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Fidget Cube Now This Future a Baoquan, said What is the original brother, in the next Xiao Han months. He Gang nodded and said Korean brother mentioned to you, please sit. Xiao Han Yue said In the next entering the arena, shallow knowledge, have two much advice He just smiled and said Not polite, Zhang Lanxiong repeatedly praised the achievements of your martial arts, Hemou fortunate enough to be attached Ji tail When not, not when, He Xiong Yan heavy. He Gang Yuhua upstairs, you and the White Dragon darker than internal strength, even the equal shares, alone is the achievement, has been able to disdain the arena Oh, at that time, what brother is also He Gang nodded and said At that time, we are worried, Han brother will shot, he was stopped by Hemou, Bailong Although this man overbearing, but very arrogant, if Xiaodi defeated in his fierce internal strength, perhaps he will not be shot, Can not think of Speaking of which, suddenly stopped, looking at Xiao Han months, his face is an embarrassing look. Do not have to go on, Xiao Han has not understood the meaning of the month, smiled and said Hanyue just lucky undefeated, that Bailong is how a character He just sighed, said We are under the care of Zhang Lan, but secretly help Xiao Gongzi, but the White fidget cube now this future Dragon suddenly appeared, we had to change his mind, and Xiao Gongzi to talk face to face Xiao Han Yue said Listen and listen. He Gang Ten.rincess martial arts, it seems someone in the spy, the old body tracking away, has disappeared Zhang Lan said Where Tan three stations The man seems to be fled to the Northeast among the houses. Zhang Lan said Yang Shangshu s mansion. Tan Sangu said The old body had to recover into the house, but see the majority of the house, a dark, actually has no sense of starting, thought here are Gongqinghoufu, inconvenience trespassing, had retired. Often nine last night, it was chasing people in the garden, and through the tunnel, Tan predecessors know Tan Sangu said Princess told me, the old body to look at the dark in the move you. Chang nine then said Last night, three hours, some people have been authentic, but also the older generation Tan Sangu nodded, said But the old body only know that some people lurking in the park, but do not know the white feather so that the door of the people, actually mixed in Xiao Han months a frown, said This thing is really a coincidence Tan Sangu said The old body also feel the same. Xiao Han said The older generation will live here Tan Sangu said The old body so do not see the light of the day live here, because it is very secret, and now secretly leaked, the old body and the princess talked about tomorrow, and then make a decision. Zhang Lan was surprised and said Tan predecessors have agreed to help hand, want to not Oh Can the old body to.

rt you. Sparrow said Then you mercy, do not hurt me too much. Bai Yuxian this is the snow and ice smart people, listening to the words, the hearts of some Dayton, fist palm acceleration, offensive suddenly fierce. Sparrow palm seal pointing, turned out to be without exception. Originally, the Sparrow would like to take the opportunity to test their own martial arts, so, has been fighting endlessly, refused to slip out of the empty door. Bai Yuxian gradually raised anger, said You really want to find death is not Offensive suddenly changed, suddenly from the sky between the Ji Zhang Ying, the strength suddenly strengthened. Sparrow dodge less than hard to take the palm. Force to fight after the two palms, the strength of the legislation sentenced, Bai Yuxian skillful, Wenqu was Zhentui three steps, the mouth bleeding. Bai Yuxian heart doubt, this palm is not exhausted, very measured. Although the injured bird, but the injury is not too heavy, but not too light. So, the bird fled turned to escape, still walking staggered. Bai Yuxian appealed, turned back to the Lotus House floor. Xiao Hanyue, Zhu Yingying, Chen Baoshan have been restored have been restored, in front of the waiting. Often nine low channel What about the girl Not fidget cube now this future too heavy, but not light enough to explain to her two. Xiao Han Yue said White girl, how to cope with the enemy, but also the overall situation of the gir.od to crack this rapid attack. But Xiao Han Yue is uncharacteristically, static stand still, completely defensive rack. The most surprised Tan Sangu is that she has been Qiaoban Xiao Han Yue Jian Road, that he raised the sword to block the offensive, the sword, the sword best fidget cube desk toy received, a move that is a move between the sword and the swords, there is no The momentum together, change. Seems to be, Xiao Han on all depends on the sharp vision, the right to judge, to see Tan Sangu attack to the sword, and then give the sword block, such a master in Tan Sangu, fast sword under almost impossible thing. But Xiao has done it. Wulin in a master phase Competing, able to move, with fast conversion, it even into one, the so called knife, such as rivers and upside down, Jian Jian like silkworm silking, then into a knife net, sword screen, the opponent Circle into the knife net, sword among the screen. In the event of such offensive, only two ways to break, one is to fast, with the same rapid changes, also form a knife net sword fidget cube now this future screen, phase and resistance, another way is to set a front, Break the net, screen, blocking the enemy s offensive, for the initiative, shot counterattack. But Xiao Han on the play, but it is unconventional, as if the whole mining defensive, the enemy attack sword, he blocked the sword, and again and again to block the twenty seven sword. Shaw son Why not a sword attack Xi.l co ordination, orders. Bai Yuxian said Xiao Xiong not polite, jade Xianxian willing to pawn No Xiao Han said Girl familiar with the situation, insight into the enemy changed, or by the girl commander of the good. White Jade cents Often predecessors experienced, by his overall situation No no often nine hastily said I was born to help the village personnel, I sat in the center, command the overall situation, but that the wrong person. Bai Yuxian said This, cheap concubine Often nine a little amount of thinking, also feel the scene of this situation, from the white jade co ordination of the whole memory, than the appropriate number of Xiao Han, the moment said White girl, I think you do not fidget cube now this future have to decline, and you are familiar with the situation here, and know more people, only two points, than the Shaw son for the. Bai Yuxian immortal breath, said We discuss it Enemy strong, especially that a group of divine power armored warrior, designed to tackle the use of Divine iron armored Tieshi often nine slightly after Yi Zheng, then said Often in the rivers and lakes on a Guansheng years, never heard of this Is wearing a special refined armored Hercules Bai Yuxian explained Swords and guns, in addition to the natural divine power, there are very deep martial arts, training fidget cube now this future this group of people is not easy to sel.

