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Fidget Cube Alibaba r Xiao Han month, everyone Huaxuan, immediately ran to the soft bed before, look carefully. Zhao Youlan put on a candlestick, so that Zhao Youlan can see more clearly. After a careful view of Xiao Han months, Zhao Youlan serious look, become a little loss, said In the cold poison, but he hurt where Zhang Lan hearts of illegal channels It seems that the daughter is not as good as his father, Zhao Bainian as here, there will be the rescue of the law often nine Xiao Gongzi and palm injury, should hurt in the right hand. Zhao Youlan also grabbed the right hand of Xiao Han Yue looked for a while, shook his head and said The right hand without injury Heart of a sudden move, rolled up the right hand of Xiao Han Yue sleeve. I saw Xiao Han on the right arm, and sure enough there are two small black spots, only the pinhole size, inattention is difficult to see out. Fortunately, Zhao Youlan very carefully. X X , OM Hand out, slender black spots on the two points by the press, Zhao Youlan only sighed and said This is here, just do not know what he used hidden weapon, shot into the Xiao Han Xiao Gongzi right arm into. Tan Sangu slight Yizheng, said What is a hidden weapon, not Zhang Li Zhao Youlan said late into the martial arts will not, but I know Shaw son of the internal forces are very deep, but cold Po Zhangli, he will not hurt so heavy. Often nine There is no way to treat Zhao.t be a gateway to pass. Zhang Lan said The gateway is not on the rockery Often nine This takes time to find, the portal, access should be very convenient to fishes. Wang Shouyi then Often nine, in order to make rockery waterfall is not dry, rockery part of the hollow, may also be device wheel. Often nine smiled and said You do this catch the head, actually understand the knowledge of civil engineering Wang Shouyi smile I have done a case, to a rich garden, see the rockery is a long stream of endless, but also saw the device within the rockery wheel, the structure is very delicate Often nine cold then I found the hollow part, not the place where the wheel was installed. Zhang Lan spent a stay, said You mean, there s a secret room fidget cube alibaba in that rockery Often nine Yes, and the portal is not open on top of the rockery. Wang Shouyi face a change, said Nine, this joke does not open Often nine Rockery part of the hollow, and the position among the mountainside, more than ten feet away from the ground, in order to avoid damp, to this rockery large, should the construction of compact, which can have a very wide place. Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi looked at each other, hesitantly, Xiao Han Yue nodded and said Since the discovery of Chang Xiong, on the way to find out the portal, go look. Often nine This is the official who can decide to find the palace in the rockery chamber, do not know wha.

eadache is not Save the enemy heart. Bai Yuxian said So, the two on the use of them and Shaolin, Wudang negotiations went Negotiations Unrestrained cloud master showing infinite care, said The girl knows how much Not much Bai Yuxian said I just heard some news, but can guarantee that this message is absolutely correct, white feather to the door, in addition to leaving the two masters, and 35 from the people, the fidget cube alibaba real Strength, under their leadership, north to the Central Plains and Shaolin, Wudang negotiations went Lonely Master low declared a Buddhist number, said The girl can know the outcome of the negotiations Bai Yuxian said not very clear, so fidget cube alibaba far, the white feather so that the door has not come back. Heart is secretly speculation See Lonely Master, so concerned about Shaolin, is the old monk is also a Shaolin Temple is not a Just listen to the master of exclaims Shaolin Temple does not agree to help the conditions of Zhou, abercrombie, I m afraid it is inevitable fidget cube alibaba a bloody war. Often nine The white girl, how long has this been Bai Yu Can pondered for a while, said about four months or more. Often nine This is a martial arts in the earth shattering event, should the two sides have a blood ah. Do not a month will coax the lakes The Shaolin Temple has not changed. Master often nine said The next can only say that the Sha.injured three, the lightest injury, also heard the voice of Xiao Han Yue, opened his eyes, said White girl, this parasol on the body in the district, over, I tell you the application of the law. Bai Yuxian nodded and smiled, but first to the side of the body of the girl Zhu said Are the main door to the Office, looking for opportunities to help you Big Brother Xiao, to deal with the armored people. Zhu Yingying said However, Xiao Big Brother let me keep in the hall ah Bai Yuxian smiled and said There are enemies into the hall, I will naturally greet you, the man is the second iron man is the most ferocious fidget cube alibaba weapon, do not you care about the safety of Big Brother Xiao it Zhu Yingying said Of course I care about him, you know, Xiao Big Brother if anything slip, I can not live. Bai Yuxian said So, you want to fidget cube toys for christmas gift help him, your hands in the Silver Moon Flying Cream might be the armored man s nemesis. Zhu Yingying said Thank you sister pointing, however, you have to be careful to take fidget cube vinyl toy care of the older generation, Tang Ming and Chen Baoshan, do not let them hurt, Xiao Big Brother to the safety of three of them responsible for me. Bai Yuxian said The princess assured, I fidget cube alibaba came to be responsible for the protection of three of them, should be hurt, I only asked the Princess. Do not call me the princess, I left the palace when the letter has been the princess of the letters, the name back to.id Orchid, had to open in advance, gently called on one breath, said Zhao Zifu will not body of the breeze away, Zhao girl did not delay reporting time, Wang total cop service lucid, decision, no loss of God catch the reputation, together with the seven princes of the order, such as mountains, one Day and night, Jinling around two hundred miles to make a forbidden Zhang Lan is sulking, an excuse for an attack, cold then This I know, Wang Xiong has said very clearly, but Zhao Dafu still did not find, students do not see people dead dead, of course, there is no way to correspond to the king of the captain of the sky, that Zhang is difficult to Royal Highness answered. He punctuation, Xiao Han month to grab the white Dayton, but also to Wang Shouyi meal Pai Tou, meaning that you are just ideas Wang Shou yi, Zhang I just sorry embarrassed to the princes only. Wang Shouyi smile on his face, the hearts of speculation No matter how you attack, this case, the seven princes and prefect adults investigated down, I dragged you not to be, you share a little responsibility, I find an excuse. General, you see, Dr. Zhao will still remain in the city of Nanking Zhang Lan murmured Stay in the city of Nanking, stay in the city of Nanking Suddenly beat up in the thigh, then said If you still stay in the city of Nanking, even if the Jinling blockade around the birds are difficult.

