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Fidget Cube Now e two archers, a helmsman, all were shot. Strong castration, the three also fell into the river. Zhu Yingying whispered Xiao Big Brother, I try Silver Flying Cream okay Xiao Han Yue nodded smile, the hearts of speculation Road At this time when you should have shot. But see a silver rainbow, like a glimpse of the ice wheel, flew to the fast boat. Hanguang flash, blood splashing, two archers, fidget cube indiegogo and even what Weaponry did not see clearly, his head has been flying off the river. Between the strike, so power and influence, Chen Baoshan heart shocked the earth a bit, he never thought, Zhu Mei Zhu flowery girl, as much as this hand sharp unique skills. I saw the plate flying Silver Mans, like living in general, this is the upward trend above the ramp, suddenly sank, like a meteor fly fall, across the helm of the sailors. Did not see where the injury, I saw him suddenly fell down a river, the water emerge from the surge of blood. Yinmang plate turn, Tudi fly back to the deck, Bao knife sharp, with a wind from the cold, within three feet feel the air is pressing, Chen Baoshan was shocked, trying to get fidget cube now away, Yinmang fly into the hands of Zhu Yingying not seen. Never seen flying Shua Zhang Jian, Chen Baoshan some loss authentic What is this sword Silver Flying Cream Zhu girl is satisfied with the blow of the magic, fast, smiling flower. A good move Silver Flying Cream, the girl o.rphy, four how to call Murphy is the most famous martial arts swordsman, as long as people walking around in the arena, should know his name. But the four Han turned a deaf ear. Mexican non sub sword flat chest, said The four can be issued hidden weapon, and Pindao the distance under the plum blossom needle is the most effective distance. Four eyes turn, looked at him, is still silent. Pindao words have shown that you are not willing to sell, then Pindao to offend. Right hand lift, the hands of a sword, magic of a light and shadow, straight The most right one stabbed in the past. This fidget cube now move, Jian Shi, such as rounds, magic from a large shadow, but the speed of the sword potential, but it is unpleasant. That the right hand of the Han Dynasty, left handed single handedly applied a sudden push the window fidget cube now on the moon, single pole seal Jianguang, the right hand of the plum blossom cylinder at the same time, Two of the swords did not touch, ink non sub intentions, to lure the enemy to use plum blossom needle. So, when the other cylinder when the move, the Mexican non sub immediately fell sword received sword, the sword immediately turned into a piece of the sword around the body. Xiao Han months full of concentration, stare at the Han body. He has been a feeling that the interests of the four Han of the Department, not on top of that plum syringes. Plum needle is certainly a dangerous.

e. Glass of wine, a touch of sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, straight into the nose. See this wine, even if people do not drink, will also cause a desire to drink, Xiao Hanyue drank a drink, but could not help but immediately drink a cup all. Fragrant stay teeth, mellow through the heart, Xiao Hanyue never drink such a good wine, wine and food, color and delicious, feel, actually a pot of wine drink bit by bit not left. Alcohol sweet, but the wine is strong, drinking a pot of wine, Xiao Han months with seven tips. At this time, Zhao hundred years slowly came in. Drunk one third wake up, not to mention, Xiao Han months have not drunk, see Zhao hundred years, and immediately stood up, his tongue, a bit stiff feeling, but the speech is still very clear. Doctor, I have only thirty two silver, I know, this is not enough Sit, sit Zhao hundred years with a smile on the left side of a wooden chair to sit down, then said I said, you are to help me busy, your condition, so I have the opportunity to verify seven Points Tongmai truth, which makes my medicine, there are further achievements. Is that important Yes, Xiao Gongzi, a lot of doctors reading the book, coupled with their practice experience, the diagnosis of the disease, there are unique, although they diagnosed the disease, but no means of treatment, methods, prescription is one of the problems , The light does.to Xiao Han Yue, it is generally from the people, guarding the place to live, easy to protect the owner, but Zhu Yingying must live, often nine no way. In fact, the palace in the House of luxury, but also a general inn can be compared to the Xiao Hanyue these days, has been careful to observe the changes around, but has not been found to suspicious characters, which had to ask the nine often. Often nine people to dominate a row of the North fidget cube now Wing, then there are two main room, two from the health of the evil room, Xiao Han pedestrian often nine rooms, often nine alone in the mouth alone. Xiao Han month to drink a mouthful of tea, whispered Chang Xiong, is not it strange Often nine Road Feeling too calm Like all the disputes, grudges are gone, we walk a few hundred miles, actually did not find a tracking person. Often nine smiled and said They do not have to track, as long as a little arrangement, our actions will fall into the eyes of others. Xiao Han Yue said So, to lead them to show up tracking, it takes a lot of mind design all of a sudden. Often nine smile about, said Zhao girl is still near Jinling, into the Zhongshan. You are all the way to go to Beijing to the day Xiao received on the cold I do not want to bother her and give her some time. Often nine stay for a stay, said Give her time, this I often do not understand someone, is not really ready to let go of thin.said I said, you will not let me, jade cents do not believe that she was wrong Xiao cold months then said Bai Yuxian really did not talk about what secret No pathetic eyes Ning condensate in the face of Xiao Han, said The people have aspirations, reluctantly, after this conversation, I have died of the Lord to my life, despite the shot it Then, close your eyes, a bundle of hands tied to sit look, Xiao Han Yue looked to God and found his face a calm, really has come to the realm of death, can not help my heart startled, speculation Road What, So that he was so no interest Slowly walking near wood case, coldly said I do not use drugs, we are in the martial arts on a point of life and death, as long as you can block me move, I go back Pathetic closed eyes are not open, between the mouth, but thrown a touch of cold smile, said Do you know white jade Xiao Han Yue said Know, but she never mentioned you Qingyi people suddenly opened his eyes, pegged to the face of Xiao Han Yue, look for a while, sighed Green bamboo snake mouth, wasp tail needle, two things is not poison, the most ruthless woman heart, this woman s heart, really is unpredictable Xiao Han month sighed, said It seems that between you, seems to have a very lingering feelings Pathetic scribbles smile, said Everything non matter, how painful tragedy, you kill me, despite the shot, I will not.

