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Fidget Cube Ebay Au ther the blade, has reached the bow full moon state, at any time can leap to the flight, white jade is also fully alert, ready fidget cube ebay au to meet a blow. But Xiao Han is the same strength, so that the fidget cube ebay au stalemate situation, has maintained a tension between life and fidget cube ebay au death. In fact, Xiao Han fidget cube vs is also the heart of the four hundred turn, should not be flying hit, but if not hit, the consequences can be dangerous, people in the river is the biggest concern of Xiao Han month. In fact, the big Luo Fei Jian style power, enveloped the white jade immortal body vital, which forced Bai Yuxian to compress themselves, the skill set in a fidget cube ebay au little, but fortunately Xiao Han month to launch an attack, to fully resist. Seven of the swords of the fierce, mysterious, making white jade cents as a master, but also had to abandon the offensive to keep. Ancient last month, his hands holding two snake head white feather arrows, but hesitant to issue. It turned out that Lonely Master has focused on him to concentrate on one, left palm chest, right hand booster, seems to be able to attack at any time, and that the expansion of the robes, more and see the muster, straight to fly to fly. Old monk s deep internal strength performance, making the hearts of the ancient month there are a lot of scruples, the case of a hit with the back of the cloud of the power of the master, is bound to be overwhelming, it is difficult to dec.said princes find you. Xiao Hanyue near the front of the soft couch, seven princes whispered put the weapons warehouse, whether the enemy has been entrenched Bai Yuxian recalled Tan Sangu one, said The older generation, let us stay down, take care of princes. The old body left, you and the Princess to meet them. Zhao Youlan said No, Shaw son of the Quartet snake array, protection is very strict, as long as people can not break through, here are safe, three martial arts fidget cube ebay au strength, do not stay here. Bai Yuxian nodded and said Let s go out and see. Zhao Youlan said Should the situation change, the three said to inform me. White jade cents nodded leap out, Tan San was followed behind. Zhu Yingying thought for a moment, but also followed the line out. Palace did not start earth shattering war, but the enemies are to master, they are divided by the fidget cube ebay au infiltration of Fuchu in all directions. Xiao Han fear the princes of the security, guarding the entire palace, power shortage, immediately ordered the fidget cube ebay au fidget cube ebay au withdrawal. More than two hundred plus master of these master of idle clouds, Quartet snake array, but cloth keep very tight, within the Baizhang radius, it is difficult to enter the birds. Come to take the opportunity to enter the palace a large number, but did not launch an offensive, the two sides in the palace among the temporary confrontation into the situation. Xiao Han in this area is.

Zhang Lan recalled a look and found the face of Zhang Lan is also a surprise of the color. Obviously, the Princess martial arts, not Zhang Lan. Seven princes look not surprised, but frowned, it seems that the daughter of a known martial arts. Xiao Hanyue eyes turn and found that about seventeen year old yellow girl, Meimuqingxiu, a Jiaojiao Jiao, also regardless of the Court was, all of a sudden rushed to the seven princes of the body side, said Camellia is not open, the father how to take tea ceremony on it Seven princes in front of the charming daughter. It can not put the princes of the shelf, shook his head and said Ying Ying, do not nonsense, I have guests. Yellow girl eyes turn, looked around and saw the whole seat of the people, all bowed his head, afraid to see her, could not help but smile, said fidget cube ebay au These guests, in addition to Uncle Zhang, I do not know how one Seven princes wry smile, said Gentlemen do not laughed, my daughter was my father to the spoiled, surplus children, quickly withdrew, I have things and guests to talk about Yellow girl shook his head, Road I do not go, I want to accompany you here. Wang Shouyi stood up and said Royal Highness instructions, so I have mind in mind, not more disturbed, such as the base of the retired. Xiao Han month, often nine, all stood up, Baoquan bend, long bowed back. It turned out that several people did not dare to see the prin.the city of Nanking No, I live in the total village of Zhong Shan. Xiao Han Yue said Do you know white jade Seen, but not very familiar with her Erye s VIP Very good Xiao Han said Just do your best to answer my question, and you ll take a break. Eyes turned to Guo Tianwei s body, said You killed a lot of people, and, with the drug life, regardless of good and evil from the first, should be more than a dead Gu. Guo Tianwei heart surprised, general rivers and lakes figure, are hoping to force out his hand of drug practices, with the drug prescription, hoping to learn his ability to use drugs, which is the number of light Xiao Han said his guilt, like Is not learning the way he used the heart of the drug. Which makes Guo Tianwei feel the danger, but also suddenly softened, and gently cough a cry, said Although the next kill more, but did not kill the innocent. Chang nine suddenly shot the wind, point will buy fidget cube the Guo Tianwei and Wan Changqing halo points, said Xiao brothers, how do you intend to Xiao Han Yue said Guo Tianwei with drugs is absolutely can not leave, as only nine birds, I do not know the next down to kill, the release I would like to think of a way, do not know whether the application Xiao Han Yue said Please say it, we look at business. Often nine Wan Changqing greed for fear of death, it is not difficult to make secret, if we dressed as both of them, mixed.foot where has dug a sealed five boxes, open the jade box, is a small box, box seals still exist, the seal and have three signatures. Xiao Hanyue slightly pondered, and the king box button, back in place, the fish tank also moved back to the original position, remove the Juanpa, including Jin box, the Tibetan arms, destroyed marks, flying leap roof. Often nine smile, said find no The original, he actually did not look at one, this is the most good rivers and lakes on the most good hideaway master, hostility is of course terrible, make friends is a very sub group, Xiao Han very respectful heart, nodded smile, said We found To the flower hall to see princes. Often nine Xiao brothers, a few words, I thought for a long time, I feel should tell you. Xiao Han said Chang Xiong told the younger brother to listen to Often nine seven princes poisoning has been deep, not Zhao girl to give you that bottle of detoxification Dan Wan, I m afraid he has long been the soul go to heaven, idle masters do nothing, can save his only Zhao girl Xiao Han month nodded. Chang nine then said He can always swallow the last breath, wait a minute when you see his face, the first pick up important said. Xiao Han said Thank you very much brother pointing. Chang nine Seven princes is really good, but good people do not live long, if he can live for decades, it touches on the blessing of the people of t.

