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Fidget Cube Advert bird stay for a while, think about the fidget cube toys for adults words have flaws, deny that instead of bad, pondered for a while, said But also practiced one or two strokes self defense of the surgery, but as compared with Xiao Gongzi, but the difference between Xiao soil Do not blame the girl that so calm, in the knife light ghosts, static as a mountain, as lightly, the original girl is a deep hidden expert. Xiao Han month step by step crowded. Sparrow two clear and bright eyes, staring at the face of Xiao Han Yue, slowly said Xiao Ye, first meet, so forced, do not feel too impatient point Xiao Han month laughed and said The next is anxious a little, but the arrow has been in the string, had to be made. At this time, suddenly heard a voice, passed in, said Lotus girl, guests looking outside. Even if there is no fidget cube advert call of this person, the lotus also felt fidget cube advert that the situation is not a bit wrong, ready to leave, this call was more time, the lotus stood up and said Xiao Ye, cheap concubine Wang fidget cube advert Shouyi will be. Lotus girl please, have a leisurely time, since when a special trip to visit. Xiao Ye made heavy, cheap concubine when can not stand. She hiked out of the cabin. Lotus a walk, Xiao Han has long heard the sound of calling out the lotus, it is from the mouth of the mouth of the French, many years of arresting career, the reaction naturally has a place. Sparrow look at the Luo Biao, said You want to be Xi.r, arrows, such as locusts gathered, even if the first class master, is difficult to resist. Need to know strong bow long arrows, not the general hidden weapon, strength strong, lethal, in a rocket, it is difficult to fidget cube advert have battles of power. Xiao Han month and often nine, chest are hanging a royal inspection of the gold medal, which can make two people walking in the palace at random, no matter where, no one to interfere. Xiao Hanyue secretly told the secret nine. Chang nine inferred that Longkou Zizhu is the secret of the hidden, where the two led by the organization, is to this secret, forced seven princes. The question is Longkou Tibetan Pearl in there, how can this secret and Zhao together Xiao Hanyue s view is that the secret is a piece of evidence, the evidence of the affair with the full door, it was hiding the evidence, but pointed out that the mystery of secret deposit, how will the hands of Zhao hundred years, but makes Xiao Han months Si Mo solution, if we can know that the painting Wu Daozi from where the painting, you can further understand the source of the secret, unfortunately, Zhao Dafu, Zhao Youlan are not here. Chang Jiu and Xiao Hanyue, a rich experience, a reasoning ability to reason, a total of two under a conclusion drawn from such a conclusion. Secret is not in the hands of seven princes, otherwise, he will not be scruples, let others threaten. Secret is.

