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Fidget Cube Insider strong Zhang Li, forced back out of the three feet. Often nine breath, back to the lotus floor. At this time, the four black people to attack Tang Ming, four long knife Yingri brilliant. Tang Ming laughed, knife potential operation fly, fighting alone four. Zhongtian has been not bright Weaponry, just by a pair of palm, Pichu strong palm wind, has been fidget cube insider approaching the black people, stand in the five feet away, can not close. Black and Shuaishou, although the number, but the fidget cube insider Tang and to the day, has been back according to the Lotus House, on both sides of the bluestone walls, in addition to positive attack, not by the wings side attack, before and after the attack. Tang and to the transit, as long as the attention of the enemy can be a positive offensive. Positive offensive, up to eight people, Tang Ming, Zhongtian to deal with the four individual offensive, naturally is to cope with. Look at the door outside the vertical and horizontal knife Daoguang, Xiao Han found a lot of flaws, the hearts of great surprise, Fu Road Why do not they knife, as long as the knife is fast enough to stand the enemy knife can be killed. Strange is that Tang Ming can not be promptly stabbed out of that knife. When Tang Ming found that attacking a knife, the other has been in time to retire, Xiao Han only secretly shaking his head, even called pity. Bai Yuxian see very strange, whispered , C Xiao Xio.e Mi Zhao pledge. Often nine According to my view, this edict may also seven princes of the House But we have Listen to me often nine whispered If the palace can not find fidget cube interview it, you have to and seven princes secret talk once. Xiao Han said What to say fidget cube insider Often nine Directly asked, that secret Chao is how the matter, who may be in the hands This Xiao Han months, some embarrassing, said If we can not find, let him leak, such as by a large secret, is not too presumptuous. Often nine The others can not ask, but you can Xiao Han month odd I Often nine then said He put the only daughter to fidget cube insider you, that is, hope that the secret detention book once exposed, good for him to keep a daughter, do not you understand so intimate, what can not ask Xiao Qin month, then Seven princes poisoning deep, Zhao Youlan left behind a bottle of immortality, can be considered in the holy goods, even seven princes who can drag the toxic, but what is not symptomatic of the drug, although delayed toxicity Attack, but can not remove the body of the drug, he is now anxious mood, the idea of death is very cut, the pressure, from the secret detention book, if we find those things, I think, can immediately raise his will to survive, At the very least, he fidget cube insider can die with peace of mind. Often nine So, we only enter the inner courtyard of his wife to live. Xiao Hanyue pondered.

from the array nothing more Xiao Han said The girl s meaning, but that must be blood five steps, a sudden death, be considered a winner Xuan Yi girl fidget cube insider said You are not afraid of Xiao Han said In the next just puzzled, lakes man, why must a sudden tragedy, be considered the result. Each road, there are ways to break the resentment. Chang nine interface The arena on the right and wrong on the set, but also often to measure the standard martial arts, Xiao Gongzi is able to tongue Lotus, can not seek tongue Right fidget cube unbox therapy and wrong answer. With a helpless smile. Xiao Han month on the second line to the North to fight. Seven black people are also figuring how to move, to the other side of the storm in the array, but unexpectedly Xiaohan month turned out to be from the cast Luo network. Knife array at the same time move around pocket around. This time, Xiao Han has long bamboo, not to let them have the opportunity to launch a knife array, sword suddenly stabbed. Do not see the sword of the situation there is any wonderful change, but the speed of thorns fast, but just right, the knife array before the start of the moment, piercing a black man s throat. The Big Dipper, a star from the bit, the whole array chaos, Xiao Han Yue Jian, means and out, such as flashlight strokes, the remaining six people have not had time to strain the whole array, have all fallen down. Zhang Lan and often nine, fidget cube insider see s.mily, have raised some bodyguards, yard of people, but this can only deal with some Third rate Qingpi small fry, and really met Caixiong potential big people, or rivers and lakes Hawker, master, not enough to eat bitterness, that is silent. Xiao Han Yan Yan observation on the color, the lotus seems to have pointed, illegal channels this girl into words, there are flaws, I would like to sub sets her Caixing. Determined idea, smiled and said Lotus girl, since the next dare to come to such occasions, is naturally not afraid of people, but people do not make me, I do not prisoners Bale. So, I said Xiao Ye is the best guest. If some have been to Hong Kong, Xiao Han month smiled and said Lotus, are you in trouble Lotus fidget cube insider surprised, said No, no, Xiao Ye, I just see too much, the heart felt nothing more That s it Xiao Han month nodded and said If you have any difficulties, despite the openings, as long as I am capable of, and will not let you down. Lotus Road Thank you, Xiao Ye, I am really good, no trouble. Knowing and then pressed, may cause suspicion, the moment a topic, said Lotus, this willow Fang, in the Qin quasi fame in the boat how Lotus smiles H HJ.C fidget cube insider It seems Xiao Ye, really is the beginning of Qin quasi Temptress fidget cube insider Moon, and Yang Liufang is just a medium place, in the quasi Feng Qin in the rankings, more than 50 paintings in fat, not even in front of the top ten, Xiao Han mo.e two gentlemen feeling is that white jade can not kill, Xiao Han month can also let him leave, but you are not die. To the transit laughed and said The old fidget cube wiki smell, this is a mirror, I was someone to your example, one day, you will be ordered to kill two Mr Wen Baiqi Yizheng slightly, pondered without a word. To the Heaven You think about it, let s follow him for more than a decade, and for him how much credit earned, when the entrepreneurial generals, white girl here less than six months, but the white girl can become our immediate boss, you know the reason Where Wen Baiqi sneer, said White girl How can we compare with the white girl, people young and beautiful, martial arts and high To the transit then You call me old confused, I see really confused you, we help him create a situation, and now, Mr. Second men have more staff, so we are getting old, those who practice a large number of Killer, and gradually success, to be honest, we have insignificant, but he will not let us, not for his life to death, the same can not be hospice Wen Baiqi then Even if it is certain to die, late death is also better. To transit shook his head and said Wen Xiong, my words have been finished, and then can not go on, if you are not consciousness, then draw the road, I said next is. Bai Yuxian suddenly spoke and said Smell predecessors, and I met Mr. But one year, by his u.

