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Fidget Cube Evangelist red without a word. Xiao Han Yue said The girl did not have to embarrass, in the next letter has reached, and finally did not bear Huang Tianfu care, I advised him to take care of a year, to find him there, the white girl naturally know, no co existence of the policy, the girls do not have for us Worry, and today help each other, Xiaomou never mind, the future if the opportunity, since when the newspaper Bai Yuxian urgent Xiao Daxia, do not rush to go, we think about it, see what way Xiao Han Chen Baoshan a review of the month, said Chen Xiong, what opinions Is a matter of life and death, Xiao Han months can not be bent on, do not consult the views of others. Chen Baoshan said White girl if we can point a way Bai Yuxian then said Whether you can break through the ambush here, to intercept, I will be suspected eyes a sweep Xiao Han months, fidget cube evangelist then Road Xiao Xiong know little sister s only self protection of the law Xiao Han month thought for a moment, said What if Mr. II supports the girl That s the biggest cost to me Xiao understand the meaning of the maximum price, no longer ask questions, naturally have a big man. Yes Bai Yuxian said However, only heard the name of Grandpa verbally, but he never appeared, no one has seen him, I suspect What is suspected Xiao Han months interested. I suspect that there is no such person, all this by the.ierce knife waves, have fallen. Xiao Han Yue is also early to accumulate, Bailong brandished a knife attack, he also flying into the sky, greeted up, left palm right finger, feet and out, in an instant handover, the fingers closed the White Dragon Thirteen knife fidget cube evangelist changes, but also hit the four legs. The two staggered, while landing, but immediately turned around, facing each other, Bailong in the feet touch the left leg of a soft, almost felled, but a bite, hard line firm. Xiao Han on pale, a sweat rolling down, obviously, this knife is very hard to take. He did not dare to mind a little, raised his hand wipe sweat, star head round eyes, watching the White Dragon, ready to meet the second attack. Bailong long knife flat chest, slowly back. Xiao Han month secretly speculation Road He wants to stretch the distance, re flutter to attack, that the fate of the fierce, certainly better than in front of a knife, my hands no sword, afraid to take over the second knife. White Dragon back about thirty fidget cube sale feet or so, suddenly a turn, leap away. This change out of the Xiao Han months of the accident, witnessed the White Dragon disappear, only show of hands with sleeves wipe his face sweat, dispersed to the gathering of the skill. But feel the arms above the cold air intrusion, a closer fidget cube evangelist look, the arm sleeves as much as the number of rupture of the knife edge, the hearts of very strange, why the.

At this time, Xiao Han asked What Apricot blossom at the moment there are twenty feet away from Xiao, but stopped, only loudly exclaimed You come, I tell you, the girl said that this matter is very important to be Although she did not go on, but Xiao Han heart to understand, is not to let too many people hear. She pondered a little, walking near Almond, said The girl wants you fidget cube evangelist to tell me what Apricot whispered She wants you to immediately leave, here, by her to solve. Zhao fidget cube evangelist girl can solve Xiao Han Yue said with great surprise She can solve Xinghua Road The girl said, to solve a fidget cube gamer big problem, martial arts may not be useful. Oh Xiao Hanyue pondered for a while, said Apricot, I know Orchids girl wise, but the second person is not fuel efficient lamps, Orchids girl will not fidget cube evangelist martial arts, can not let her adventure. Apricot shook his head, said Shaw son, I do not have much time to argue with you, I want to go back as soon as possible to help Miss busy, I only tell you three things, Xiao said Well, you please say. Xinghua Road First, those who have been a face dressing person, has left here, gathered here, the most capable of the doctor, has also been away, you hit into, what can not see, and second, that buried A group of gunpowder, as long as you enter the predetermined area, immediately ignite the FireWire, vertical and one hundred feet, no one can live, and t.unusual events, Wang can catch them as a captive case of handling, I Zhangmou people can treat it as a rivers and lakes events Han was terrified predecessors mean to gather martial arts fellow, work together to trace Zhang Lan said Magic White Dragon, white feather so that the doors are there, and we a few people, I m afraid not easy to deal with Wang Shouyi anxious face, but inconvenience to prevent openings. Often nine shook his head, said not be too hasty. Zhang Lan call out, said What are your fidget cube update opinions Often nine Yes, we see the white feather arrows, but the white feather so that the door of what people appear Jinling, we do not know, say Zhang see such drums dry method, is bound to make a stir all of the sensational rivers and lakes, even with Zhang Brother in the martial arts of the people look, please a lot of martial arts master, went there to find the white feather so that the door Zhang Lan heart thought Yes ah I can not take them to Wuyi Lane Fuchu seven princes search, right Wang Shouyi said Chang nine right, Zhang Xiong, this matter, in the absence of complete proof, but also not spread out. Zhang Lan nodded and said Good Find a feasible method, Zhang million dead without any hesitation Often nine You have to trace the heart of the stone, I often had nine fate, however, the Chamber of Secrets among the palace, regardless of the Ming search chase, can not c.ao Youlan sitting around the table. A few days gone, Zhao Youlan feel leaner some of the pain after the drastic training, making very lively Zhao girl, became silent a lot, but her eyes bright, you can see her strong. Wang Shouyi see Zhao Youlan, said Zhao fidget cube evangelist girl over the past few days this calm, right Zhao Youlan faint smile, said I am very good, Fuchu heavily guarded, no longer invaded the enemy, but to trace the whereabouts of home, making you day and night not to pursue, the younger generation was very uneasy. Wang Shouyi eyes to Chang nine body, said You listen to, often Jiuye, do not look at my surname Wang s face, but also to see the sake of Zhao girl, lost a little secret how Often nine shook his head, said No, Zhang Lan to the later, I will say it understand. Wang Shouyi said Xiao brothers, you talk about, you keep him in the garden overnight, have found something Xiao Han said In addition to see the two secret black people, I do not know At this time Zhang Lan has been quick to walk in, said Seven princes call me to talk, come late, some labor long Hou. Mouth to speak, people have seats. Wang Shouyi said Zhang Xiong not yet, we often Jiuye Chrysostom is not open, now that a clear, right Often nine ignored Wang Shouyi, but turned Zhang Lan, said You first said, the princes and you talk about What Zhang Lan said He told me to tell the king of the total catcher, le.