Fidget Cube Ebay Au companion standing in the house, seems to be and the enemy stalemate. The second feature of this armored man is that their vision by the iron helmet silver, can not see both sides of the scene. Two armored people a little hesitant, suddenly into the room, the mouth also issued a strange Xiao. A Hanmang, Jishe out, stabbed to the left side of an armored person s chest. It turned out that Xiao Hanyue propped up the body of the armored man, who is hidden in the armor of the chest, to the two armored people, only to see the companion back, seems to be stalemate, but did not expect Murder Hidden in the companion side. Qinghong sword into the armor, thorn in the heart. This is a fatal blow. But the armored man dying back, his hands Qi lift, right hand shot an iron big sale fidget cube toy spear, but Xiao Han has been out of the sword, flash to the side. Left armored man shot iron spear, immediately fell down. In the attack on the armor that Xiao fidget cube ebay au Han, while hidden in the corner of the Zhu Yingying also launched, Silver Moon Flying Cream with a Hanmang, hit the right armor. The third shortcoming of the armored man is the rotation is not very flexible, especially in this place a small gallbladder indoors, light dim, Zhu Yingying Silver Flying Cream attack, is armored fidget cube ebay au eyes and difficult place. Spinning Hanmang, cut in the armored man s cheek, even Sunder. Mexican non sub leap out, sweep across the mark knife. T.le, all heard Yizheng, Tan Sangu said What treasures Zhu Yingying said a pearl of the night, it is said, it can illuminate the dark night in the area of thirty feet, is a very on the goods Tan three stations called for one breath, said What is there Zhu Yingying said is a handle with a silver line after the dagger, I see it long, but one foot two inches, Lengmang invading muscle, must be a good sword, put it out. Tan Sangu spent a stay, said With a silver thread Not in the body Zhu Yingying nodded, removed from the body of a gold sheath silver handle of the dagger, in the hilt on top, and sure enough there is a very fine silver thread through the silver line connected to a wrist, but the sword oblique Curved crescent shape. The whole table of people, can see the sword of the valuable, but Tan Sangu, Zhang Lan, often nine are surprised to stand up. Princess did not find the words, back to Xiao Han Yue whispered Xiao Big Brother, how they May be to speak, Jiaoqu also moved over, Xiao Han on smell like a blue like musk deer flavor, its fragrant Ya light, but warm and long, the human desire to drunk. Xiao Hanyue closed breathing, said probably the princess this dagger is extremely valuable things, Tan predecessors and Zhang Zongxian seats, all recognize its origins. Zhu Yingying said Xiao Big Brother, if you like it, I ll give it to you. Very low voice, almost attached to t.

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