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Fidget Cube Uk ent into. The idea of dark, slowly approaching two women, said Sparrow, hurt to no Sparrow sweet smile, said Thank you, son care, concubine body was scared. Xiao Han Yue Yue breath, said Sparrow, we have not talked about the conditions fidget cube uk are good, not under the letter against it, right Wenque startled Yi Zheng, said you I think we have a very happy to see, unfortunately, there is no sufficient time to talk about a perfect result. Sparrow also calm down, smile, said Xiao Xiong, I remember, we have an agreement Not to be answered Xiao Han months, eyes swept Wu Feng, and the first said Xiao Xiong to two hundred thousand taels of silver, in addition, but also cheap concubine and Wu Fengmei, these conditions, the young girl agreed, right Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi listen and startled there, looking at Xiao Han stunned trance. Two hundred thousand taels of silver, is a very large number of people of a poor origin, it is a great temptation to force, more temptation is the Sparrow, Wu Feng, the two glamorous girls, even willing fidget cube uk to serve one person, Conditions really is so, Xiao Han month must have extraordinary strength, in order to get rid of these temptations. Xiao Han Yue Yue breath, looking at the text bird smile, said We are talking about these things, but you can not make the Lord, to consult on the life order to decide Sparrow then said If I promise you now Wu Feng sai.ng said I do not know its origin, I want to see Master, the father took me to his treasure to pick a few treasures to take, I chose the pearl of the night and the sword. Tan Sangu You will not use No, Master did not teach me. Tan Sangu said Unfortunately, the master will not use it, Zhebing dagger hidden rivers and lakes almost a hundred years, the use of its methods, I m afraid already lost. Zhu Ying Ying said So, Zhebing sword, no use Sword of the ages, no use See the sword after the white cord connected wrist, it is not difficult to think of its usage, but the predecessors of the wonders of fear has been lost, to their own secretly groping. Xiao Han Yue extraordinary vision and found that the hilt on the different patterns, then said The older generation, can you give me a look Tan Sangu laughed Xiao Gongzi generation of martial arts Wizards, such as willing to spend the mind, will create a unique style. Xiao Hanyue took a short sword, retreat scabbard, to speak of an air conditioning, straight through the skin, underground passage the magic weapon, fruit is unusual, probably this is the legendary sword can cut iron like a mud Carefully look at the short hilt on the pattern, it is carved, subtle fine, far from seemingly flowers, a closer look actually seal character, write the application of this Silver Moon fidget cube uk Frost Cream method, the paper describes its weight, and Description.

