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Fidget Cube Ebay Uk and master understand the meaning of the next it Xiao Han said Your lord means to replace me Mr. Xiaomou two Blue shirt people smile, said Even if you are a sincere, but how to replace a certain area, some arrangements, the total can not talk about even if the mouth. Of course, of course Blue shirt people surging to take over Xiao Xiong first agreed if this thing, the district will naturally make some sophisticated arrangements, the brothers are arranged Bai Yuxian suddenly interface The slow, slow, little sister is a little unknown, would like to ask Mr. What a good thing, white girl, even though I ask, in the next without exception, all without exception. Bai Yuxian smiled and said Mr. II has always been you do not thin, you actually deceive the sea, ready to deal with Mr. Second, which, the little sister did not want to understand. Good question Blue shirt people gently called on one breath, said Should the girl do not ask, the next really also inconvenience to say Bai Yuxian then said Is this the middle, what is not a mystery Saying it was very difficult to listen to, but that blue shirt people are not angry, and a sigh, said Second, as if under the brother as brother, so So, you betrayed him Bai Yuxian this blue shirt seems to be no good impression, the words do much sarcasm. Blue shirt people calmly said White girl misunder., you please eat something Some things, do not specify, we look at one, there is a number of hearts, Xiao Han months are also welcome, hastily bath wash, eat and drink together. Bai Yuxian fidget cube ebay uk whispered Since you are ready for a war, if you want to restore the true colors. Xiao Han Yue said I do not think so, let them try to guess what our identity, right A few people just finished eating and drinking, outdoor suddenly came in a burst of birds. Bai Yuxian said Someone has come, Xiao Xiong please be ready, perhaps you are invited to the body examination. Stand up, open the fidget cube ebay uk door. I saw a double braided green dress girl, a big walk in, is the girl girl. Xiao Han on startled Yi Zheng, Fu Road I do not know between her and Bai Yuxian, is how a relationship Scarlett eyes looked at Xiao Han and other three months, the mouth is white jade cents, said White girl, Erye ordered the encyclical, please white girl in the past a Syria. Bai Yuxian said Where is Erye Sparrow said This, I do not know, Erye s sedan, has been waiting outside. Bai Yuxian faint a fidget cube ebay uk chuckle Erye is not forgotten Forgot what Sparrow said frankly. Bai Yuxian said He confessed to me not to stay Caochujin grass, because, Guo Xiong today to take office ten thousand drug occupants. This, Xiaobi not clear, I just received the Erye fidget cube ebay uk early in the morning to the encyclical, told me to tell the white girl Erye summoned. How do this li.