Fidget Cube Alibaba have no place to shelter. Xiao Han Yue said Seven princes of the Fuchu Zhao Yu Lan then said No, seven princes willing to go home for his father to come forward, I have been grateful, how can I then delusion into the palace refuge, should I avoid the palace for the government to bring trouble for the palace, Xiao Han Yue said Although that is, but Xiao Xiong, I have the ability to protect their own, more and more confident, but also help me a hand. As long as the power of the capacity, since when the go all out. Pass me the method of qi Xiao Han Yue said You want to learn martial arts Zhao Youlan nodded, smiled and said Although a little late, but better than do not learn, I know that martial arts is not three or two years to have success, but I hope to learn qi surgery, the body strong some Xiao received on the cold Orchids girl Can you take the two girls off Orchids, I practiced internal strength, seems to be a radical Kung Fu, almost to my life, such as non Zunxian seven pin points to save me, I m afraid I have been dead bones. I know, well versed in bone meridians points, be careful, it should not be wrong. Xiao Han Yue said I immediately pass you meditation of the law. Zhao Youlan gentle smile, do not avoid suspicion to line into the room, board wood Xu. Xiao Hanyue Although a bit like, but see Zhao Orchid graceful, also gradually open.he South. Xiao Han said Even knowing that little chance, but we have to save him is to. Chang nine In addition to Zhao girl suddenly came, even if I often someone to lend him a few years Yang Shou, there is no way to stay him. Xiao Han on a wry smile, said take a step count it Often nine suddenly cough a cry, said There is a way Xiao Han said What way Often nine to seize the second, forcing him to hand over the antidote, but this is unlikely. Xiao Hanyue smile, no more words, the mind was secretly made fidget cube replica a decision. When more than three, but fidget cube alibaba the camellia around the guard, but it is more strict. Often nine rows of flowers into the hall next to the tent, Xiao Hanyue is slow pedestrian hall, the Office of fidget cube alibaba a light firefly firefly, a Qing Yi Jin Zhuang girl, knees kneeling in the Jin account falls, secretly sobbing. Xiao Han month sighed, said Ying Ying Qingyi girl slowly turned to, Jiaohu heard Big Brother threw himself into the arms of Xiao Han, said I really want to burst into tears, but I can not, I m afraid to noisy others, busy Cloud Master and Mexican Road long, for my father s things, and the enemy to fight, I can not disturb them so that they can not rest Xiao Han month nodded and said You grew up, but also sensible and more, we must face the reality, have the courage to bear the pain. Zhu Yingying Although the father out of the palace, recover letter.

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