Fidget Cube Now so rare a good sleep, could not bear to skirmish. Xiao Han said Orchids, blame apricot, we are just ready. At this time, the two ladies, holding best toy fidget cube a surface water in. Xiao Hanyue whispered Orchids, you rinse, I waited outside the hall. To the girl s name, but Orchids words, and soon as more than a cordial, only Zhao girl heart bounce. You do not have to go, I wash the face of our immediate action Zhao Youlan simple wash his face, said You first point of the seven princes of halo points, as people carried to the kitchen. Xiao Han Yue said Must the acupuncture point it Zhao Youlan nodded and said Vinegar in the steam, is a very painful thing, he is your princes, when received this pain, I m afraid he can not stand. Xiao Han said Acupuncture points are, will not affect the treatment effect Zhao Youlan said No, but you have to light way. Xiao Han month nodded, the line to the front. Seven princes woke up early, every word can hear clearly, but he turned a blind eye, pretending not to wake up, let Xiao Han points on the acupuncture points. A very high ministers of the seven princes, the hearts have long been ready to recognize, and he understands that this is his only fidget cube now chance of survival. Hall under all the preparations, already in place, the cage has been on the disaster, cage bamboo fidget cube now have been removed, the seven princes were stripped clothes, into a large steamer. Cage large.listen to nod, but Zhao Youlan seems to be thoughtful, sometimes frowning, sometimes smiling, I do not know what she thought the mind Because of Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi disappointment, delicate Zhao Youlan, is secretly made a bold decision, she should be rich in medical knowledge, to protect themselves and the enemy for a duel. Six dynasties gold powder boast ancient, boundless romantic words Qinhuai. The middle of the Ming Dynasty Qinhuai River, the name of the country, is the essence of Jiangnan Temptress Moon, beauty is Jing Yan, incense wind ten miles, a great Jiangnan beauty make this reputation. Qinhuai Temptress Moon features, and some different elsewhere, those southern beauty, are living in the painting on top of the boat parked in the Qinhuai River, each boat, although the construction of the magnificent turn, the boat lights inside and outside, is the ingenuity , Lights on the moment, thousands of lights on the boat Qi fire, in the Qinhuai fidget cube now River, lined up in a number of Dengshan, Ming off flashing, among the boats Fangshengbuzhu, lanterns beauty, mutual Yinghui, the best temptation to attract those Wang Sun son, wealthy businessmen, scholar poet, rivers and lakes prodigal son, martial arts everyone, hesitate to dry gold to buy laugh, the Qinhuai romantic background set off a magnificent, all night long. At noon, Qinhuai still in silence, dozens of boats, arranged in t.

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