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Fidget Cube Alternative e economic landscape, but secretly cohesion skill, pay attention to the movement around. Suddenly, Yi Mei Piaofeng, silhouette flash, a white man, appeared in the eyes of Zhang Yu. Come is Bailong, the difference is that the body more than a long knife to wear. Xiao long on a long breath, smiles coming You know the rules of my homicide Ok Xiao Hanyue hesitantly. Bailong eyes turn, kept in the body of Xiao Han looked. Xiao Hanyue a frown, said What What weaponry do you use Xiao Han heart of a move, underground passage Yes ah Against such a powerful enemy, how do I forget to take the fidget cube alternative sword In fact, he was involved in rivers and lakes soon, there is no habit of Bing Ren. White Dragon suddenly step two steps, his right hand on the knife above, suddenly murderous bursts of force, forced over. Xiao a month on the mention of gas, Jin up to four shoots, force cloth body, like a mountain standing in general, indifferent smile, said The Weaponry when the next will be removed from the will. Twice the internal strength of the dark, Xiao Han do not worry more than let the momentum is no less. White Dragon Road Under the knife out of life, never missed, you have to be careful. Xiao Han Yue said No grudge against each other Wu Chou, you kill me, but also the right White Dragon Road I have persuaded you to fidget cube alternative leave Jinling. Xiao Han Yue said That s damned Bailong coldly said In the face of a dead.with Zhongshan Xiao received on the cold The way is good Eyes looked at the two workers for a while, said Wan Changqing this look pock, Guo Tianwei the use of drugs of the technology, shape, internal, are not easy to imitate the image, I m afraid will reveal flaws. Often nine Shape up and down do not worry, I believe you can change the play dimensional peacekeeping kidney Chen Baoshan then said As long as Guo Tianwei and Wan Changqing willing to fidget cube alternative tell the truth, we do know secrets, a moment, can still cope with the past. Often nine smile about, said This matter, you see Chen and Xiao Gongzi cooperation, and often nine of the easy tolerant approach though clever, but I have no way to build up. Chen Baoshan said The fidget cube alternative next happy to work. fidget cube alternative Zhu Yingying said What about me Often nine It s better to be their people too. I believe it s not that difficult, they train a lot of killers, and we ll find opportunities soon. But I want to be with Xiao Big Brother. Will not leave them very far, in the man made Zhu Yingying looked at Xiao Han, seems to be his decision. Xiao Han month nodded. Often nine of the easy tolerant approach really clever, Chen Baoshan look pock, spent more than half of the time often, but look up, it really can not find a little flaw, the difficult thing is the habit of Wan Changqing, and surging Of eloquence, Chen Baoshan a bit difficult to.

