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Fidget Cube Launch Date companion standing in the house, seems to be and the enemy stalemate. The second feature of this armored man is that their vision by the iron helmet silver, can not see both sides of the scene. Two armored people a little hesitant, suddenly into the room, the mouth also issued a strange Xiao. A Hanmang, Jishe out, stabbed to the left side of an armored person s chest. It turned out that Xiao Hanyue propped up the body of the armored man, who is hidden in the armor of the chest, to the two armored people, only to see the companion back, seems to be stalemate, but did not expect Murder Hidden in the companion side. Qinghong sword into the armor, thorn in the heart. This is a fatal blow. But the armored man dying back, his hands Qi lift, right hand shot an iron spear, but fidget cube launch date Xiao Han has been out of the sword, flash to the side. Left armored man shot iron spear, immediately fell down. In the attack on the armor that Xiao Han, while hidden in the corner of the Zhu Yingying also launched, Silver Moon Flying Cream with a Hanmang, hit the right armor. The third shortcoming of the armored man is the rotation is not very flexible, especially in this place a small gallbladder indoors, light dim, Zhu Yingying Silver Flying Cream attack, is armored eyes and difficult place. Spinning Hanmang, cut in the armored man s cheek, even Sunder. Mexican non sub leap out, sweep across the mark knife. T.the fire, smoked them out. Xiao Han Yue said wildfire prairie fire, fidget cube review espa?ol once out of control, it had got, this Wuyi alley, the palace can be both Gongfu house. Wang Shouyi smiled and said Zhao government outside the water, to mobilize a group of people to irrigation down. Fire is not a flood, this method is also very must, not afraid they do not show up. Suddenly heard the wind Po Kong, a yellow figure, from a white poplar on the sweep down, to Wang Shou yi. That figure came too fast, a shortage of circular archers, but no time to put arrows. Wang Shouyi iron ruler in hand, horizontal hit, when the sound of gold and iron cross, Wang Shouyi was Zhenbu three steps. Tan Sangu, Zhang Lan, Chang nine shadow moving, has to keep that figure. Sure enough, a person, just wearing a bark and yellow clothes, hidden in the tree, it is difficult to see out. Come very young, but the twenties, hand horizontal knife, although the circle in the middle, but look calm, two Leng Li s eyes, stare at Wang Shou yi who. Wang Shou yi mind to understand, take that flying knife, the weight of multiple components, iron scales almost Zhenfei fly hand, who has stood, left hand rope at the same time fly out, iron steel cable wall together, and perhaps the next recipe. The presence of the people, are wearing the same arresting clothes, but Wang Shouyi is the most outstanding, a look that is leading the characters.

ile, said Yes, Wu Feng girl, I am proficient in medicine, can cure some of the incurable diseases, really good, but the art of immortality, the non district capacity of the. He looked sincere, not like a lie, Sparrow, Wu Feng exchange of a look, his face is showing a loss of color. Pondered for a while, the paper bird slowly said Doctor, is there a drug that can make people immortal Zhao Bainian brain between the flash of a sudden, suddenly, I remembered that night and love orchids, talk about fidget cube verge longevity of the drug, also referred to the possibility of immortality, is this matter, leaked out Mind secretly pondering a while, Road There are some white girls, ancient books, notes, soaring, the legend of immortality, even though there is a name, but also stop at the narrative, legend only, seeking all human, but not a longevity Wu Feng then The doctor meant to say that these accounts are all false Zhao hundred years wry smile, said I was my personal view, these accounts, notes, there is no real evidence to support Sparrow then said The doctor, immortal without, is true, Qinhuangdao fidget cube launch date Road, Xu Fu East on Penglai cents Island, to a country the power, still can not have the art of longevity Yes, yes, the girl familiar with the history books, when the knowledge in the next statement is true, immortal Taoism and medicine are two completely different knowledge, a hun.hongtian and Tang Ming are staring, and even Bai Yuxian also see more than surprised. She knows the deep internal force Xiao Han, fencing magic, but can not think of a clever to such a state. Because Xiao Han Yue attack on the Jian Shi, is not fast as a meteor, anxious as lightning, but naturally from the thorn out of the sword. But all the sword in the enemy. It seems that he has long been considered a good distance, Jian Shi out, just hit someone up, hit the sword. Xiao Hanyue and five swords, stabbed five black knife hand. At this time, even fidget cube launch date those who do not fear the death of the black clothes to kill clothes, but also some fear, and stared at Xiao Han, dare not move forward. That red belt with black people, coldly said You will be demon law No, but my swordsmanship changes magic, like a demon law in general, if you no longer see the opportunity to retreat, and then a moment of time, you and your thirty five, I m afraid to be completely lying here. Do not believe it Xiao Han Yue said Do not believe it try Good black leader who shouted See the knife Lianren knife into a burst of wind, relying fidget cube launch date on this array of blast impinge upon. A sharp sharp knife, fidget cube launch date as a leader, accomplishments really different. Xiao Han on a sword stab out, just that the black people who have been doing knife, Lazhilian, to be the time to change strokes. That sword is the time, very clever. B.igure Long breath, then said Wearing a chest sword, the injury is not a natural light, but fortunately, my luck, the sword, no injury to wear the house. Said good luck is polite, in fact, a martial arts repair for the people, coupled with the experience of the enemy, once the case of dangerous, own a kind of ability to escape, the possible harm, to a minimum. Tang Ming in that sword piercing the chest, suction belly heart, avoid the heart, stomach vital. Bai Yuxian said Sister body pregnant with the panacea, is the world s holy wounds Baicao or life Dan, as long as no injury to the heart, I believe that is not difficult to treat, Tang Xiong peace of mind to raise interest rates. Tang Ming said Baicao also flies life Dan is a very precious drug, the girl gave me two tablets at once, would not it be a waste Bai Yuxian smiled and said We are blessed with evil, life and death with the life, only hope that the young brother Tang early recovery of physical fitness Tang Ming then Although wearing a chest sword fierce Li, but only the skin of the injury, those white people do not fear death gave me the shock, especially over the injuries I suffered, the two can train such a character, I do not know is what way White jade cents sadly smile, said Tang Xiong healing injuries, Xiao Xiong s peerless sword, I believe we have fidget cube launch date a great chance of survival, enough to wait until th.

