealth Zhao, Xiao Xiong, now we discuss it, Please some martial arts expert help, they can listen to Xiao Xiong scheduling. Xiao Hanyue pondered for a while, said We should be able to, but only in the way, to be more appropriate, we are not in this matter, ah Zhao Youlan nodded, smiled and said As long as Xiao Xiong does not oppose my vulgar ideas of the use of wealth, I feel at ease, as to how to use, I will carefully think about, and hope Xiao see any correction. At this time, Xuanyuan Xuan Xu wooden doors, suddenly opened, Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi filed into the room. Xiao Han month, Zhao Youlan hurriedly stand up. Zhang Lan s face does not look go.refused to stop. Xiao Han month nodded and said I think they already have arrangements in order to unimpeded, this matter, we have not stopped their ability, only in this fight to the death. Zhang Lan gently breath, said I do not understand, dignified princes, usually imposing octagonal, and now the palace in the noise turned upside down, how no one to intervene. Xiao Han Yue sighed and said The seven princes neither inform them that they can naturally deaf and dumb. Zhang Lan said Wang Shouyi Tianfu should be brought with the elite capture fast, patrol camp sent to the archer skilled archery, how could they not know the palace out of the matter Xiao Han said Of course they know, however, since no royal order to encyclical, nature can be happy leisure. Zhang Lan then said I do not understand, seven princes Jiangnan general military and political power In the future, how do they account for the princes Often nine smile, said Zhang Xiong, maybe they have difficulties, can not intervene. We can not rely on foreign aid, even if transferred to hundreds of fidget cube verge soldiers, can not prevent the invasion of a strong enemy, say, many people, but will be hindered. Zhang Lan no longer argue, turn the topic, said Everything is in accordance with Xiao s brother s instructions, layout, and what not to order Please Zhangxiong on behalf of the order to the encyclical, to calm them to the enemy, the de.

Fidget Cube Verge ed to the overall situation, cheap concubine had to say straight. Chang Nine It is important, the girl must not conceal, need to know the least difference, it may cause a thousand miles of fallacy. The white jade fairy said Well, undefined status is not afraid of you joke me, that night on the boat above, Mr. II verbally molested me, and but also bold shot violation, the case of Yang Fanghe in the side, how could he presumptuous Suddenly the hall down Su, Jing was off the needle can be heard. All eyes are betting in the white jade face, straight Qiaode Bai Yuxian a face, as the fire in general, a bright red. Bai Yuxian bowed his head, silently, other people seem to be embarrassed to ask, a sudden, the scene stiff in there. X H , Or often nine to break the silence, gently cough a cry, said White girl, I Health and Yang Fanghe What can be similar Bai Yuxian said I mean, his hand Hand how Xiao Hanyue said hastily What is the special place I remember is the right hand Bai Yuxian long breath, so shy mood calm down, slowly said There is a scar on his right hand little finger. Xiao Hanyue fidget cube asmr a frown, said This, the next did not pay attention. Amitabha, the old monk carefully. Xiao Han said Master, but said that Yang Fanghe s right hand, there is also a scar Yes, there is a scar, his hands, such as white jade, fingers slender, a pair of handsome little handsome man.ao Gongzi s bodyguard, just now, almost out of human life, no big drive, now things have changed, calm, and the appearance of the Nen on the fast method Luo dart to see Xiao Han Yue, sneer, did not speak. Xiao Han Yue indifferent, said Sparrow girl, now, seems to be no longer hold the pipa half concealed. Sparrow faint smile, said Can you get the bodyguard out Xiao Han Yue slightly pondered, nodded. Luo Biao not wait for instructions, people have been out of the room, but easily brought the door. Xiao Han Yue said Girl, now you can say. Sparrow look at Xiao Han Yue, his face thrown a charming smile, said Urgent Lanterns at the beginning, good night is long, we have a lot of time to talk about. Some of the next impatient, the girl still said earlier a clear good. Sparrow frowned, said You are not a public man, involved in right and wrong, naturally there is a reason Xiao Han Yue said The girl is the case of Zhao Dafu missing Alas, subtle, not more poetic. Xiao Han Yue said Under the hope that the clear and fidget cube vinyl toy clear You have not answered me for what Xiao Han Yue said Zhao doctor is still in the city of Nanking Sparrow shook his head, said See you doing things calm, how into the question, but some panic, and Zhao non pro and so you are not, why do you want to intervene in this matter Xiao Han on the heart thought like this, said the words, not a way, she dare to admit, presumably as.

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