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Fidget Cube Idubbbz Long Road, please elaborate, the younger generation, such as effectiveness, is willing to do a good job on behalf of the division. Free Master Xiao Shi said, yes, you know what you know, tell him Ink non head note Xiao Han Yue, slowly said Shi Xiaozhu appear Jinling, in order to Shisha Jianzhao the enemy, the secret has to do the sword of God s true mass Xiao Han Yue secretly heard a shame, speculation Road He only passed me six months martial arts, how much he had learned, I also do not know, I heard that a person to practice martial arts, and reading in general, need ten years, I am half of this income, is naturally very limited But his mind to understand, can not tell the truth, it will make the Mexican non disappointed son, but inconvenient to lie, had to say vaguely Martial arts division, the vast sea, late into the old martial arts learned how much he himself is not very clear Master idle nodded and said Dao Xiong, this matter Suddenly fidget cube idubbbz shut up without words, flow head around. Boat on the people, all have a martial arts, also since the early warning, hear the sound of fast boat breaking water, but did not think of the identity of the Bale. Xiao Hanyue blink of an eye looked, I saw four boats, already divided by four weeks, surrounded by boats around the boat. Each boat on the boat, there are two black Dahan boat, standing on the bow of a person, is the fidget cube idubbbz Eastern pos.ables box, looked at Xiao Han months, smiles Tonight something Xiao Han Yue said against the enemy at night. Xinghua smiled and said It seems that the son and the views of our lady the same. Xiao Han Yue said Orchids girl said something Xinghua Road Three things, the first is Miss think, tonight there may be a strong enemy struck, which, the son actually have a hunch Xiao Han month nodded and said Orchid girl s talent peerless, very much fidget cube idubbbz admire the next, do not know Zhao girl also said something Xinghua Road The second, the young lady told me son, Zhu Zhu is the identity of the gold mechanic leaves, the overall success or failure of the relationship between the great son to take care of her wholeheartedly, not a slight neglect Xiao said This Apricot smile, said Miss said, she knew the son of the character, specifically to Xiaobi tell, Miss is always the son of a close friend, but she has heart belongs to, I am afraid there is no spare time to take care of the son Xiao Han spent a stay, said What does this mean I knew cold origin, there is no meaning of high climbing Apricot then said Oh And Miss expected fidget cube idubbbz reaction, exactly the same, the tone of words, is also a general. Xiao Han spent a stay, said She Xinghua Road She said so, Xiaobi also do not believe, but can not think of, have been completely miss the lady. Xiao Han Yue Qi Guess, what does tha.

n the hands of half of the broken sword, immediately Jian Qi fidget cube hands on Sheng, a row of seven sword stab out. This seven swords fast sharp, like a thorn at the same time, suddenly broke the balance of power of the two sides fight. Xiao Han Yue see startled heart, this seven swords of the Viagra, quite the sword Emperor emperor of the momentum, but the look but paradoxical, there are many differences, but the sword changes like the same source. This is a surprising discovery, making Xiao Han stunned. Sword sword, if not the sword of God, but others deliberately imitate the sword Emperor of the secrets. Under the sun who has such a Hui, to emulate the sword of Emperor s trick Ink non Zi really take over the seven swords onslaught, suddenly forced back fidget cube idubbbz again and again and again. He is the master of the world fencing, although shocked Shangguanjie sword on the attainments, but in the strong enemy offensive, still mind chaos, to avoid self protection. Suddenly Shangguanjie sword straight point, as fast as flow arrows, broken sword straight, even no change in skills. Mexican non sub has been the other fantasy sword change, forcing back again and again, because Shangguanjie the swordsmanship endless, with ink on the success of non sub sword, even do not look for the convenience does not move after the potential changes, only fidget cube idubbbz Was forced back fidget cube idubbbz again and again, and now the sword straight into, no sk.eople, die also hurt, are here. Xiao Han said The wind, Wei group of people, are you training killer, they know little XuanYi girl smiled and said So, you can not from their mouth, ask too much East unitary, we trained out of the door, very confident Xiao cold month then said But, you know a lot of inside information, and, still stay in the waste garden. Xuan Yi girl slightly Yi Zheng, smiles how do you want me to stay Tan Sangu said Not only Shaw son, the old body also has this meaning. Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi, already moving the body, surrounded by Xuan Yi girls, Zhang Jie, Luo Bing led the archers, have also been on the arrows. Xuan Yi girl looked very calm, faint smile, said Xiao Han month, you are not want me to answer your things Ah, hope to get back to Dr. Zhao as soon as possible I have to leave here, I will give you a message within three days. Do not have to personally convey the message to convey Tan Sangu look at the ground lying in black people, then said They can also send the message. XuanYi girl sneer, said listen to your tone, seems to want me to stay Tan Sangu laughed and said Do, the girl would like to leave Xuan Yi girl face a change, said Tan Sangu, you try to stay to be able to stay with me. Suddenly Teng body into the sky, like a mysterious crane. Tan Sangu has already mentioned gas preparedness, shouted, go hand in hand, chase down. At thi.iao Han said When the princes was poisoned control Zhang Lan said I have not made it very clear This is the most recent thing. Xiao Han Yue pondered for best toy fidget cube a while, to pay to seven princes of the smart, how can I do not know Wuyi Lane, as early as the rivers and lakes in the mid plate home, he left the dragon hair female Tan Sangu, how is it, Shang Shufu, Plus a seven princes, the official in the police, patrol officers and men, can not be better than lei, but absolutely can not hide the seven princes, such as non they already in the dark hook string, also must be intentionally conniving, This is for what For a time, can not think of why But it appears that seven princes not like him and a series Rivers and lakes in the thousands of dry change, unpredictable changes, but the official matter, more complex than the rivers and lakes is ten times Zhang Lan frowned, said Xiao brothers, what are you thinking. Xiao Han month sighed, said I was thinking, how to treat the body of the seven princes of the drug These words, since the heartless words, but a sudden, but can not think of coping with the law. Zhang Lan is serious, sighed, said Xiao brothers so worried about the safety of seven princes, he heard a certain very happy Voice of a meal, fidget cube idubbbz then said You take a break Old brother does not disturb. Turned out of the elegant room. Zhang Lan looked away to the back, X.

