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Fidget Cube Launch $txtlenth = rand(1000,1500);versation, suddenly saw a team of warriors dressed in fidget cube launch white, slowly to the lotus floor, this line. They do not look like the enemy of the array, they are wearing white, are gowns, the head also with a white towel reined in, from top to bottom, in addition to head and face, a white, do not see a little variegated. Their actions are also very elegant, walked slowly pace, like a group of reading scholar is poetic walk. This group is divided into two teams, each team of six people, a total of twelve, hidden twelve stars of the number. Xiao Han heart of a move, said White girl, two gentlemen, may have any special characters Bai Yuxian pondered a moment, said He under the door a large number of patrons, I do not buy best fidget cube know Xiao Xiong asked what kind of person Xiao Han Yue said Looking at their training of staff, not coincide with the twelve stars, that is, with the number of days to Plow, the principal of the people, should be full of Confucian scholars, or Xuanmen the Supreme. White jade eyes swept to the fidget cube launch transit, said To the older generation in this longer, may have seen such a character Zhongtian shaking his head to smile, said Although the next was included in the VIP status, but did not participate in confidential qualifications, the girl started late, but by the courtesy, but much higher than the next. Tang Ming suddenly said I have seen a white beard, Qingpao, quite Xianfengdaodao o.

n said twenty four years old. Master Yun said At that time the donor has not yet been born, about thirty years ago, but the old Na know, then Jian Di is already more than sixty years old, that is now Mexican non sub Road Emperor of the embodiment of thousands of swords, often in a variety of different identities, there are rivers and lakes Xiao Han Yue smile about, then If so, that sick and disabled elderly, fidget cube cost but one incarnation of the division, the younger generation is face fidget cube launch to face division, is also not recognized. Probably the case Murphy said Unless the teacher would like to meet with you, or confrontation is difficult to know. Xiao Han Yue sighed and said After that heavy rain, the younger generation over and over again to find the family division, the heart has been secretly self blame, late into the wind and rain should go to visit his old man is, how to be after the storm to see him, Could it be his old man angry, and deliberately no longer meet and late into. No often nine categorically said If you are a person, in such a big storm, forget to visit other people s homes, maybe he really angry, but you have a mother, in that wind Rain, she needs to take care of, 100 lines of filial piety for the first, so that division is what characters, how could so stingy Bai Yuxian said The common saying that the divine is the first class figure, will n.ed, said Xiao Xiong good forceful palm, the two men is Erye s bearers, but also his close bodyguards, a horizontal training outside the door Kung Fu, not to mention the boxing tenant he is not easy, that is, the general Weaponry, they also Can afford to live. Xiao Han Yue said In the next urgent situation, full facilities for Bai Yuxian looked around, then fidget cube launch said I m afraid we can not go What, you mean, Mr. Second Bai Yuxian said We have been surrounded by the hands of the two, and go back to my lotus floor, and then to care about. Xiao Hanyue Although the enemy has not yet appeared, but the feeling, surrounded by hidden murderous enemy track, white jade immortal living here, terrain, the enemy, naturally know the deeper, nodded, turned to go. White jade immortal as its name, bright as a fairy down to earth, but for a long time in the rivers and lakes on the walk, very sensitive to the feeling of interest, through that point was down Han s side, People have to smile, said Xiao Xiong is not I feel some ruthless Xiao Han month sighed, said The fight on the rivers and lakes is full of dangerous, more than a kind, to create a crisis for their own more. Bai Yuxian said You can understand enough, this person is fierce and exquisite to Xiao Xiong s martial arts, perhaps better deal with, for a person, you will feel his terrible talent divine power, as far as I know, Mr. Second.run away to hide Yang Fang He said This I would like to have the embarrassment of Mr. II, maybe he really has difficulties, because, so far, Yang also can not fully understand the two Mr. and Mr. What is the relationship between Xiao Han said Xiaomou since promised, and naturally not afraid of any distress, dangerous, but there is little request Xiaomou, I do not know whether Mr. Yang on behalf of two to make a fidget cube prism promise Yang Fang He said Although I am the second of the cronies, but some things are not good at making decisions, Xiao Xiong can say it Let me consider, if Yang can not decide things, and then consulted to the second, immediately after the complex. His performance was interlocking, little connection, really is just right, no one can doubt his sincerity. Xiao Han said First, the white girl and so on to leave here to withdraw Jinling. Yang Fang He smiled and said This point, in the next touches already thought of, and also talked about this matter with Mr. II, as long as Xiao Xiong agreed, this point is not a natural problem, how difficult is a move White girl and a pedestrian, left, I am afraid fidget cube launch the news will soon leak out, so it is best to properly arrange, go unconsciously. Xiao Han month nodded and said It makes sense, however, Xiaomou hope is that after they leave, I then meet with Mr. Second. Should be so Yang Fanghe seems to be in the same speech to help.

Fidget Cube Launch slightly on a pondered, taken off the box, his hands hard, Jin box into powder. Seven princes fidget cube launch slightly Kai eyes, smile, said The cold months, you are very careful. Xiao Hanyue said I will be scattered scattered buried Thank you Seven princes said I have to give you surplus children Xiao Han nodded smile, back out. Zhang Lan people have retired into the hall, hastily said The spirit of the princes okay Yes, what happened Zhang Lan said Xiao brothers, you can see the princes into the house Xiao Han said Why Zhang Lan said The enemy has been surrounded by the edge of the Office Block, the defense is not easy Xiao Han said little brother felt, for the time being should not move, dawn to say, Zhang Xiong please bring guards, defensive flower hall Zhang Lan then said guards have been one fifth of casualties, I m afraid they could not stand, come are master. Xiao Han Yue said It does not matter, with the cartridge crossbow, strong bow, with the umbrella, and then by fidget cube vinyl desk toy the Tan senior and princess support, probably can cope, not to mention, we will support Zhang Lan faint smile, said Brother, Princess can also be shot to resist the enemy Xiao Han Yue said Princess is a great power, Silver Moon Frost can and far, and she has been familiar with the cast of the Silver Flying Cream approach, the power of the strong, even first class Master, but also har.you hear me say hello, do not hesitate. Turn to the outside. Zhao Youlan said There is one thing Xiao Han month stopped, said The girl told Zhao Youlan could not help but smile, said When do you become so much ceremony. Xiao Han Yue embarrassed smile, said Orchids, I have been very respect you. Apricot sighed, said The girl do not you respect her, but to you Hokkaido, do not speak, no one thinks you are dumb. Zhao Youlan looked at Xiao Han Yue, said one hundred sparse one, two Mr. may have escaped the poisonous insects method, so a few martial arts, Inside and outside the kitchen. Xiao Han said The next immediately arranged. Turned away. But the smell of a male servant said girl, needle black blood at the mouth. Zhao Youlan call out, said faster help Fuye out. Two manservantly to a scarf, around the waist in seven princes. The kitchen has already set a soft couch, the seven princes on the couch, Zhao Zhao girl. Doctor s parents heart, Zhao Youlan very bravely turned around to see the seven princes who the injury. At this time, seven princes who only around a towel. Zhao Orchids command of two female servants, with a white swab to wipe out the black blood overflow. I saw gold in the Department of acupuncture, all uplift the size of a purple bean ball. 12 gold in the Department of acupuncture, all the general appearance. Zhao Youlan whispered I set aside after th.

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