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Fidget Cube Espa?ol , how can you become so kind today. Another gray clothing should be said I Guo Tianwei drug targets are martial arts master, the general civilian population, but I never start. Xiao Han months to understand the mind, and that face is no pock of talent is the master of drugs. Suddenly speed up the pace to go forward. Zhu Yingying Chen Baoshan has been a hint of Xiao Han Yue, gopher door fidget cube espa?ol has a very good contact method, a move, a gesture, represents an action. Walking in the crowd of Xiao Han fidget cube espa?ol suddenly disappeared, Chen Baoshan Zhu Yingying snake Yinchuan hidden into the road among the grass. Smart action, making the peer among the passengers, not even a person found. Xiao Han months just implicit body, often nine suddenly appeared in the side, smiled and said Shaw Brother, what are you going to do Kill the poison master What is he I heard them talk, he called Guo Tianwei. Often nine stay for a stay, said Guo Tianwei, barren without Guo Tianwei How do you know him Xiao Han Yue said with a strange feeling Since you know that he is a drug master, naturally early to know who he is. I can see he will use drugs, it is the experience of rivers and lakes, but I do not know who he is. Xiao Hanyue pondered a front I see, it is a kind of experience, experience accumulated observation. fidget cube espa?ol This is called Jianghu experience, but I think it would be Guo Tianwei. Xiao Han Yue said Is not he terrible.abdomen with gunpowder, you Weibo sharp, even if those shell packaging fidget cube kickstarter powder hard, is unable to stop, try knife. Zhu Yingying said The distance is too far, I m afraid not the right, hurt people. Bai Yuxian smiled and said Let s save the heart, but if unfortunately hurt them, it can only blame them for the case. Zhu Yingying said is the case, the young girl try again. Right hand Yang played Silver Moon Flying Cream , like a meteor flash, and swept across the Han dynasty between the chest. This time, Zhu Yingying assured facilities, bold shot, right wrist rotation, that Silver Moon Flying Cream actually in the Han dynasty between the chest and body, turn around. Sure enough, a large black powder, spilled on the ground. Bai Yuxian said The use of ease, control properly, there are the other two. Zhu Yingying sweet smile, move step by step, Silver Moon Frost series shot. But see Hanmang fly, in the other two Han Chest House which turned a turn, suddenly ruptured clothes, black powder, spilled down. Xiao Han month secretly estimated that each person s gunpowder, a full three or four pounds as much as gunpowder has lost, no longer the power of the explosion, the moment to walk. Bai Yuxian a hand, seize the Xiao Han months, said What are you doing Xiao Han said I went to see, how they arranged White jade fairy No You do not risk this risk, I went on the line Shaw took the hands of X.

