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Fidget Cube Fake an said It seems that this is the only way. Xiao Han Yue said The strange thing is, this road to how no one and we have access to information. Often nine Originally, I also feel strange, but think about it carefully, Guo Tianwei and Wan Changqing cut off, may be a separate action Xiao Han month nodded and said That organization, has maintained a mysterious, and can keep secret for many years to disclose, I think they may have a different way of fidget cube fake domination, although the huge organization, at any time a large number of human strain, but they The relationship between, but very simple, a direct contact method, to accept a single command, no horizontal link between each other, so their power through cloth, but very secret Often nine then said I also thought of this, but, without your Xiao brother wanted to be so transparent, the words to remind the dreamer, you mention, reminds me of some things, they can in the city of Nanking, the staff hidden In the silk Zhuang, such as in the city of Nanking outside the arrangement of these manpower, is naturally easier. Xiao Han Yue said Yes, they put the staff in the general configuration of the farm, shops, normally fidget cube fake involved in farming, business business, once ordered to order, can quickly assembled action, such as ants, it is difficult to find out their details. Chen Baoshan said I am growing up in Jingkou, self confidence is.gon Ladies is the rivers and lakes friends to send me the nickname, the old body has not moved on the twenty rivers and lakes. Wang Shou yi heart greatly shocked a bit, Fu Road Hou Xuan, Bailong, appear in Jinling, and now, out of the white haired girl Tan Sangu, the very name of the senior predecessors, is also involved in Zhao Dafu missing Of the whirlpool Do not look at the identity of Zhang Lan conceited martial arts, but in the beginning of Tan San before, but it is not afford his martial arts elders of the shelf, a Baoquan, said Tan old predecessors Tan Sangu waved, then said You find here, finally destined, please sit down and talk it This stone chamber, there are two chairs, a wooden bed, Tan Sangu mouth to leave, but the head was in the wooden bed to sit down. Zhang Lan looked fidget cube ama at two chairs, sat on the floor, Wang Shouyi, Xiao Han month, often nine, but also with the ground to sit down. Xiao Hanyue Tan Sangu is what the characters But Zhang Lan and other respect for her, would like to be a senior predecessors, looked between the performance is also very respectful. Tan Sangu eyes turn, swept the fidget cube fake four one, his eyes stopped in the face of Zhang Lan, said You called Zhang Lan Zhang Lan said Yes Why did the older generation know Tan three stations I also know that you are the general secretary of the palace, pointing to the Palace of the martial arts guards.

angshu, and Li general house, Xiao Han did not grasp them from that one. But this is not important, and things have been to the bottom of the moment. No matter who the two gentlemen are, the seven princes should be very clear. Leap into the garden at first, turned out to be Zhongzhou four odd. They are still divided into red, yellow, blue, white, four color clothes, but with behind them, is not a team of sword hand. Behind each person with only one person, a twenty three year old young man, four people in four color clothes, like the shadow to follow Zhongzhou Siqi behind. Xiao Han month feeling of the four young people who distribute the killer breath, it seems especially in their master Zhongzhou four odds, can not help but look carefully looked at the four shadows. Four similar age, his face flashed a Puma defended the gas, the most Xiao Han month to doubt, on the skin color of these four people are like bronze, flashing a shine. This shows that they are subject to unified training of people in the same environment from the tempered by their sharp eyes, you can see that the four young people are painstakingly elite. Zhang Lan eyes thrown up the red, loudly said Today is the time we sacrifice repay the princes, loyalty to do justice But the smell of neat voice should be said blood splash five steps, death without regret. Twenty four guards answered the same voice, uni.efully Look, he was just in the sword soon, but he has a deep internal strength, perhaps he still has a life strength, Zhao girl, you have to save him. Zhao Youlan know hopeless, but could not bear to refuse, had to reach out, according to the pulse of the sword Emperor. His heart is vexed, meditation for a long time, Zhao Youlan shook his head, said Shaw son, his heart has stopped, and he did fidget cube antsy labs not skill, just ordinary people. Good and evil means, I and his oath. Xiao Han Yue finished, no longer care about Zhao Youlan, turned and jumped out of the kitchen. Field in the fight, is caught in the extreme sinister, Zhongzhou Siqi and Fei Feng Liu Jiao, have started shot to kill. Wang Fu, often nine, God Knife Tang Ming, gather together a letter, to resist the enemy to the enemy, to the sky, white jade cents, Tan Sangu, Zhu Yingying, often nine. Those clothes color messy dozens of masters, but fidget cube 9gag divided into three strands, rushed forward. Zhang Lan, He Gang, Han afraid of the tiger, Wang fidget cube fake Shouyi, Zhang Jie, Luo dart, with archers, with a flexible matrix method, intensive bolt, actually stabilize the array. At this time, play a maximum strength is Zhang Lan led a group of palace guards, I saw a hand of an umbrella hand, with a strong spring tube arrows, and even hurt more than 30 into the killer, to prevent the enemy Of the fidget cube fake offensive. But the two sides of the main battle, but to a critica.queeze his martial arts, this is your arrangement, Mr. II, such as the culprit You re the damn person. Second, Mr. Xiao Xiao Han month, you look up to see, our people have come to you, a person, how much ability. Xiao cold months then said Killing division of revenge, non reported can not, you be careful. Qinghong Jian suddenly startled, straight point in the past. Ming is a sword, but the magic from the five Hanmang, like a little plum. Second, fidget cube insider Mr. Yuchi sword ring from a Qingmang, retaining the body. But heard a series of gold and iron to pay the sound of Ming, Xiao Han Yue Jian Shi, was bounced off. Second, Mr. said This is the essence of Wudang Tai Chi Huijian, playing tactics. Xiao Han month Good Then take my sword. Sword startled, slashing the split in the past. Jian Shi, although slow, but enveloped the seven or eight feet of the place, in this context, the point of attack in Jianmang. Two Mr. Yu Jianjian in front of the body side of the rotation, left foot filed, seems to step away. Xiao Han Yue Jian Shi such as round, eagerly down. Second, Dr shouted, Yuceng Jian suddenly lengmang lap, sealed Jian Shi, said This is the Shaolin school in the secrets back to light reflection. All of a sudden shock sword fight back, with thorn seven swords. Xiao Han on the soldiers to block, hard to seal the open to seven swords. Two Mr. said good swordsmanship, long white tornado seven.