he angry line into the flower Xuan, said There is such a reason, we help her thieves squeeze life, looking for her father s whereabouts, but she collusion with others, secretly ran Xiao Han said Wang Wang Xiong, ask clear Wang fidget cube advert Shouyi Road. It is perfectly clear that two of the men, Zhao Yulan, who acted as master in the kitchen, a policeman in the patrol, hurt our two dark cards and left here. Xiao Hanyue pondered for a while, restrain the excitement of living mood, slowly said She left the letter it Wang Shouyi said Here. Xiao Hanyue took a white paper, only a few words, is the book should Fengtianfu Wang adults adult orphan female father, broken heartbroken, come to pledge, to seek medicine, no intention of wounding , People are determined to bring the drug fidget cube advert to explore the father, a few months Laosihuizhong, deep that apology, leaving silver twenty two, chat table shame, and asked the people on behalf of the adults to the Taiwan government case. Women Zhao Youlan call on Xiao Hanyue on tone can not sell Wang Shouyi said people do not chase, officials do not study, sales case is not difficult, fear is that seven princes to chase down Zhang Lan said It does not matter, since it is Zhao girl s decision, I think seven princes will not trace. Xiao Han said Since the decision of Zhao girl, we do not have much, and business, Wang Xiong have a way to explain, Zhang Xiong can n.ect such a group of people more difficult, I have not seen them, but the second gentleman is proud of this, It s no big deal. Often nine smile about, said Just listen to the words of the armored armored warrior, it is called some headaches. Therefore, jade feel, we meet the enemy of the policy, we should focus on changes, not against the enemy, it should use the situation against the enemy, this lotus building is a huge bluestone, very strong. Xiao Han month nodded, then said First come up with ways to deal with armored warriors Bai Yuxian said I m afraid it is difficult to have a perfect micro, we plan a little, if necessary, focus on one, together to resist the enemy. Xiao Han Yue Road That s right, too Zhu Yingying looked one, white jade smiles Zhu fidget cube advert dignity of the girl, I think of a way to come. Xiao Han Yue said What I want all the flammable Dutch floor, concentrated in the back room open space, they start the offensive, we first set fire Bai Yuxian said with a smile Smoke shield days, both suspicious soldiers, can also seriously rescue the officers and men, really a large number of official stroke fast, military horse recruited, the two gentlemen will be scruples. Xiao Hanyue, fidget cube advert often nine and so hear nodded, greatly appreciated. Bai Yuxian then said There is also a benefit, we put flammable things, first removed, not afraid of them with a fire attack. Two bir.Long Road, please elaborate, the younger generation, such as effectiveness, is willing to do a good job on behalf of the division. Free Master Xiao Shi said, yes, you know what you know, tell him Ink non fidget cube advert head note Xiao Han Yue, slowly said Shi Xiaozhu appear Jinling, in order to Shisha Jianzhao the enemy, the secret has to do the sword of God s true mass Xiao Han Yue secretly heard a shame, speculation Road He only passed me six months martial arts, how much he had learned, I also do not know, I heard that a person to practice martial arts, and reading in general, need ten years, I am half of this income, is naturally very limited But his mind to understand, can not tell the truth, it will make the Mexican non disappointed son, but inconvenient to lie, had to say vaguely Martial arts division, the vast sea, late into the old martial arts learned how much he himself is not very clear Master idle nodded and said Dao Xiong, this matter Suddenly shut up without words, flow head around. Boat on the people, all have a martial arts, also since the early warning, hear the sound of fast boat breaking water, but did not think of the identity of the Bale. Xiao Hanyue blink of an eye looked, I saw four boats, already divided by four weeks, surrounded by boats around the boat. Each boat on the boat, there are two black Dahan boat, standing on the fidget cube advert bow of a person, is the Eastern pos.

Fidget Cube Advert . Wenque blossom in full bloom, said I know that two hundred and twenty thousand silver is not on your mind, you attach such importance to me, I will try to win.Xiao Xiong, I do not believe the world really love at first sight, can not think of even called me to run into a. Bad, Xiao Han on the hearts of great uneasiness, this is a strategy, can not think of a girl actually inspired the feelings At this time, the doors closed, but slammed open, Wang Shouyi, Zhang Lan, has come in line. Sparrow Huo Ran stood up, a look of Liu Mei Jiao flower smile, suddenly covered with a layer of frost, coldly said Stop, do not you understand the rules Wang Shouyi a wave, then said Well, the Sparrow girl, this kind of thing, we see much Sparrow moves very calmly, slowly reach out and pick up the table of the bank drafts, income arms, looking back at the cold Xiao month gentle smile, said Son please pour from the drink, Mo to sweep the wine hing. People are slowly out of position, Lin step to greet up slowly. The cabin is quite large, except for tables and chairs, there is still considerable space. Sparrow straight to Wang Shou yi in front of two steps or so, only stopped down and said What are you breaking into Her petite appearance, like a flower Jiao, but also wearing a dress, Luo Yi, but the share of leisurely calm, making Wang Shouyi see secretly admire, speculation to see.body shake two shakes. Zhu girl, white jade fairy, standing on his side, hand hold him, did not stumble. White side open hand, took over the hands of Xiao Hanqing Qinghong sword, not into the sheath. Zhu girl was surprised said. Brother, how do you Her heart big anxious, there still remember the identity of the princess, in full view, showing the women s gentle. I m so tired Xiao long month on a long breath, said Second, the fine sword of the President, I almost hurt his sword. Lonely master whispered Fu Xiao donor into the room to rest. Second, after a fast break in the round, not wait for Xiao Han month s counterattack, to retire in time, this is Xiao Han wins this test, but the current situation, Xiao Han seems to have not won this test. Should the second attack on the second sword, Xiao Han is likely to hurt in each other s sword. Xiao Hanyue really tired, was back into the room, leaning against a large wooden chair, went so far as to sleep. Wake up, it is late at night, the wood case on the high fever, Zhu girl sat on the side, looking at the candle fire trance. Xiao Han Yue gently breath, said Ying Ying, very late, how do you not go to sleep You sleep, Zhu girl suddenly jumped up and said They say, you will sleep for a while Well, I do not worry, sitting here guarding you, you really wake up. Xiao Han said I m just a little tired, this array rest, has been compl.

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