Guo Tianwei poison can capture Xia Xiaohan is not difficult. Second, Mr. Road Good Guo Tianwei Wan Tang after the inauguration, the two of you co operation. Bai Yuxian said Thank you Erye. Chen Baoshan heart anxiety, the two fidget cube alternative told him to tell Xiao Hanyue of the body of the law, he is not at all understand, an opening may be exposed, but do not speak, will reveal the flaws, feel Liushenwuzhu, I do not know how to do Fortunately, Bai Yuxian opened his mouth, said Erye, I heard that master and non Mexican non Zi Niuzi Road, has entered the Zhong Shan, Xiao Han is bound to meet them and a Well Mr. two coldly said That bovine Road and Lonely monk, probably also that their whereabouts hidden, but I do not know already under the surveillance of our Xiao Han heart secretly surprised, the original, Lonely, Murphy has not yet escaped others eyeliner, Luo Wang. Bai Yuxian said If Guo brother in a certain region within the Bu Qi poison, and then lead the rest of the cloud master, ink non child, Xiao fidget cube alternative Han into the drug zone, not only three can be captured into a network, but also can reduce some fight casualties. Second, Mr. Road Good way, Guo Tiancheng, how do you think Xiao Han Yue said Kwak since the person received a million of the venom of the drug, naturally hope to be able to build great merit. Suddenly a Yang hand, dark cabin, a flash of light suddenly, throug.he name is Smile, Xiao Han replied We met by chance, he fell ill on the roadside, I saved him, took him to a barren temple, his chest Luo Bo Bo, almost all knowing, I am Admire him, and often go there to take care of his life, where not too far away from my home, I am every morning meal delivery in the past, Shihou him, take care of him, he passed my martial arts, but only on the tips pointing, and then, let I practiced to him, not the right place, he gave me correction. Xiao brother, since that place not far from your home, why do not you ask him to live in the house, but to stay in the broken temple However, my mother is in favor of my practice, I have to have the beginning and end, the family is very hard on the cold months, but my mother is doing everything possible in the meal in the rice cooker, but my mother is not in the house, On the rich, so after six months, until there is a stormy night Zhao Youlan no hate care asked how That night the wind and rain, thunder and lightning, torrent rolling, full of river level, flat water three feet, the house has been flooded, I was busy to take care of my mother, against the flood in the fidget cube alternative house until dawn, , I braved the water, turbidity, rushed to the village outside the temple, but not the old man Zhao Youlan then said The flood washed away. Xiao Han Yue said should not, that temple although the inc.safety, try not to pull her into the whirlpool. Sparrow said Lotus does not know what Caught her also asked why, Xiao Gongzi protect her nothing, fidget cube alternative it is best, but now, between us, but also for a broken. Xiao Han Yue said To ask the girl, how a broken method Sparrow slowly out of a pile of banknotes, placed on the table, said Here is ten silver votes, each twenty two thousand, if you do not waste enough to spend your family Xiao received on the cold What does it mean Sparrow said With these notes, immediately set out, the world of the big, why must be nostalgic Jinling It really is already prepared come, but this and other disposal methods, it touches out of the Xiao Han month s unexpected. I do not fidget cube alternative think ah I Xiao Han month worth, even to the value of two hundred thousand taels of silver. If Shaw son willing to join our organization, cheap concubine is willing to make the introduction of the people. What good is that Sparrow sweet smile, said In addition to these two hundred thousand taels of silver, every month at least two thousand silver month pension. Xiao received on the cold I have two hundred thousand taels of silver, so how can I care for the money of the district of two thousand dollars Sparrow said That is, Xiao Xiong also want something Xiao Han heart of illegal channels this girl in that organization, I do not know what identity Why not explore her tone Mind.

Fidget Cube Alternative ike medical Zhao fidget cube alternative Baixian smile, said He is willing to fidget cube sounds study medicine, I believe that within ten years, he can get my true biography, but more importantly, I would like to study him, odd by eight waves in the cohesion of the kind of gas, How excel Zhao smiled and said It is a martial arts, qi fidget cube review surgery, if you know the trick, excel is not difficult, the daughter thought of a Looking at Linghui extraordinary daughter, whisk a smile, fidget cube alternative said Go on, think of what It s the last thing a dad likes to talk about. Zhao hundred years a frown, said prolong life continued surgery The daughter wants a deeper layer, is immortal. This Zhao hundred years spent a stay, said Laner, it is not possible, medicine does not cure the disease Dad Medicine can cure, why not extend life, why not longevity Zhao Bainian pondered for a while, said Orchids, medical treatment, such as repairing houses, just trapping, talking about longevity, it must transform the function of the individual body to make it new, this is not the power of drugs may be done. To the father of the medical repair, can you extend life Zhaoyiu eyes eyes condensate in the woman s daughter looked for a while, said Life extension life of the drug, but to stimulate the potential of his life, so that a person live for a year or so, the father may be able to do, More than this limit, the non dad s medicine and medi.what Discretion Seven princes to get your idea Sure enough, the question asked seven princes pondered for a long time before he nodded and said Bailong sneak into the Wangfuyuan, it is an accident, if you do not tell me, I also ignorant, you say right, this matter is no trivial matter, I hope you will try to find out, this, I Will be fully supported, but non essential, it is best not to make things happen. Said that although very powerful, but not clear enough, Xiao Han said a month, said The princes mean, is that we dark investigation This area is a product of the House of the staff, if you can fidget cube toys not find a clear evidence, I am also very difficult to speak, but you rest assured to check, but some of the action is careful. This remark is very clear, Wang Shouyi bowed to a ceremony, said Yes, yes, he asked them to be as careful as possible. At this time, a palace maid, suddenly Jiben from, quickly rushed into the Camellia Court. Seven princes a frown, said What are you doing in a hurry That palace maids urgent The princess came. Seven princes What is this girl doing Just listen to a crisp crisp sound, then Road I ll see Daddy With that crisp voice, a girl dressed in yellow pants, like a fly leap into the Camellia Court. She showed a hand body effort, making Wang Shouyi, often nine are surprised, one daughter of the Jiaojiao the trunk, how to learn such a brilliant dodge Xiao Lan.

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