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Fidget Cube Asmr , that man dressed in a gown, is the scribes look like, but unfortunately, but cut off a right fidget cube asmr with, must take a crutch action He looked at Xiao Han Yue, but Xiao Han did not ask again on the opening. Originally, Xiao Han found, often nine on this matter, already know a lot, do not ask him, he will have a system to say it. Sure enough, often nine tone, then I stealth under the car, to hear them talk, who cut off a leg of the man, seems to be a learned Confucian scholar, as if to advise Bai Yuxian, do not be tired of the tired, but the two seem to have a lot of scruples , Obscure words, some important conversation, the voice was very difficult to hear low Xiao received on the cold Chang Xiong s meaning, but that the scribes, not Bai Yuxian fellow travelers Often nine No, the two are probably not speculation, causing some quarrel, so Bai Yuxian night hurry north, the broken leg man has stayed in the 100 set. Xiao Han Yue said Does he live here Often nine nodded and said In a hundred feet outside a large Sheng Inn. Xiao Han Yue said So to say, white jade and Guo Tianwei Wan Changqing do not know. Understanding, Bai Yuxian the man mentioned, the implication, it seems that Guo Tianwei the use of drugs can, the mind has a lot of scruples.So, since you have not made her sink, she is not happy and you say hello. Xiao Han Yue said Chang Xiong, also heard what Nine, take., how can the rivers and lakes on the walk On these two fidget cube asmr words of the time, knife array already launched, seven people, seven handle long knife, flipping heavy knife light, the Xiao Han months completely shrouded fidget cube info in a Daoguang. Tan Sangu The formidable knife array, it seems power still rumors. Holding the sword, full of concentration, at any time into the array can be into the knife. In fact, Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi, often nine have been Weaponry, ready to collusion Xiao Han months. Xiao Han on the knife array for a moment of change, causing a burst of fright, but his sharp eyes can still see clearly, seven long knives, points from a different location, angle, attack, each knife, are pointing to the deadly, This knife array not only change the magic, and sharp knife, a great hit life of the potential. A sword seal seven knives, Xiao Hanyue hand eye and then fast, but also a powerful sense of difficulty from the heart, though, he still saw the attack to the seven fidget cube asmr knife, there are flaws, but that is not a person with fast technology to First to the enemy, because, at the same time to attack the seven anti long knife. To deal with this group to come from the joint attack, the only way is to use a seal in all directions from the sword to attack. Hurry suddenly, Xiao Hanyue remembered a move fidget cube asmr can resist the enemy s swordsmanship, the sword suddenly thrust flat, to draw a curved, wonder.

is Xia, is the magic Often nine You mean Xiao Xiongyue smile, said This thing, I like the stems in the throat, do not spit unpleasant, but say it, I hope you remember fidget cube asmr the mind, not easily leak out. Often nine Well, you say, Xiao Han said Mr. Second hands of hundreds of experts, have been taken away by Zhao Youlan. Often nine heard Yizheng, said Where to go Do not know, do not know how she arranged to dispose of these people, can not predict that her approach to the future arena, is a blessing or a curse Chang nine care a glance, said Brother, what are you going to plan I was a borrowed unknown poor scholar, this time, let me see through the rivers and lakes risk, officialdom sinister Xiao Han month infinite emotion, said Come back Come, the future of the mother farm farming read, these quiet days , Do not want to Jianjian Lake, but will not be retired as official, the book from the entertainment I m afraid not easy, brother, small princess that you do not make an explanation. Chang nine We all have to come here to see you, but for the seven princes strongly discouraged, said to you quietly rest. Xiao Han nodded and smiled and said I understand what he meant, things such as the dream of the trace, why bitter provoke a dreamer, often brother, seven princes do not want me to reproduce the arena ah Yes often nine hand from the pocket to work out a p.can, the world unparalleled, I want you to see, the world s largest, there are people who do not fear Qi Du Xiao Han Yue said Should the shadow of the poison, hurt the two, how to explain the next Second, Mr. Road Guo Xiong rest assured that if you hurt me, Guo Xiong can not only safely leave here, and, in the next will also offer a pattern of silver to two hundred thousand strong color, the case of Guo Xiong can not hurt me Xiao Han month to pay the hearts of the Road It seems that Guo Tianwei said the truth, he is Keqing identity, did not join the combination, not exposed flaws, can not help but courage a strong, said Mr. Kwak to how, but by orders. Well Second President laughed fidget cube asmr and said You can not hurt me, we should worship into my door, as Wan Tong Church. Xiao Han thought the hearts of the Road not yet turn before, why not set out some of his inner feelings. The moment said Mr. Sheng can be a sense of hospitality, but in the next, such as any drug Tangzhu, the original recruited is where Second, smiled and said Can not think of ragged not stay, actually there is such a kind hearted, it seems, rivers and lakes on the rumors, it touches not the whole letter. Xiao Han on a cold heart, said If Mr. II can really avoid the poison in the shadow of the next, want to use the technology of poison, is also very clever, your door both million drug Hall, who will be recruited.gure, how will this and other goods associated with a high level officials Xiao Han Yue said Wang Xiong, Zhang Xiong, fidget cube asmr now the truth is not clear, everything is too early Wang Shouyi then Shaw Brothers mean, first check it Xiao Han Yue said I do not know whether Wang Xiong arrangements to the scene to see Wang Shouyi smile about, said Xiao brothers, it is the Palace ah fidget cube malaysia Do not say I do not have this capability, even at Tianfu, there is no such courage Zhang Lan a frown, said Shaw Brothers how to prepare a check Xiao Han Yue said Nature is the scene to see Xiao Han months to see. Zhang Lan said how many people Xiao Han Yue said Wang is the boss of the head of the case, must go, Mr. Chang is to witness the White Dragon leap into the palace of the people, naturally going Zhang Lan then said And you were alone, three people Xiao Han Yue said Zhang Xiong naturally go. Zhang Lan wry smile, said Into the palace search, the matter difficult to do, but Zhang convinced that the princes of innocence, boldly make their own claims, please three pretend to flower cultivation grass workers, tomorrow afternoon, by the side door into the palace garden Wang Shouyi then Zhang, this matter in the next to the prefect or not to prefect adults heard Zhang Lan Road I do not see it I arranged by the palace, should not find anything suspicious flaws, the matter is no longer.

Fidget Cube Asmr $txt2 = str_replace(\' .\',\'.\',$txt2);ith the bail exit, said Wu Feng girl Wu Feng opened his eyes, his eyes turned out to be very peaceful, which makes Xiao Han on a big surprise, the original want to Wu fidget cube asmr Feng Jiaochi hot roar, did not appear. I just want to know, what method do you use my martial arts Wu Feng with a touch of helpless smile. Xiao Han Yi Zheng startled, said You have been fidget cube asmr martial arts waste Wu Feng said If, I have martial arts, how could it be so quietly sitting Her voice a meal, then said How strange, how I changed a lot, according to my character, I just can not escape, will not be willing to live this way, do not I even die of the courage to die also disappeared Look at her expression of expression, absolutely normal, but the temperament has a great change. Xiao Han secretly speculation Is it a means of Zhao Youlan Can make a person s temperament, in a very short period of time, completely changed. Heart vibration, but people will slowly down, breath, so that the fidget cube asmr mood calm down, said Early to see you, but things are too busy Wu Feng laughed You can live to hold me, but also really big hard life. Indeed encountered several dangerous, but, finally, I block the past. Wu Feng binocular stare in the Xiao Han on the face, looked for a while, said It s hard for you, have not seen the Sparrow No Wu Feng sighed I hope she is also alive Xiao Han month stay, said You re saying I do n.

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