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Fidget Cube Order Often nine smiled, turned away, leaping on the roof, disappeared into the night being. Xiao Yue fidget cube order Han looked at the sky, said Now, a good sleep, raise the spirit of the road again. Thirteen forty thousand poison Hall Set foot fidget cube order on the ground of Jinling, fidget cube order Xiao Yu Han immediately from the cold face, a cold majesty, so that pedestrians crossing, are afraid to look at him. Line near the entrance to the city of Jinling, it is sunset infinite good, just near the dusk of the moment. Suddenly see a blue scribes, slow walk out, just stopped ready to enter the city of Chen Baoshan, whispered Wanxiong, do not enter the city. Chen Baoshan slightly Yizheng, speculation Road Well, this man called me a million brother, may be an acquaintance, but I do not recognize, would not immediately expose the truth But Wen Xiao cold cold then said Why Old lady to go to the city floor, a cup of rain Blue shirt scribbling whispered Guo Xiong, Erye give feast, food and wine, especially wins Yuhua Lou ten times. Xiao Yue Han heart jump, pay Erye Is this evening, we must see the leadership of the organization s real head. See, you can give it a go, this is the intention of Xiao Yue Han mind early, but really should see, but suddenly produce a kind of tension can not be said. Blue shirt scribes smiled and said Come with me, please Xiao Yue Han bite the bullet, suppressed under the excitement, coldly said.king about Xiao Han has determined that they are not the sword of the descendants of the emperor, that nature is not his brother, my fidget cube order heart a wide, laughed, said Well, you can now shot. Bai Yuxian often recalled a nine, gently called on one breath, said This is where to start Often nine Oh I have been worried that they Syria on the same door of the friendship, this file of things, the big trouble. But see Shangguanjie sword together, suddenly stabbed a sword, fast sword. Xiao Han Yue a sword block, sounded a gold Tiejiao Ming, lingering sound is not, Shanghengjie suddenly Lengheng heard, back Jitter. Blood spray, Shangguanjie left arm, was cut off a piece of meat. Xiao Han did fidget cube order not see the back of the counter, that counterattack of the sword potential, it is too special, and quickly get too busy. Xiao Han Lengran smile, slowly said Xiaomou has mercy, and I hope you can answer in the next few words Shangguan Jie a right hand sword, ten blue swordsman, suddenly pull out the sword together, slowly Wai Wai to. Shen Cang suddenly stepped forward, said Third Brother and slow Shangguan Jie said Big Brother have any instructions, injured shame, how can not report Shen Cang said a little security and impatience, I would like to talk to him a few words. Shangguanjie gas back down, Han Chengfang immediately help him wound dressing. Shen Cang Note Note Xiao Han Yue said You really are the de.

