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Fidget Cube Toy Sale force the right hand, dagger shot, suddenly bright circle, like clouds suddenly scattered, the moon is present, draw a Shu Zhang silver Rainbow, ring into a big circle turned back. I find out the kind of impulsive Zhu Yingying was happy to call out, toward the arms of Xiao Han. Xiao Han spent a stay, Zhu Yingying who has come to the front. But see her open arms suddenly a close, abruptly washed forward the body will be stopped, but the Piaofei long hair, has been brush in the face of Xiao Han. Strong sweat, the relies on the fragrant smell of blue musk deer. Sorry, Xiao Big Brother Zhu Yingying shyly bowed his head, said I forgot here is not the palace, but also forget my father is not around Look at her head down shy in the look like weep, Xiao Han months could not help but smile, said Zhu girl, like princes, why not return to the palace in the branch Zhu Yingying shook his head, smiling, and immediately resumed the lively and charming, said I do fidget cube toy sale not go back, I have fidget cube toy sale a civilian status, stay here to accompany Master and Xiao Big Brother. Accompanied by the Master also is, but even Xiao Big Brother also said it would be too explicit, she put it naturally, without the slightest bit far fetched. Xiao Han on a wry smile, said You are tired of a sweat, go take a shower break, the meal. Zhu Yingying said I have never had so much sweat, is not it smelly Xiao Han.izhu What orders Please also say it Xiao Han Yue said Master Please win a ferry, and then try to inform the late into, and so I suddenly turned and folded to the lake, board a boat hurriedly crossing, although the two are bold, but the ground is out of the area visitors, I believe that the second is not in the other so that we kill us. Unhappy Master said Yes, ink non Zi Daoshou income direction, it is where the secret valley, Daoxiong hearts anxious, great efforts to destroy Huanglong, but haste not up, the road, the other side will have heavily ambush , Xiao Shi master of this policy, is the old Na mind, first off the siege, and then the night attack, the old monk has been detected near the terrain, listen to people, such as then can use the point of suspected soldiers plan, it fidget cube toy sale is not difficult to straight into the secret valley. Xiao Han Yue said Master, that the distance from the Mysterious Valley how much Lonely master reviewed a glance, said About twenty or so, right Xiao Hanyue said Should get out of the meter to succeed, leaving the Chang Xiong, Tang Xiong and other interest fidget cube toy sale rates, we Qingqi disease into the enemy can also be let go between the facilities. Lonely Master said fidget cube toy sale Liangzhang, there is a low forest, where the old monk to get out, and then called to shouts. Xiao Han said Master, despite the action, and no longer greeted them. Uncle Yun nodded and smiled, said L.

o Gongzi out of this dispute, I can promise you not to hurt Zhao Fu in a tree, Zhao House all the losses, we are willing to reward, you open a price tag, I immediately pay this condition should Very generous, right Xiao Hanyue smile, said sounds very touching, but the white girl seems to be forgotten to trace the whereabouts of Zhao is the official arrest, their functions to arrest bandits, protection of good, refused to catch the sword, is naturally kill Bai Yuxian then said That s none of your business, you are not official people, they do not need to live for their lives, they protect the people have a responsibility to a little bit of the ability to protect the people Caixing. Xiao Han shook his head, said The girl should not listen to the next conditions White jade face slightly changed, said Well Xiao Han Yue said immediately released Zhao Dafu, both as long as the preparation of drugs, preparation is also the same in the Zhao Fuchu, the next generation is willing to persuade Wang on behalf of the girl captain, to see if you can stop Wang Shou yi then said As long as the Zhao Dafu safely back to Zhao, the other can discuss Bai Yuxian sighed, said Xiao Han months, I have repeatedly tolerated you, you know, the two sides the consequences of a war it Xiao Han said was about to ask the girl White Jade Immortals Zhao Fuchu floor into a market, do not leave, I m afr.not solidification forming, blocking meridians, Zhao medical knowledge known to judge, there should be saved, but The doctor, despite the prescription, cold medicine to survive, can cure a long time, do not worry. Do not use drugs, I use the needle through the hole of the law, leads you to silt in the Qi by the gas, but the death of the machine each half, or not to medicine, you have to make a free hand. Vertical is a fidget cube toy sale lifetime, cold months have a try, not to mention, there are five into life, the doctor, please use the needle Zhao Baonian smiled and said Good You take off his coat, fell on the couch. Xiao Han months to make clothes, naked upper body, volts on the couch. Zhao Fu silver tray to send the box, Zhao Bainian breath in the back of Xiao Han month stabbed seven silver needles. Seven needle points in different points. Zhao hundred years on their skills, it seems very satisfied to see thorn in the back of the needle on the back of Xiao Han, laughed Seven needle crossing the way, I first applied, the seven needle so you twelve meridians and I believe that even though Warren reborn, Bian Que resurrection, with the needle fidget cube toy sale of the way, but also, but the point of fidget cube toy sale contact with the meridians of the meridians, That s it. Xiao Han Yue said The old savvy approach, the next fidget cube hk has been the feeling of condensed gas flow. Zhao Bainian face thrown a surprise color, said Good Tell m.

