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Fidget Cube Case frown, said Zhang Xiong, Wang total catcher, please step aside, today, the old body to kill the. Zhang Lan Shuanghuan concussion, King Mount Dasheng, said Do not have predecessors shot, and then pay 20 rounds, Zhang believes that a person can deal with him. A closer look at the situation in the field, it really has changed, the wind thirteen momentum fade away, although sharp knife, but Zhang Lan and Wang Shouyi has been able to take over calmly by the change attack. It turned out that these killers, knives strange, Lee in the crash, after a while fighting, the knife changed to Zhang Lan and Wang Shouyi understand, power and influence greatly weakened. Tan Sangu said Well, the two fight with him down, find out his knife changes, or find out the crack of the law. Zhang Lan said Yes, the next is the intentions. Jinhuan a tight, even the three strokes, actually the wind thirteen long knife lock. But unexpectedly black people suddenly abandoned knife, flying into the sky, kicked Zhang Lan chest. This look out of the accident, is not terrible play, Zhang Lan was shocked, but he is experienced people, supine lying, to avoid the kick, the right hand Jinhuan a close, with a long knife to fly , Left hand Golden Circle has also sell off. This is the life fidget cube case of Zhang fidget cube case Lan stunt, called flying ring sets of months , rotating the Golden Circle, is hit the top of the door on top of the thirteen.more see the pure, the whole offensive, already magic into a sword, far from looking like a large luster, keep rolling, to the Xiao Han on the pressure down. Xiao Han Yue sword, such as electricity, poke the sword from the rolling momentum. But twenty four handle swords too fast, even if Xiao Han Yue sword out of electricity, fast, Xiao Han months did not fight back the opportunity, only the defensive power, but he also wants to fidget cube 3d seal the 24 fast sword, Very difficult things. Bai Yuxian a fidget cube case pull to the transit, the two were stealth in the hall on both sides of the door, to visit. Xiao Hanyue trapped in dense Jianguang, making white jade heart surprised, can not help but a frown, whispered to the transit, said To the brother, the sword of the red girl, really have such a powerful it To the Heaven Sword potential, such as the Yangtze River, endless, is what I see the sword of the sword array of the most vicious one of the sword, Xiao Daxia Although trapped in Jian Zhen, but the Jian Shi anxious not chaos, Seems to be able to support it. Bai Yuxian wry smile, whispered To the fidget cube case brother, Xiao Gongzi is our main force, should he really trapped, and who can resist the armored warrior But the smell slamming loudly, Chen Baoshen not help from the back door into the hall. Often nine with Chen Baoshan behind, also retreated into the hall. Will afford, two soldiers in two, in addition.