g, what is the matter how ah Zhang Lan said Princess. Xiao Han on the startled heart, said She came to do here very dangerous, Tan said earlier this evening, there may be a Rush Zhang Lan said princes are blocked, I have any way Xiao Han Yue said Golden Branches, headstrong daughter, she thinks this is a fun thing, but things have been so far, we would like to protect her this way, do not let her risk is. Zhang Lan said I see, this will want you to spend more Xiao brothers heart. I Zhang Lan said Tan three predecessors secretly told me that the Princess is accompanied by Master, in fact, come for you How is this going to happen Zhang Lan then said This is what I said the trouble, the innocence innocence, headstrong, I do not know the sky thick, your brother had to bear. Xiao Han seems to be suddenly on the shoulders of the burden of a pair of heavy burden, all of a sudden the weight of his face serious, brow wrinkled up. Zhang Lan wry smile, said Brother, easy point, the princess, although wayward, but smart to know the gift, I ll tell you, just let you psychologically, a little preparation, if she speak inadvertently, do not tell her general knowledge. Between the two conversations, has been near the flowers Xuan. Tan Sangu, Wang Shouyi, Han afraid of the tiger, often sitting around the table, the Princess Yingzheng really sitting on the side of Lake Sangu, wearing de.l white silk, above a line of fine print out the small print, is written Three King will hurt the edict, buried in the study, the goldfish tank. Xiao Han month after reading, his hands a rub, silk paper into powder. Often nine low channel Xiao brothers, or not immediately taken out. Xiao Han Yue said This thing can make seven princes give birth to a strong idea of survival. Often nine that is, his body Qi Tao, heart read death, even large Luo Jin Sin, but also save him. Xiao Han said Chang Xiong, we from the left and right sides, search, this matter, it is best not to see fidget cube 2016 others. Often nine nodded. At this time, the night has been deep, was originally the center of gravity defensive center So, now, has no patrol warrior, all the palace guards, have been concentrated in the fidget cube etsy back garden of the camellia hall. The fidget cube order two around the study to a small courtyard within the fruit see a big fish tank, five color goldfish in the tank, still float swim, I do not know love him, who was in distress, life in the evening. Often nine to help Xiao Hanyue lifted the fish tank, the smiles I went to the roof defense, Xiao brothers looking for secret Chao. Twentieth back to the three king secret Chang nine flying leap roof. Xiao Han heart thought It really is a good body Laojiang Hu, thoughtful, was reluctant to witness the secret Chao. Pull out the sword, readily digging, and sure enough, less than a.scared to stay, but the report of the identity of the Shou Yi Wang, the old man immediately air up, Sneer, said What Tianfu should be the class head, you know what this is Wang Shouyi said Shang Shufu is not it You know, you dare to sweep disturbance, not to mention you are a catch leader, that is, should Tianfu Hall, nor the guts ah Wang Shou yi see the door to open the old man, the bigger the end of the shelf, immediately sink face, said Dude, we are doing business, it was reported the case, the Tianfu can not be regardless, I brought so many people to protect Yang Lady, you man soon to be able to report soon, see me, to Mrs. Yang master Huiyi old cold, said You dare to underestimate Zhang Lan a step forward, a gray man to seize the old man then said Our total catch is also five official products, you are nothing but a fidget cube order porter Mouth to speak, right hand micro afterburner, that Huici old man immediately sweated out of a sweat, a large mouth, said Light point, lighter, I went to inform Zhang Lan then Road take us into one Huiyi old man a stay This Zhang Lan another afterburner, Huiyi old man could not help mother a cry, said OK, OK, I ll take you in. Mrs. Yang seems to have been first informed, people have been sitting in the hall waiting. Two sub station around the girl, and another two years about thirty black Jinzhuang Han, standing be.

Fidget Cube Order r, young girl upstairs to see Suddenly flying into the sky, straight stairs rushed past. A Hanmang, as she flew forward body, shot that appeared in the black man at the stairs. Black arm raised, sword flying out, sealed the white jade offensive, said Pindao Murphy. Often nine suddenly stood up and said Dao fidget cube order Xiong, you finally came. Bai Yuxian called on, said The original, really help in the post. Heart a wide, flying leap down the stairs. Mexican non sub pull to the towel, took off his black robe, revealing a blue robe, said Pindao and idle to a lot of time, and the delay in meeting you and the reason is, keep on the roof, for you to resist the enemy s offensive, finally Fortunately, not life insult, fidget cube order retreating the enemy s three wave offensive. Often nine Now where is Master Lonely Mexican non sub channel Still on top of the roof. J, C M Bai Yuxian said Ashamed, ashamed, we simply to the front and rear, even without regard to the upstairs defense. Mexican non sub channel It is difficult to get, Pindao witnessed Chen Baoshan, often nine bloody hard battle, wanted to help, but unfortunately the top of the roof, fighting fierce, to be repulsed when the enemy, often nine, Chen Baoshan has been injured into the hall. To transit to smile about, said Dao Xiong, idle cloud is known, old friends have obeyed advice, abandon the dark cast out. Mexican non sub channel Master has kno.or the second time, is already three months later. This three months, he worked hard, earned more than 20 taels of silver, save live frugally, ready to pay Zhao, as the cost of consultation. He has completely restored the health, slender body, thick Jian Mei, and a pair of flash against the SG Star, slightly black skin, shiny light, and three months ago, Xiao Han month, completely If two people. A washed white blouse, the fidget cube order most traffickers dressing, but could not conceal his kind of British quite different taste. Is the winter season in November, and all people are wearing a cotton padded robe, but Xiao is still wearing a jacket on the cold months. This is his most decent set of clothes. In order to compensate for the consultation fee, he frugality, and even a coat did not do. Yongle Tong has always been busy, at the moment is a desolate, two red paint the door, tightly closed, suddenly the scene is still rising, personnel beyond recognition. Xiao Hanyue frowned, secretly speculation Today, November 18, Zhao is not a doctor s day off, is not out to the clinic Raising the fidget cube toy christmas gift hand knocking knocker, two wooden doors open. Open the door is Zhao Fu, blankly looking at Xiao Han, seems to have no knowledge of. It is no wonder that these three months, Xiao Han change too much, Zhao Fu to see fidget cube order the above patients every day, naturally, will not have a special memory of the Xiao Han. Zhao Fu Do.

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