Fidget Cube Fake that change from the Wu Feng that girl, see, I hope to trap her confession, can not think of, she was actually not eat soft and hard, drip leak. Zhang Lan Road How fake Wang Shouyi smile about, said If I had really identified her nest, I would have told you a long time ago, but Zhang Lan frowned, said But what Wang Shouyi said Xiao brothers said they may nest in the city of Nanking, I have not quite believe, but tonight I see Wu Feng that girl look, but also sure that Xiao brothers inferred good, they are indeed nest in the city of Nanking Eyes on the betting in the body of Xiao Han, his face is a respect for the color, then said Shaw Brothers, your martial arts, intelligence, response and the ability to break things, are very human and the only missing, is the life on the rivers and lakes, a little time, will Suddenly shut up silent. Originally, Wang Shouyi suddenly thought of Zhang Lan, is the most face saving people, when he was before, so praised Xiao Han fidget cube fake may cause displeasure, just listen to Zhang Lan laughed and said Will become a Megatron octahedral, were moving figures of the Quartet, however, Shaw Brothers, like you this kind of text, Wu Quancai people, removed in the arena, is too borrowed, as long as you are willing, fidget cube fake Would like to recommend seven princes Wang Shouyi suddenly sighed, then said Zhang Lao, the earth can not hide the.living jump to jump into the wind of the thirteen people playing drained Down, brains burst. At this time, Xiao Han has stopped drinking Zhang Jie and other stop arrows, slowly to the seven black people line to go, seven armed with long knife black people, four before and after three, stand into a battle formation, Although no rivers and lakes experience, but reading rolls, see array formation, quite like the shape of the Big Dipper. The face of the seven Hengdao powerful enemies, Xiao Han heart also has an uneasy feeling, he rarely experience the battle of the enemy, a face of so many enemies, it is never had, holding the sword Of the right hand, Qin out of the cold sweat. Tan Sangu hurried to catch up, said Xiao Gongzi stay step, this is the Big Dipper knife array. Xiao Hanyue stopped, looked back at the Sangu Sangu, whispered Compass is Is a change is very fantastic knife array Tan Sangu look serious, said The old body is the beginning of this array. Oh But Tan Sanqi then said I have heard of this knife array, is a senior from Wudang Five Elements Jian Zhen, and Shaolin matrix formation in the evolution of matrix method, how will appear here Xiao Han said The older generation, the knife array is not very powerful Thirty years ago, trapped at the time were two rivers and lakes were heroes, the North tube Southern Star, two people together to fidget cube fake fight hard.

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