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Fidget Cube Music e, are used to resist the enemy, even if damaged, princes will not blame us. Master Xiao Yun said Well Xiao Shih donor with this sentence, the old monk to rest assured that applied to the. Master, those armored, in addition to swords and guns, but also possession of fierce dark weapon, master to be careful. Uncle Yun smiled and said see Xiao Shi main lineup scheduling, not just a martial arts master, but the general fine art of war, old monk hearts to admire, will not make things contrary to military orders. Master over award, when the cold months can not afford. Just listen to waves of bamboo whistles from each other, the entire fidget cube music battle began to change the flow of up to deal with the master armored man, turned to fidget cube for only $19.9 the front. Whistle stopped, three armored people already fidget cube music forced into the front. All the people are hidden in the corner wall, hundreds of people into a defensive battle, eyes but not one person. Three armored people a little pause, the middle one, but quickly rushed straight ahead, is clearly prepared fidget cube music to break into the wall. But hidden in the corner of Zhu Yingying. Also immediately launched, Silver Flying Cream into a silver, like rounds on disk rotation, spin Zhanxia. Armored people on the Silver Flying Cream seems to have scruples, lift his right hand, a short spear flying out, facing the Silver Flying Cream. Two Weaponry, the points are wire rope and wire rope mani.er. Zhu Yingying said My father said, be he gave me the dowry, I had to accept. What to send Chang nine laughed The total will not only send this dowry, right Zhu Yingying There is also a treasure chest. Xiao Han Yue laughed Looked at not, since the appellation treasure chest, which should have a lot of things right. I did not open, I do not care what my father sent me, it was just mind, I hired a carriage, treasure chest on the car. Well Let s on the road Xiao headed to the layman. But Wen heard the sound, white jade hastily boarded the small building, said Fortunately, the young girl to catch up. Jade cents fidget cube music sister Zhu Yingying greeted. Bai Yuxian pulled Zhu Yingying, said Princess, Xiao Xiong, princes to me, on behalf of his off. No, white girl, we are on the road, please back to the intrinsic princes, said Xiao Mou people live tonight, has fidget cube music been in the Barry away. Zhu Yingying under the first line of small buildings, often nine quietly left. Xiao Xiong was about to step, but was white Yuxian hand stopped, said Xiao Xiong, a few words hidden in my mind for a long time, but has been inconvenient to say it today, I do not know where to meet in what month, If you do not say it again, I am afraid there will never be a chance. Qing said, Xiaomou listen. I know, so I will go very far. Xiao Yu said I do not know. Bai Yuxian whispered This is only an intermittent calm, fidget cube music should.

so rare a good sleep, could not bear to skirmish. Xiao Han said Orchids, blame apricot, we are just ready. At this time, the two ladies, holding a surface water in. Xiao Hanyue whispered Orchids, you rinse, I waited outside the hall. To the girl s name, but Orchids words, and soon as more than a cordial, only Zhao girl heart bounce. You do not have to go, I wash the face of our immediate action Zhao Youlan simple wash his face, said You first point of the seven princes of halo points, as people carried to the kitchen. Xiao Han Yue said Must the acupuncture point it Zhao Youlan nodded and said Vinegar in the steam, is a very painful thing, he is your princes, when received this pain, I m afraid he can not stand. Xiao Han said Acupuncture points are, will not affect the treatment effect Zhao Youlan said No, but you have to light way. Xiao Han month nodded, the line to the front. Seven princes woke up early, every word can hear clearly, but he turned a blind eye, pretending not to wake up, let Xiao Han points on the acupuncture points. A very high ministers of the seven princes, the hearts have long been ready to recognize, and he understands that this is his only chance of survival. Hall under all the preparations, already in place, the cage has been on the disaster, fidget cube music cage bamboo have been removed, the seven princes were stripped clothes, into a large steamer. Cage large. $atxtArray[] = $a1.\"\\r\\n\";ition, the station of a mysterious girl clothing is white jade cents. Boat of the Han, are the first class Chi boat experts. Four fast boats, parked in the Fang Fang, to maintain the distance of about ten feet, with the river flow, moving boats, but the distance has been the same. Bai Yuxian smiled and said Shaw son, Jinling a do not think so fast here to meet, and really where life does not meet ah Xiao Han heart secretly crying, speculation Road If hands on board, must turn over the water boat, fidget cube music it was only with the Boci of the company. The original is a white girl Xiao Han dark on the dark, ready to strain. Zhu Yingying whispered Xiao Big Brother, this woman know you That night, she was Tan Sangu point of the acupuncture points, night sleep until dawn, do not know what happened in Zhao Fu, Bai Yuxian have not seen. Bai Yuxian sneer, said Leave the gold jade leaves the princess quit, mixed with rivers and lakes, be careful to finish a life Zhu Yingying Yi Zheng, said You know me does not matter, I have not comfortable Zhuzhu, and I follow Shaw Big Brother battles rivers and lakes, is a lakes man. Bai Yuxian said That s good, kill you, it does not kill the rebellion Xiao Han Yue whispered Ying Ying, you ignore her, from me to deal with Zhu Yingying a naive, I do not know in danger, nodding smile, no longer fidget cube music speak. Bai Yuxian sweet smile, said Xiao brother magic m.