Fidget Cube Insider od to crack this rapid attack. But Xiao Han Yue is uncharacteristically, static stand still, completely defensive rack. The most surprised Tan Sangu is that she has been Qiaoban Xiao Han Yue Jian Road, that fidget cube insider he raised the sword to block the offensive, the sword, the sword received, a move that is a move between the sword and the swords, there is no The momentum together, change. Seems to be, Xiao Han on all depends on the sharp vision, the right to judge, to see Tan Sangu attack to the sword, and then give the sword block, such a master in Tan Sangu, fast sword under almost impossible thing. But Xiao has done it. Wulin in a master phase Competing, able to move, with fast conversion, it even into one, the so called knife, such as rivers and upside down, Jian Jian like silkworm silking, then into a knife net, sword screen, the opponent Circle into the knife net, sword among the screen. In the event of such offensive, only two ways to break, one is to fast, with the same rapid changes, also form a knife net sword screen, phase and resistance, another way is to set a front, Break the net, screen, blocking the enemy s offensive, for the initiative, shot counterattack. But Xiao Han on the play, but it is unconventional, as if the whole mining defensive, the enemy attack sword, he blocked the sword, and again and again to block the twenty seven sword. Shaw son Why not a sword attack Xi.lude with outsiders I believe you can see, he is very honest, not the kind of ungrateful people. If not he nonsense, maybe Zhao girl, even Zhao Fu did not boast in the Yu Hua House, Dr. Zhao s medicine, this thing will happen, but the time may be some time later Xiao Han on smile, then said If the abduction of the order of the people, not already deliberately, nor would fidget cube amazon buy Zhao fidget cube insider Fu sentence to boast of the words immediately hands on, Zhao Fu s mistake is to lead them to do so in advance to escape away, but also left some Clues, merits and demerits can be offset. Zhao Youlan eyes condensate Xiao Han months, his face is a surprise and admire the look. Said Xiao Xiong, you say, my father really good to live Xiao Han month nodded and said This point, the girl can rest assured that they need to respect the life extension of medicine. Zhao Youlan blinked his eyes, rolled down two lines of tears, gentle smile, said I believe your words Xiao Xiong, promised me to stay I will, until you find the order of Zunzhi. Zhao Youlan sadly Yi Tan, said Xiao Xiong, how do we proceed If you go to the small number of guests, I think, Yuhua Lou small two who should be some memory. If there are a lot of guests Should not, if a lot of guests, the management of the Lee s accountant should not have time to chat with Zhao. Zhao Fu said Xiao Xiong, who to check Xiao Han.

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