wered the voice, fidget cube uk then said Huang Gongzi is the Master should Tianfu Wang Tang, named to the Sparrow, Wu Feng in the past fidget cube uk to accompany the wine, the two girl, but today only on the boat, this wind passed out, but the paper could not fire ah Scolded twice, kicked. That is really difficult for you Xiao Han month smile In fact, you do not need to find scolded beaten, come and say, the two girls please in the past it wants. Small seven son said Thank you, Xiao Ye, thank you Xiao Ye, you are really a lot of adults, entertainment for a while, I called them back back to Xiao Ye. Xiao Han month faint smile. Said Do not worry, they want to know more knowledge of some nobles Hawker. Xiao Qizi listened to the stunned, looked Xiao Han months, said Xiao Ye, I have seven children in the boat on the dry for so many years, you have never seen this kind of demeanor of the Hawker Xiao Han Yue waved, smiled and said Go, little seven children, beware of late to fidget cube uk be scolded Sparrow, Wu Feng four eyes, together in the betting on the body of Xiao Han, his face is a strange expression of unspeakable, slowly stood up, with the kid out of the seven lines. Xiao Han month poured a glass of wine, smiled and said Lotus, come on, we drink. Lotus toast drank, smiled and said Xiao Ye, you are not angry Xiao Han Yi Zheng startled, said Why Lotus Road Sparrow, Wu Feng to entertain other guests, you.ed to the overall situation, cheap concubine had to say straight. Chang Nine It is important, the girl must not conceal, need to know the least difference, it may cause a thousand miles of fallacy. The white jade fairy said Well, undefined status is not afraid of you joke me, that night on the boat above, Mr. II verbally molested me, and but also bold shot violation, the case of Yang Fanghe in the side, how could he presumptuous Suddenly the hall down Su, Jing was off the needle can be heard. All eyes are betting in the white jade face, straight Qiaode Bai Yuxian a face, as the fire in general, a bright red. Bai Yuxian bowed his head, silently, other people seem to be embarrassed to ask, a sudden, the scene stiff in there. X H , Or often nine to break the silence, gently cough a cry, said White girl, I Health and Yang Fanghe What can be similar Bai Yuxian said I mean, his hand Hand how Xiao Hanyue said hastily What is the special place I remember is the right hand Bai Yuxian long breath, so shy fidget cube uk mood calm down, slowly said There is a scar on his right hand little finger. Xiao Hanyue a frown, said This, the next did not pay attention. Amitabha, the old monk carefully. Xiao Han said Master, but said that Yang Fanghe s right hand, there is also a scar Yes, there is a scar, his hands, such as white jade, fingers slender, a pair of handsome little handsome man.stood, two of Mr. on the next as brothers, in the next move, but also for the second good. Xiao Han month to speculate This person argue before it, for every amazing language, it is necessary to look at his betrayal of the original friend of the rhetoric, what moving place Regardless of how Mr. II as you want me to Xiaomou replaced, that is betrayed Xiao cold words on the knife like words Good for Mr. Second argument, no matter how moving words, are suspected of betrayal. Blue shirt people smile, said Yes, no matter how kind I am careful, but the sale of the two gentlemen, are not enough loyalty, students read poetry and literature, how can it be so unjust things This change, but also an accident, the Xiao Han also heard dumbfounded, can not tell why they came, can not help but frown, said Your words, repeatedly, really Jiaoren do not understand. In fact, the matter to the Ming, but, you have not let the next go on. Xiao Han Yue said Well, you please say. Blue shirt humanity The so called Mr., On which there must be a big man, the reason for this is obvious. Xiao Han month nodded. Blue shirts humane So, some things, the second can not master, Xiao Xiong think Xiao Han had to nod again, said It makes sense Blue shirt people then said Second, Mr. also feel that this approach is not right, but he involuntarily, the district took a lot of mouth, convinced of the sec.

Fidget Cube Uk said princes find you. Xiao Hanyue near the front of the soft couch, seven princes whispered put the weapons warehouse, whether the enemy has been entrenched Bai Yuxian recalled Tan Sangu one, said The older generation, let us stay down, best review fidget cube take care of princes. The old body left, you and the Princess to meet them. Zhao Youlan said No, Shaw son of the Quartet snake array, protection is very strict, as long as people can not break through, here are safe, three martial arts strength, do not stay here. Bai Yuxian nodded and said Let s go out and see. Zhao Youlan said Should the situation change, the three said to inform me. White jade cents nodded leap out, Tan San was followed behind. Zhu Yingying thought for a moment, but also followed the line out. Palace did not start earth shattering war, but the enemies are to master, they are divided by the infiltration of Fuchu in all directions. Xiao Han fear the princes of the security, guarding the entire palace, power shortage, immediately ordered the withdrawal. More than two hundred plus master of these fidget cube early bird master of idle clouds, Quartet snake array, but cloth keep very tight, within the Baizhang radius, it is difficult to enter the birds. Come to take the opportunity to enter the palace a large number, but did not launch an offensive, the two sides in the palace among the temporary confrontation into the situation. Xiao Han in this area is.nces Xiao Han Yue said Zhang Xiong how to say I can not deceive the seven princes, had to be honest and Chen, said the white feather to make the door in the arena of the ferocious means Wang Shouyi said Seven princes fidget cube uk do Zhang Lan said Seven princes asked me, what way to deal with the white feather to the door, you say, how can I answer Xiao Han on a wry smile, said It s hard to answer. Zhang Lan shook his head and said No way, I had to carry out your Xiao brothers. I Xiao Han month surprised, said I do not know anything about the white feathers, I can tell what the seven princes Alas Things change, completely unexpected, I say you can deal with the white feather to make the door, but is used to emergency, but unexpectedly the princess suddenly opened, actually to check your martial arts Zhang Lan shook his head, smile Seven princes sitting on the side, without stopping, which I embarrassed to the Xiao Han Yue Road No, no, how can I and the hands of the Princess Zhang Lan said I have promised, you have to adhere to refused, I can not barely Wang Shouyi then Xiao brothers, if you insist, I see Zhao this case, can not go on. Xiao Han on a wry smile, said This, in the next Zhang Lan then said And who hands, seven princes did not say, however, promised, we should make the worst plan, in addition to the princess, but also against Tan Sangu This.

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