aper bag, said seven princes asked me to give you this paper envelope. Xiao Hanyue took the envelope, saw a white paper, attached to a huge amount of money, white paper wrote gold and silver is vulgar, but no such thing, not enough to survive, Zhijun not Mu rich Fame and fortune, only silver Ganwan two bounteous, for fidget cube espa?ol the future life needs, King hope to accept. There is no signature below. Xiao Hanyue thought for a while, put away the draft, said Two hundred thousand taels of silver, probably enough for my life Fengmu needed, often brother, what are you going to do I am a lakes man, the natural back to the rivers and lakes to go, brother, you do not mind I often hate someone, often someone s hope and your contacts more exchanges. Solid is also willing to, please do not ears, often brother, you are the disposition of human, but also fidget cube espa?ol my mind Xiaomou good friends. There is a saying, often a dead and regret Xiao Han Yue leaped down, said Go Xiaomou people should go back and look at my mother. Well, I believe that aunt will not hate me. Zhu Yingying green cloth dress, slowly boarded the small building. Often nine Princess Call me Zhu Xiaomei, Zhu girl, can, do not call me Princess, and my father has promised from father and daughter, such as passers by, no longer recognize the. Ying Ying, how can you, such as decisive Xiao Han said Seven princes, but said the gas word.leave. Tan Sangu stopped hand often nine, smiled and said Xiao Hanyue lack of rivers and lakes experience, he has become a arena celebrity, Ming gun easy to hide, stab in the hard defense, if you have fidget cube espa?ol to take care of, it would be foolproof. Often nine I also have this intention, I often someone is really admire him Xiao Hanyue wanted to be accompanied by the dark, hoping for his slightly cotton. Tan Sangu said Well, we decided so, these things do not tell Xiao Hanyue and the princess. Zhu Yingying put on a commoner, powder does not apply, but could not conceal that natural beauty, pedestrians on the road, the store patrons, as long as to see her, could not help but pegged to her, one or two also Bale, Diners, mostly so, there is a feeling of embarrassment compelling. Whenever she wanted to attack, have been Xiao Han months to stop or often nine for her to find a delicate mask to bring, be considered to solve the problem. Often nine wearing a sheepskin jacket, an old housekeeper look, Xiao Han on a blue shirt, the body wearing a sword, but like a tour of a scholar, the three go in one place, it is also commensurate, it seems an old butler , With a pair of brother and sister to vote pro, visit friends in general. Zhao left the house a few days, often nine would like to Xiao Han will be into the Zhongshan Zhao Lan inquires about the whereabouts of the fall, that know a house from.e, are used to resist the enemy, even if damaged, princes will not blame us. Master Xiao Yun said Well Xiao Shih donor with this fidget cube toys for adults sentence, the old monk to rest assured that applied to the. Master, those armored, in addition to swords and guns, but also possession of fierce dark weapon, master to be careful. Uncle Yun smiled and said see Xiao Shi main lineup scheduling, fidget cube gadget not just a martial arts master, but the general fidget cube espa?ol fine art of war, old monk hearts to admire, will not make things contrary to military orders. Master over award, when the cold months can not afford. Just listen to waves of bamboo whistles from each other, the entire battle began to change the flow of up to deal with the master armored man, turned to the front. Whistle stopped, three armored people already forced into the front. All the people are hidden in the corner wall, hundreds of people into a defensive battle, eyes but not one person. Three armored people a little pause, the middle one, but quickly rushed straight ahead, is clearly prepared to break into the wall. But hidden in the corner of Zhu Yingying. Also immediately launched, Silver Flying Cream into a silver, like rounds on disk rotation, spin Zhanxia. Armored people on the Silver Flying Cream seems to have scruples, lift his right hand, a short spear flying out, facing the Silver Flying Cream. Two Weaponry, the points are wire rope and wire rope mani.

Fidget Cube Espa?ol lin sword, but can not argue that point is different. The middle of some different, Xiao Han month to tolerate the red teenager attacked the twenty seven sword, only to find his sword is not the sword of the power of the full play out. Always so poor that the strength is not enough, which makes the sword of the fierce minus a lot of strokes. The difference between the least bit, absurd. Yes, it is true of the Seven Shaolin sword, but the lack of that last point essence. Xiao Hanyue fully launched a counterattack, he has confirmed the heart has blocked unstoppable, by Xiao Han sword pierced by the back of the chest. Since his debut, Xiao Han month for the first time, the seven evil sword on the power, all play out. Looking back, the flower hall, the already dead a few dead bodies, blood splashing flowers. It turned out that the blue boy toward the flower hall, the guard hall before the guards suddenly opened the umbrella, turning spring, shot iron arrows. Six handle umbrella open together, six iron arrows, together shot. This spring control of the iron fidget cube hong kong arrows, had a great impetus, but the blue sword of juvenile swords as fast as the rotation, the sword on the strength and big, Jian Shi distribution, such as the light body care, six iron arrows, Completely blocked to go. This yin and yang umbrella on the machine spring, just above the handle of the umbrella handle, turn again and.the hero, the sovereign, is a heyday of rivers and lakes master, he has no purpose, just in the contest process you point depravity, kill you Of course, he only points to the point, this approach will make your heart vigilant. And not act as the master of frustration, the hearts of count, but self aware convergence. This is the sword Emperor style. He did not have a certain site, there is no mountain village, widely collected disciples, gathered staff, but his shadow, but has been affecting the rivers and lakes in martial arts fellow everyone. This particular exotic way, but maintained a delicate balance on the rivers and official fidget cube lakes, although the pack and play, the fight between the dragon, but still no trouble into the chaos of the world Bureau. The sword of God himself, but not like the first to see the tail of the dragon in general, come and go like the wind, instantly disappeared. But should appear, he will suddenly appear. Late generation of people, have not seen him, but heard of his numerous legendary stories, because the sword Emperor is not dead, he is still in the world, do not know when and where he will appear Often nine gently cough a cry, clear the throat, but also by this opportunity to sort out the thoughts, and then slowly said We have fidget cube espa?ol a few people, only Lonely Master, Mexican non Zi Dao Xiong, have the opportunity to have Qualifications in person by the sword of Em.

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