Fidget Cube Music not easy to this sweeping disturbance, such as your house had to murder, hard fought, Shouyi today did not dare to knock visit Mrs. Yang suddenly seemed to think of a major thing in general, hastily said fast, fast soon to inform the Ministry of Kyoto immediately to Yang Shang prepared against them Righteousness is righteousness, and righteousness is righteous. He turned back to a captive whispered a few words, then quickly turned around and ran away. If my husband can prepare for their plot, even if they really kill me, they will not succumb to fidget cube nederland me, she said. Lady assured, Gyeonggi, heavily guarded, so Xiao Xiao, how can run rampant, but his wife by more than two years of persecution, should Tianfu actually come fidget cube music to find, under the deeply disturbed, since when the boss, Meet the plea. Wang Shouyi side of the talk, a deep side of a long bow. Mrs. Yang smile, micro one bow, said Well, seven princes House, Li general house and Yang House long connected, and their Fuchu, there are many guards Supreme, in close proximity, also found , Blame you should Tianfu, seems to be afraid of big bullying small. Lady tolerance, Shou yi grateful, hidden in the House of the rape has been found, on the tracing to eliminate, but also hope that his wife pointing pointing Yang Fu in the four into the house, they occupied three or four into the garden fidget cube music and the back, even in front.Wang Shou yi is very smart, kill him, no one chasing us again. Xiao Han on a wry smile, said He is a captain, how can kill Wu Feng laughed Xiao Xiong, and sister did not talk about a good condition Xiao Han on the hearts of a cool, pay Will they know my identity Sparrows meticulous, verbal cautious, did not reveal obvious flaws, but it was Wu Feng said. Xiao Hanyue secretly alert, take it lightly smile, said What conditions Wu Feng Yizheng slightly, said you Wu Feng, you and the Sparrow know who I am Wu Feng frowned, said Yes, do Xiao received on the cold You dare to kill the total catch of Tianfu, presumably is the same to kill me Wu Feng spent a stay, said We do not harm Xiao Xiong meaning, and very welcome Xiao Xiong to join us Xiao Hanyue eyes turn, found Wang Shouyi rope, iron ruler changes, has been able to gradually adapt to the Sparrow shenfa, although there is no ability to fight back, but can temporarily stabilize the fidget cube music situation, smiled and said I and Wenque Had not talked about why they came, the two sides hit up Wu Feng face a change, said Are you playing us Xiao Hanyue laugh This is not, Wu girl, the next is just tell the truth. Wu Feng eyes shot in the SG, condensate in the face of Xiao Han Yue, said Xiao Han, we are for you I know, so Xiao Han month long sighed, then said I am very embarrassed Wu Feng said What do you mean Xiao.

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