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Fidget Cube G4mer rt you. Sparrow said Then you mercy, do not hurt me too much. Bai Yuxian this is the snow and ice smart people, listening to the words, the hearts of some Dayton, fist palm acceleration, offensive suddenly fierce. Sparrow palm seal pointing, turned out to be without exception. Originally, the Sparrow would like to take the opportunity to test their own martial arts, so, has been fighting endlessly, refused to slip out of the empty door. Bai Yuxian gradually raised anger, said You really want to find death is not Offensive suddenly changed, suddenly from the sky between the Ji Zhang Ying, the strength suddenly strengthened. Sparrow dodge less than hard to take the palm. Force to fight after the two palms, the strength of the legislation sentenced, Bai Yuxian skillful, Wenqu was Zhentui three steps, the mouth bleeding. Bai Yuxian heart doubt, this palm is not exhausted, very measured. Although the injured bird, but the injury is not too heavy, but not too light. So, the bird fled fidget cube g4mer turned fidget cube g4mer to escape, still walking staggered. Bai Yuxian appealed, turned back to the Lotus House floor. Xiao Hanyue, Zhu Yingying, Chen Baoshan have been restored have been restored, in front of the waiting. Often nine low channel What about the girl Not too heavy, but not light enough to explain to her two. Xiao Han Yue said White girl, how to cope with the enemy, but also the overall situation of the gir.sten. Often nine two eyes, but betting in a bouquet of flowers. After a half note Hong long, fruit see flowers and trees blowing, a person slowly by the flowers and trees out of the line. Often nine hearts illegal channels good boy, you finally out One side and secretly suspect that the man s move so careless, why keep the piling, dark card, did not even find But see the branches and leaves floating, slowly line out of a person. At this time, Xiao Hanyue and often nine eyesight, have to adapt to the darkness, I saw the line leaves the flowers of the people, was actually apricot. Xinghua hands holding a ruler the size of the box, around the flower Xuan line for a week. She was walking heavy, every step of the nine are heard very clearly, obviously not martial arts people. Ren is often nine of the experienced, but also Qiaobu What is this tricks A female martial arts will not be martial arts, hiding in the flower bush, where is the heart Xiao Han on all the spirit, but it is set in the hand holding the apricot on the box. His mind to understand that the secret of the hidden box is Zhao Anylan all the reasons for hiding in the cross hospital, but it hidden this Zhang Jie told Xiao Hanyue puzzled is the transformation of Zhao Youlan, it is not only the appearance of the attitude change, but Zhao Lanlan the entire character is changing, a very bright and lively girl, suddenly became.