Fidget Cube Evangelist still, but the head of the white gas, it is thick, clouds like fog. Zhao Youlan made a ruthless, that is, do not go, sitting in the room waiting hard, by the afternoon soon, until the sunset Xishan. Suddenly found a vision, Xiao Han on the top layer of white gas began to flip, Tengzhuan, like a pot of water, kept rising. Sit on the wooden couch Xiao Han on the chest began to undulate, sit cross legged body, began to slowly rise up, vacant three feet, as sitting on vacant. Several times she wanted to call out, but finally forced to hold back. I heard a long breath, Xiao Han on the vacant body, but also with the slamming crash fell on the couch. Zhao Youlan no longer could not help but cried Xiao Big Brother, you hurt yet Xiao Hanyue opened his eyes, see Zhao girl, immediately jumped to stay, said Zhao girl, when Zhao Youlan hand on the chest, smiled and said I ve been here for a long time, do not you fall Xiao Han Yue shook his head. No, but it is shocked, I suddenly seemed to fall from the air the same Zhao Youlan to see the situation, very carefully out, Xiao Hanyue has heard a loss, said What s going on I do not quite understand, but I want to Zhao Youlan slowly said This should be on behalf of your martial arts achievements, broke through a class, which may be and dad with the lily of the point of the law, to communicate with you, Governor of the pulse. Xiao Han sud.up. The sixth back to the white feather arrows Xiao Lan Zhang Lan saw a month, said Zhang Xiong, I would like to ask you a favor Zhang Lan laughed Well, what Xiao Han Yue said I would like to use a sword to use. Zhang Lan said This is easy, go I ll take you to choose one Xiao Han looked at Chang nine, with Zhang Lan line to go. A full house of the Treasury, filled with a wide range of weapons, single sword, there are as many as dozens, Xiao Han chose the shape of a simple ancient sword, Dian Dian Dian, very smoothly, Pei in the body, said Tomorrow. Zhang Lan said Your vision is good, this sword is the second fidget cube evangelist year of the General Lee back to Jinling holiday, called the seven princes, to fidget cube evangelist send the gift, though not name sword, the idea is also sharp Xiao cold on the urgent solution, said so expensive sword, how can I borrow, or for a. Do not change the Zhang Lan stopped the Xiao Han Yue, said This sword though good, but not yet see the seven princes at the moment, General Lee to leave, the princes took Zhebing fidget cube evangelist sword rewarded me, I do not have the sword, so, on the In the arsenal, I took the flower and offered it, and the sword gave it to you. Xiao Han said but the disrespectful, by the ashamed of. Zhang Lan smile, said is not often nine to you with a sword Xiao Han Yizheng slightly, said is often reminded of the next brother. Zhang Lan nodded and said I understand, p.

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