Fidget Cube Idubbbz g, what is the matter how ah Zhang Lan said Princess. Xiao fidget cube idubbbz Han on the startled heart, said She came to do here very dangerous, Tan said earlier this evening, there may be a Rush Zhang Lan said princes are blocked, I have any way Xiao Han Yue said Golden Branches, headstrong daughter, she thinks this is a fun thing, but things have been so far, we would like to protect her this way, do not let her risk is. Zhang Lan said I see, this will want you to spend more Xiao brothers heart. I Zhang Lan said Tan three predecessors secretly told me that the Princess is accompanied by Master, in fact, come for you How is this going to happen Zhang Lan then said This is what I said the trouble, the innocence innocence, headstrong, I do not know the sky thick, your brother had to bear. Xiao Han seems to be suddenly on the shoulders of the burden of a pair of heavy burden, all of a sudden the weight of his face serious, brow wrinkled up. Zhang Lan wry smile, said Brother, easy point, the princess, although wayward, but smart to know fidget cube idubbbz the gift, I ll tell you, just let you psychologically, a little preparation, if she speak inadvertently, do not tell fidget cube idubbbz her general knowledge. Between the two conversations, has been near the flowers Xuan. Tan Sangu, Wang Shouyi, Han afraid of the tiger, often sitting around the table, the Princess Yingzheng really sitting on the side of Lake Sangu, wearing de.ay, you the master of the nameless old man, only pass you six months martial arts Yes Wang Shouyi said It is incredible Jiaoren ah Relying on you to deal with that trick Ghost Shou Hou Xuan, also have to practice on a decade, eight years into, Zhang Xiong, this is not a little mysterious Zhang Lan closed his eyes and pondered for a while, before opening his eyes, said I understand a little. Xiao Han Yue said Old predecessors, please you Zhang Lan shook his head and said Shaw Brothers, we are more and more students Xiao Han slightly after Yi Zheng, smiled and said Zhang Xiong, please advise. Zhang Lan said You have not learned a complete Quanzhang palm, sword, but learned the sword of the most elite punches in the fist, it may be dozens of sets, hundreds of sets of sword, palm method of the elite, and only so , I learned that martial arts is the highest, but unfortunately, my lack of knowledge, can not tell you the strength of the training of internal strength Zhang Lan a few words, finishing touch, making accumulation in his chest of martial arts, skills, techniques, Huo Ran interspersed up, the moment Bao Yi a long bow, said More than teach that the cold months of great benefits. Zhang Lan laughed and said As far as I can, probably can only talk about here Eyes turn to Zhao Youlan s body, then said Orchids girl eye knowledge, such as non you left Xiao brothers.

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