I You are just an unnamed pawn, even the ten silver is not worth the little people Xu Xuan despise to say You want to replace Zhao girl as a hostage, do not think about what they are Xiao cold on the body shaking, eyes wide open, staring waiting fidget cube uk for sale for mysterious, great desperation of a flutter posture. Zhao Youlan light sighed and said Xiao Xiong, forget, you can not save me, why bother to send a life She saw the Xuan Xuan kill, but did not see the Xuan Xuan where the knife, it is life saving fast as lightning, Xiao Hanyue would like to help her save, would not suicidal. Just listen to Xiao Han Yue sighed and said Zhao Dafu saved my life, I do not think that the newspaper, how can you see being captured as a hostage, if you die, I damn in front of you Like anger to draw a general, to the mysterious dexterity, actually dodge not open, but see shadows flashing, Peng Ran earthquake, waiting Xuanxie fell 78 feet away, Zhao girl has been Xiao Han Yue hold up, jump Five feet back. But the smell of male voices, female exclaimed, mixed in one, the incoming ears. That is the excitement of Zhao fidget cube g4mer Youlan, Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi Xiao Xiao Han months together to avoid the risk of sound, because at the same time exports, mixed together, anti Jiaoren not clear. This moment, however, Zhang Lan, Wang Shou yi are stunned, and Hou Xuan has to take this opportunity, a roll, leap out o.ro rate heavily, stationed at the border Xiao received on the cold Yang Shangshu office in Kyoto, Lee troops stationed in the border, why do families live in Jinling Wang Shouyi smiled and said This Mrs Yang live in Jinling, has not been with the north, as Lee General House, only said that only Li Gongzi resident Jinling, Lee returned to Jinling every winter, next spring, and then border. Xiao Hanyue mind speculation fidget cube g4mer Road These one product officer, want to have a young concubine to serve life, whether the wife with the paternity in the side, fidget cube g4mer it does not matter. Silence for a while Zhang Lan, a sudden interface, said Yang House, Lee House are non ordinary people, even if the seven princes willing to support this matter, but also have a certain clue to enter the House certainly see, the most important thing is to find out Bailong into that fidget cube $3.8 House to take action. He Gang Often nine track of the art, the best in the world, I think he will be found Han Bohu then said So when Hou, often nine still do not come back, what will happen Xiao month then said Do Bailong dare to kill in the city of Nanking He Gang Hope is not a white dragon found Dare Bailong once discovered is often tracked, will certainly kill nine. Xiao Hanyue eyes turn, suddenly saw a small stature of the elderly, slowly walking to the flowers Xuan. Head office Zhao heavily guarded, a big d.t go case investigation, do not bound feet, and also told me the master of the fidget cube qoo10 martial arts after. Chang Jiu Yi Zheng said Really say that Zhang Lan said often nine, do not you believe me Oh, this is really confused me Often nine frowned and said Do seven princes really do not know Zhang Lan said often nine, say it What did you find I have to intervene in this matter, will naturally go all out, even if traced down on the seven princes have detrimental, and now can not go back. Often nine Well You have this sentence, I can not bluntly, the Royal Highness of the back garden, there is a secret room, within the rockery. Although the expected, but Zhang Lan and Wang Shouyi, but also hear the white face of a change. Often nine The garden also has an underground passage, up to the rockery chamber, but some distance, like the wall next to Zhang Lan then said often nine, you can be sure Certainly, last night someone walked through the underground passage Often nine categorically said But into the gateway to the tunnel, but not in the garden. Wang Shouyi a frown, said This is not easy to start a Often nine fidget cube g4mer very easy, I can take you dig down from the tunnel above, find authentic, you can also tell where to cut a rockery from where to find the chamber. Wang Shouyi said Zhang, you see how to do Zhang said As long as certain, tell the seven princes, dug tunnel.

Fidget Cube G4mer This is a group of well trained killer, offensive and defensive side, is not a mob. Bai Yuxian right hand waving, indicating to the day, Tang Ming retreated into the lotus floor, one side of the walk near the Xiao Han Yue, whispered Xiao Xiong, to deal with two divine power and armored warriors, Xiao Xiong rely on the power , So Xiao Xiong to a lot of care. Xiao Han on the heart of a cold, speculation Road the original, they look to me, so deep, it seems I have to cheer up Caixing, personal life and death is small, affecting the overall situation, that is a fidget cube g4mer very regrettable. Fusi between the black hand of the knife is already approaching the lotus floor. Bai Yuxian has been designed to cope with the enemy s policy, a pull Shaw month when the door standing, to the transit, Tang Ming standing on the left side of the white jade, Xiao Han months, often nine standing on the right. Zhu Yingying stealth in the hall, watching the four windows. Black knife hand approached the lotus floor. Bai Yuxian right hand a pull Shaw month, two people suddenly retreated into the hall door. Suddenly a flash of coldness, God knife knife wear Tang Ming long knife, has been hit by lightning. Two long knife piercing and to seal the long knife of Tang Ming. To Zhongtian body a sick turn, quickly split out of the two palms. Zhang Feng sharp, whistling wind. Two approaching black people, was the kind of.iao Hanyue, who sometimes mixed into the passenger group, and sometimes the two peers, although the group suddenly, suddenly single action, but in fact, it has a certain law to maintain contact. Often nine showed a high degree of skill, agreed to each other, the distance can not exceed ten feet, but unless the nine intentionally let the three see his actions, the three actually difficult to see him. At noon today, after Chapeng, Xiao Han suddenly found nine often left note, told Xiao Han month they said tea shed in the two old man is the enemy, one of which is a master of drugs, to be especially careful. Xiao Han heart shock, illegal channels they sent a master of poison, it is really hard to prevent, and must be removed earlier. But he did not see two old man wearing a gray coat at the same time, which is the master of drugs At this time, Xiao Han and his entourage is mixed in a group of brigades, this group has a few people, two Huiyi old man was very careful to walk through the teahouse visitors, but apparently did not find the identity of the three. Xiao Han secretly raised gas suspected God, and she heard fidget cube g4mer a face of a gray piles of old man said Guo old, how do you not start with ah How do you do it, I can not see their identity, the total does not pass all the people, all with poison it Asako old laughed Guo Xiong has always been rather wrong to kill ten, refused to let one.

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