Fidget Cube Launch Date izhu What orders Please also say it Xiao Han Yue said Master Please win a ferry, and then try to inform the late into, and so I suddenly turned and folded to the lake, board a boat hurriedly crossing, although the two are bold, but the ground is out of the area visitors, I believe that the second is not in the other so that we kill us. Unhappy Master said Yes, ink non Zi Daoshou income direction, it is where the secret valley, Daoxiong hearts anxious, great efforts to destroy Huanglong, but haste not up, the road, the other side will have heavily ambush , Xiao Shi master of this policy, is the old Na mind, first off the siege, and then fidget cube how to make the night attack, the old monk has been detected near the terrain, listen to people, such as then can use the point of suspected soldiers plan, it is not difficult to straight into the secret valley. Xiao Han Yue said Master, that the distance from the Mysterious Valley how much Lonely master reviewed a glance, said About twenty or so, right Xiao Hanyue said Should get out of the meter to succeed, leaving the Chang Xiong, Tang Xiong and other interest rates, we Qingqi disease into the enemy can also be let go between the facilities. Lonely Master said Liangzhang, fidget cube launch date there is a low forest, where the old monk to get out, and then called to shouts. Xiao Han said Master, despite the action, and no longer greeted them. Uncle Yun nodded and smiled, said L.bsolutely can not ask the results. Zhang Lan face a change, said Hou Xuan, I attach importance to you is a character, can not think of, but you tease me. Hou Xuan then said How I have to say to hire people That is not a bad road rules Suddenly earned his legs, tied the rope on the calf, even inch inch break, sitting on the ground people also stood up. Wang Shouyi was surprised, fidget cube launch date Huo Ran stood up, reach out and arrested. Hou Xuan left arm stretched out, fingers, such as buckle, take the right wrist vein Wang Shouyi points. This trick changes rapidly strange, forced Wang Shouyi Jiedui three steps, said Your arms What s the big surprise Wait for mysterious sneer, said If I do not untie arms acupuncture points, dare to break the rope, only to blame you Wang head catch hole method poor. Zhang Lan slowly stood up and said Clever, so short of time, to luck self solution acupuncture points, the internal strength, look at the rivers and lakes, one of the few, Zhang underestimated the Lord. Hou Xuan said Zhang Ye is a gentleman, you can bully the side, Houmou is a killer, man of doing things, just for the purpose, unscrupulous. Zhang Lan eyes flashing in the SG, looking solemn, Lengran said Well unscrupulous Waved his right hand, shoot a palm. Hou Xuan a flash to avoid, smiles Zhang Ye, I do not want to and you hands Zhang Lan then said It is not for you. Shuan.

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