Fidget Cube Toy Sale ked the audience, not only Wen Tiankui a pedestrian face changed, that is, fidget cube verge Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi, also Qiaode changed his face. This is what swordsmanship, even if the rivers and lakes on the first class master, do not allow a chance to fight back In fact, the sword off the ghost fidget cube on sale knife Hou Xuan of the wrist, even Xiao Han is a great surprise. Bai Yuxian gently sighed, said gentle sword It really is fierce, fierce, unparalleled. Slow walk up. White Dragon right hand disease, sealed Hou Xuan right arm points Road, stopped bleeding. He was very cunning, but the broken wrist pain, biting cone heart, while secretly teeth, people are sitting on the floor, luck pain. Under the bright light, Xiao Han Yue only to find a white jade is about twenty girls, at least, looks like this age. Sparrow followed the white jade fidget cube toy sale behind, looked cold Su, and the kind of gentle Wan Fang in the flower boat, sentenced two people. Xiao Han on the fast sword, shocked the audience but not overawed white jade fairy, her expression calm, walking calmly, straight to the front of Xiao Han five feet or so, stopped, faint smile, said In addition to you In addition, there is a mysterious Zhao Fu House of the Supreme, can not ask him out to meet Tan Sangu recalled Chang 9, whispered The two know the girl Often nine shook his head, said do not know, she rarely appeared in the arena. Zhang Lan, and so do not know the.Li smile, said to kill only kill, suspicion of good deeds, I Buddha compassion, let go Lonely cloud masters laugh, heart knot Dayton solution, big sleeves wave, like a giant bird vacated, toward the past. Bai Yuxian eyes turn, saw Zhu Yingying look between a tight grip in the hands of Silver Flying Cream , but it is a loss of feeling, can not help but smiled and said Zhu Jia Meizi, Shou behind in the fidget cube kaufen Xiao Han months Thirty feet around, have the opportunity to hand, do not stand on the side of Xiao Han month. Zhu Yingying a cry, people have to move forward, but suddenly felt wrong, stopped and said Why can not I stand fidget cube by christmas on the side of Xiao Big Brother Bai Yuxian said Because those swordsman, sword of the Weaponry, may have poison shot, you and he side by side on the enemy, may be his mind, as slightly behind him, so as to help him shot, is not better Also remove him distracted for you Zhu Yingying sweet smile, said White sister said the rational. Quickly rushed forward and ran. Bai Yuxian left hand sword, right hand out of the ice soul cold beads, slowly to go forward. At this time, Xiao Han has been dressed in white swordsmen dressed in white, Jianhua fluttering, strokes to each other killer, just a contact, fidget cube toy sale already killed four people. Menacing, trick to implement. White swordsman a look at the situation is not good, began to spread to both sides, but Xiao Han Yue Jian S.

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