Fidget Cube Now This Future wned, said Wu Yi Lane only three houses, are very wide, White Dragon actually entered that one Often nine I do not know the house, but I see the color of the wall. Zhang Lan said What color Often nine Red walls, high about twenty feet four feet, than all the walls of the Wu Yi Lane, are about four feet higher. Zhang Lan face became pale, staring at nine, said You you did not read it wrong Often nine No, I see very clearly, it is the Tao red walls. Look at Zhang Lan s expression, Xiao has been some understanding of the month, but he still asked one, said Is not the seventh princes of the first Zhang Lan said If the nine are not wrong, it is indeed the seventh princes of the first, but how could it Often nine Zhang Xiong, I often old nine, but you invited to help, do not you believe me to track the skills Zhang Lan wry smile, said Nature is trustworthy, but this matter, it is unlikely Often nine coldly said Zhang Xiong, Bai Longyue fly into the block of red walls, I saw, Zhang Xiong refused to believe that I have no way, if I am wrong, I often old nine can be dug out of the eyeball. Han afraid of the tiger urgent Jiuge, made heavy, heavy, Zhang predecessors is too surprised, a sudden, can not accept this fact Zhang Lan long sigh heard, said Old nine, you do not misunderstand, I do not doubt your words, just think this thing, it is some incredible Xiao.he died one day, also asked small to carefully study, Xiao Han month nodded, then said He died, but the stars in the arch chart to Zhao after the doctor Such as the fidget cube now this future intention of a moment, said about three months after sending out the arch on the map, then, his body fidget cube uk where to buy was Jianlang very, but suddenly poisoned to death. Xiao Han said Thank you, the wishful, you go to rest Wishful a bend, said The small outdoor transmission. Turned outward to go. Xiao Han seems to suddenly think of what is important, cried wishful, Zhu Lu s death, the prince s look Ruyi pondered for fidget cube now this future a while, said This is also very important Xiao Han Yue said It is very important, princes dangerous situation, you have to tell the truth. Wishful nodded, said princes made a temper, uncle Zhu Lu s death, anger more than sad Xiao fidget cube now this future said These things can not be mentioned to others. Ruyi said So the county asked about it Xiao fidget cube now this future Han said She will fidget cube now this future not ask, once asked, you want her to ask me is. Wishful already know Xiao Han may be the princes selected by the dragon fast husband, should be a cry out of the outdoors. Xiao Han Yue slowly sat down in an ebony chair, looking at the candlelight trance. Often nine cover the door, said Brother, say it out to listen, maybe I can fidget cube now this future fidget cube now this future provide some humble opinion. Xiao Han Yue breath, said Chang Xiong view Chang nine You this is test me No, my brother is sincere. Often nine bitter smile Thi.

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