hen Baoshan said Even if the point will be martial arts, not too clever, he is on crutches, opened the inn back door, quietly away, but this person is more than effort, but also a very special skill, but in our surprise. Xiao month cold What kind of effort, ability Chen Baoshan said He had already arranged in the Hundreds collusion of people, leave the inn, issued a two short Xiao, there is a Huiyi from the shadow flashed out. Often nine Rivers and lakes on the back of the Huang Tianfu did not hear this person Xiao Yue Han then said He showed what skills A wheel, very smart, Huang Tianfu sitting on top, they can manipulate the walk. The body of the news Xiao Yue Han looked awe, said This person is not a simple figure. Often nine Shaw fidget cube barnes and noble Brother, can you open the silk bag he gave you This is not very good Often nine Huang Tianfu is not a simple figure, it is likely to be among the silk bags, hidden organs, Shaw Brothers is a scholar, do not understand the demons on both sides of the rivers and lakes, he said, he asked you turn on the silk bags, some secret, Seems to also conceal you. Xiao Yue cold out of silk bags, pinch in the hand, still some hesitation. Chen Baoshan said Xiao Yue Han Xiao Xiaojian, from the care, loyalty of the matter, solid is a gentleman s behavior, but this Huang Tianfu, you still retain, and, we can not determine his true identity, open look.h laughed How then, because I already know, that mask, there is a beautiful appearance of Enchanting. Zhu Yingying breath, said I ll be relieved. Conversation between the wine and vegetables sent. Often nine for the two pour wine, whispered Son, now to Jingkou, the future line only Xiao Han Yue said Reading rolls, line thousands of miles, in order to increase knowledge, wide open horizons, long heard of Jingkou Jinshan Temple in the name, should go to experience. To Jingkou, only to see the scenery of Jinshan Temple, often nine hearts though not believe, but the mouth fidget cube case should be said That place often went to, eat rice wine, I ll take two to see. Xiao Han Yue said Today do not go, since you are familiar with the situation in Jingkou, then find a good inn to go, Zhu girl ran around day after day, let her have a good rest, go back later than tomorrow. Often nine nodded. Xiao Hanyue looked around and found upstairs has Bacheng guests, but did not find a suspicious person tracking, it seems that, suddenly, everything changed. Eat rice wine, often nine with two people live in the Jingkou Inn, Xiao suddenly suddenly widened, the three people to a quiet cross hospital, in addition to a wall around the outside, the garden full of planting flowers and trees, this track Courtyard, triple opposition, there are twelve rooms, one day, ten silver to the cost. Zhu Yingying lived in a room next.ituation, is indeed fast sword rival, should the Xiao Hanyue really besieged them to death, how do I face the princess Can not help but look back at the white jade cents. Bai Yuxian shook his head, smile about, said Chang Xiong s mind, the little girl understand Often nine then said Shaw Brothers is a very heavy division of Da Lun people, should they Syria out of the same door of the friendship, I m afraid Bai Yuxian then said This is really the case, it can not escape. In fact, Xiao Han month should not be able to block Zhongzhou four odd and these swordsmen, the presence of the people, the hearts of all understand that today is bound to die in this. Xiao Han month have heard the scruples in their hearts, laughed and said Chang Xiong, white girl, but please rest assured that their sword, although and I have similarities, but there are many different places, I do not believe They are descendants of the family. Shen Cang cold, said When do you learn to Sha Shajian of the Xiao Han month meal, said Three years ago HJ. Shen Cang said We have practiced a dozen years ago, these swords, then, you are still surprised to learn language, right His attitude suddenly changed, quite and Xiao Han climbing on the door with the intentions of the friendship. But on this Shilun Avenue, often nine and Bai Yuxian naturally inconvenience more openings, had no words. One of t.

Fidget Cube Case danger, sword Emperor skill has been lost, you then lead the sword off the arm, the world, the son of a rival, I m afraid it is difficult to do so Xiao Han said That is not necessarily the world can master a lot of second son so contempt for the world hero The son of the Supreme will be too much Most of the waves were fame of the generation, Mr. II said The master can enter my eyes, only Shaw brother one ear. Suddenly a whole face, then said You can cut off his right arm, then take him in the past. But Wen Jian Di exclaimed Xiao Han month, you are really the world s No. 1 fool, ah, do you think Zhanxia one arm, really save me Often nine disciples, disciples fidget cube case Jian Di said The old lady can be no people for you, who are you disciples This this Jian Di back to look at Mr. II, then said Hello The old man to see Xiao Han on this fidget cube case idiot very poor, before he Brokeback, the old lady wanted his income subglottic, into it Two teachers, said You ah Your master and apprentice each broken arm, in the future, may be able to create a crown of the world s one armed sword. Jian Di said Yes, Xiao Han month, you have to remember, one armed with a sword must be the same Liuhe. Xiao slightly Yizheng month, Road. Liuhe normalized. Sword Emperor then said Yes, Liuhe normalized, a sword of Liuhe. Second, Mr. also heard a stay, said a sword of Liuhe X.C Jian Di suddenly l.seven princes of the acupuncture points, bend, said princes Seven princes call tone, said Thank you, the cold months, inverse thief may have action The princes, they have begun to attack the palace, but the cold months have been deployed, I believe can resist. Xiao Han said They are also mobilization of staff, the source into the palace, probably afternoon will be hands on, full sights, may be arranged in the night hours. Xiao Yu month faint smile, said We are also delaying the time, as long as the seven princes of the injury is good, we can be the main anti off, and then we can not be afraid to do so, And they just let it go. Bai Yuxian said Seven princes of the injury, when it can be good Xiao Han said I hope in the palm lamp before Bai Yuxian said Zhao girl said Xiao Han month nodded. Zhu Yingying suddenly said I believe that the words of Lan sister. White jade fairy Xiao Xiong, those archers, box crossbowman, really useful Xiao Han said To them alone to resist the enemy, of course, no use, but if with the appropriate, bows and arrows, crossbow, strength can not be underestimated. White jade fairy said Zhao girl asked us to help you for the fidget cube nz time being. Xiao Han Yue said Well, that the three compiled into a group, mobile support throughout. At this time, suddenly the voice of apricot pass over, said Xiao Gongzi. Xiao Han Yue swept down, into the kitchen. Zhao Youlan meet up.

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