split the attack. Both palm force then reality. Slamming the earthquake, the white arm and the sword in the chest, the blood burst emission. White robe stained with blood, especially eye catching, looks grim, horror. But the white people have not been this pain anesthesia, but more aggressive, call out, leap into the sky, relying on the marked blood of the rain, Jilu to transit. Bai Yuxian hastily cried To the old, do not and his hard hit. Zhongtian right palm has been shot, heard rushed to close the palm, sideways. With a blood of white people, such as a javelin like, call soon as the passing side to the transit. Blood misty his sight, too much blood loss, has made him lose control of their ability, a hit in the lotus floor, above the stone walls. The whole head crashed, at the same time, by the body on the rise of a white smoke, and then fire flash explosion, the body even into deep fried fidget cube ebay uk powder. Zhongtian spent a stay, said How, with the gunpowder At this time, white jade has picked up the sword of the body of the sword of Tang Ming, leap back into the door, said Quickly retreat into the hall, these people are not people, and they can not recklessly. At this time, another three white people, raised his sword, slowly to three lines. Their behavior is still calm, gentle, seems to be indifferent to the companion s tragic death. Xiao Han sword after breaking on the battle, but.what Discretion Seven princes to fidget cube ebay uk get your idea Sure enough, the question asked seven princes pondered for a long time before he nodded and said Bailong sneak into the Wangfuyuan, it is an accident, if you do not tell me, I also ignorant, you say right, this matter is no trivial matter, I hope you will try to find out, this, I Will be fully supported, but non essential, it is best not to make things happen. Said that although very powerful, but not clear enough, Xiao Han said a month, said The princes mean, is that we dark investigation This area is a product of the House of the staff, if you can not find a clear evidence, I am also very difficult to speak, but you rest assured to check, but some of the action is careful. This remark is very clear, Wang Shouyi bowed to a ceremony, said Yes, yes, he asked them to be as careful as possible. At this time, a palace maid, suddenly Jiben from, quickly rushed into the Camellia Court. Seven princes a frown, said What are you doing in a hurry That palace maids urgent The princess came. Seven princes What is this girl doing Just listen to a crisp crisp sound, then Road I ll see Daddy With that crisp voice, a girl dressed in yellow pants, like a fly leap into the Camellia Court. She showed a fidget cube thinkgeek hand body effort, making Wang Shouyi, often nine are surprised, one daughter of the Jiaojiao the trunk, how to learn such a brilliant dodge Xiao Lan.Youlan nodded and said Yes, but I want to know what he was under the vicious weapon hidden in order to testify against drugs, so that he recovered earlier, or even back his cold poison, but also to no avail. Tan Sangu said to see the old body, they are right fidget cube ebay uk palm, that girl did not play hidden weapon. It should be a very small hidden weapon Zhao Youlan said The kind of small as hair in general, hidden weapon has a very strong cold poison, or the first injury for the hidden weapon, after being cold fidget cube ebay uk poison invasion. Zhao Youlan said Zhao girl, often a decades gone rivers and lakes, has never encountered such a severe cold poison Qigong, no matter how Shaw Brothers hurt, the next feeling should first find a way to save him, and then Make sense. Zhao Youlan pondered for a while, nodded and said I went to prepare it. Turned outward to go. Looking at the back of Zhao Youlan disappeared, Tan Sangu sigh, said Zhang Xiong, often brother, please think about it, on top of today s martial arts, what hidden weapon, with such a heavy cold poison Zhang Lan shook his head, often nine condensate head meditation for a while, said can not think of Wang Shouyi has not been open The next thought of a hidden weapon, do not know is not right Zhang Lan said Listen to hear it Wang Shou yi I heard that there is a hidden weapon on the rivers and new arrival fidget cube lakes called the ice cold Han Zhu, Xiao brothers d.

Fidget Cube Ebay Uk s staring at the nonsense it Xiao Han month is a smile, said Perhaps I have martial arts, but I have fidget cube ebay uk never tried. Wang Xiong, I practiced martial arts, but never and people had action, just, I just desperate hard Wang Shouyi then Brother, you Zhang Lan breath, then said I believe that Xiao brothers say, he has a peerless martial arts, but he does not know. Xiao brother changed by the Shaw Brothers, tone, and more a affectionate, but also a few more respect. Wang Shouyi looked Zhang Lan, said This, is it possible Zhang Lan said Xiao brothers say is the truth, but the middle, but some mysterious mysterious, but I believe you can ask to understand This look, Xiao Han stunned, he sealed the ghost knife, save Zhao Youlan, completely out of a sense of instinct, that the rapid changes in the process of brake, is not expected, in his own feeling, indeed Full of luck, he did, but even their own have a lot of questions It is hoped that Zhang Lan s question, let him deduce a change in the process, those who memorize in the chest martial arts formulas, hook draw a complete system. Looking at Xiao Han Yue, Zhang Lan sound jerky, said Shaw Brothers, in the confirmation of one thing, the language has a clean disk between the sharp, I hope you do not mind. Zhao Youlan suddenly interface The older generation is right, my father in medicine these years, can break through a lot of.he past. The knife as fast as lightning, that white people seem to dodge less than a knife piercing the left chest, knife forces Meng, straight through the back. In fact, that white people did not dodge, seems to have been ready to suffer this knife. But see that the knife in white people, pale face, suddenly flashed a touch of odd red, the hands of a sword unshackled out of the lightning strike, but also pierce the chest of the Tang Ming. Tang Ming forced knife, the knife is not out, but the white body with the forward rushed, Anjiao bad, too late, white people s sword straight through the chest. His sword in the hands, longer than the Tang Ming s sword, the blade revealed two feet long back. This change, making Bai Yuxian, Xiao Hanyue, see Zhongtian are stunned, this is what play, this is fidget cube ebay uk not fighting, is completely in the hard, you stab him a knife, he does not flash not to avoid, but also you Sword. To the transit experience, the first response, call palm split out, Xiao Han months after the first, but also quickly Pichu a sword, Jianguang flash, that white man a sword right arm, has been Chopped, to Zhongtian strong Zhang Li, but fidget cube news also to roll volumes. That white people in the chest in the knife, right arm was cut elbow together, but it seems I do not know the pain, bloody white robe, but again against the Sven, Puma defended exception, a left Yang left palm, To split in to.

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