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Desk Toy Fidget Cube Sale e, obvious internal strength is a great achievement. Xiao Han Yue said People have to within four feet. But the sound heard Zhang Lan s voice over, said Chang Xiong, Xiao brothers Often nine it s here Zhang Lan s action quickly, often nine words have not yet finished, Zhang Lan has been rushed to the two stop at the hands of carrying lunch boxes, smiles Two to eat Put down the lunch box, open the lid, the surface in addition to meals, there is a pot of wine. Often nine Road Zhang Xiong arrangements how it Zhang Lan said Fortunately, not insult, this evening with me to visit the garden Often nine then said Well, if you do not hear our call, it s better not to come in. Zhang Lan laughed Do not you help me Often nine I need to be quiet, if you really want to help, is not to destroy the quiet in the garden. Zhang Lan desk toy fidget cube sale Zheng startled, said Well, I ll take you out of the garden, and when you find the gateway to the secret room, say hello to me. Often nine Well, we made a speech, did not hear our greetings, dry million do not come in, tomorrow afternoon before, I will fidget cube how to use have an account, not compliance, my name often go back to the time, I m not a friend Zhang Lan breath, said Good county, tomorrow afternoon before, you can not give me an explanation, then do not blame my name to curse. Often nine Let s just set it. Picked up the chopsticks, glasses, eat and drink.ust be Niubizi Road Free Master Amitabha, old monk more than eighty years old, but also without assertive, old friend of good intentions, old monk Xinling, not for the old monk absolve. White beard tall old man shook his head and said The old monk, smell the brother has given you the steps, by the opportunity to go Do we, fifty or sixty years of friendship, really want to be turned into a feud for the enemies do not Free Master Lan due to fruit, only people looking for, two friends of the moonlight tracking, what is for what Skinny old man angrily I and to the brother, has spent countless words, only then you cultivate life Jingkou, zoned forbidden area, not allowed to disturb people, you can keep the Jinshan Temple, as your abbot, for your abbot, you do not know the truth, , As long as you do not stick rivers and lakes to ensure that you are a pure land Jinshan Temple, the friendship, how deep, you really do not appreciate it Bai Yuxian eyes turn, saw the white beard old man and a skinny one, said To the old, with the old, do not worry, Lao Yun old abbot, never intervene in the rivers and lakes in the matter, would not want to come in the old year, could not live in distracted, but since he is an old friend, , But is a little landlord of the friendship, but the hope that some of the master, tonight, the matter will disappear. Has not spoken ink non sub, suddenly opening, said.

t will result in the consequences, I often nine is a mountain idlers, a look at the signs do not go away, but Wang Shouyi then said Since the discovery of the mountain is often empty, naturally should find out the portal, take us into the look. Often nine to see Zhang Lan, Zhang Lan nodded in silence. No one objected, naturally agreed, and often nine out of desk toy fidget cube sale the pockets of a length of about one foot, thick as a black arm iron fidget cube kickstarter arm, followed by a turn attached to the phase of the situation around the four sides, to the flower bed Bank of China to go. Xiao Han could not help but curious about the idea, followed by often nine behind. Chang nine lines into the flower beds, squat body, the iron tube in the hands, aimed at the ground, twisting behind the turn. Xiao Han looked carefully, and found that among the iron tube, it seems that there is a sharp thing, drill to the underground. Often nine non stop rotation of the iron tube, seems to control the change in position. Zhang Lan, Wang Shouyi all came over, looked at nine. Often nine have stopped rotating the hands of the iron tube, Fu Xia body, left ear attached to the ground, the right ear contact Iron, close your eyes, listen attentively. Zhang Lan, Wang Shou yi, Xiao Han Chang look nine look solemn, did not dare to disturb, did not dare to come up with sound, three people are blankly standing where. All of a sudden, the ga.n the hands of half of the broken sword, immediately Jian Qi Sheng, a row of seven sword stab out. This seven swords fast sharp, like a thorn at the same time, suddenly broke the balance of power of desk toy fidget cube sale the two sides fight. Xiao Han Yue see startled heart, this seven swords of the Viagra, quite the sword Emperor emperor of the momentum, but the look but paradoxical, there are many differences, but the sword changes like the same source. This is a surprising discovery, making Xiao Han stunned. Sword sword, if fidget cube logo not the sword of God, but others deliberately imitate the sword Emperor of the secrets. Under the sun who has such a Hui, to emulate the sword of Emperor s trick Ink non Zi really take over the seven swords onslaught, suddenly forced back again and again and again. He is the master of the world fencing, although shocked Shangguanjie sword on the attainments, but in the strong enemy offensive, still mind chaos, to avoid self protection. Suddenly Shangguanjie sword straight point, as fast as flow arrows, broken sword straight, even no change in skills. Mexican non sub has been the other fantasy sword change, forcing back again and again, because desk toy fidget cube sale Shangguanjie the swordsmanship endless, with ink on the success of non sub sword, even do not look for the convenience does not move after desk toy fidget cube sale the potential changes, only Was forced back again and again, and now the sword straight into, no sk.s elite division, stealth killer wings, armored warriors defeated, the battle if the fight to go on, the two even if the President can win, will win very miserable. Bai Yuxian said often predecessors nuanced, late into the admiration, but the two incarnation Yang Fanghe to this line, where is the heart Xiao Hanyue said If so, to the intention of a check the actual situation. Chang nine I think is pre deployment. This sentence has a very powerful power of shock, the Office of the people can not help looked around. Two old friends to follow that two years, Mr., can not distinguish his identity Wen Baiqi smile, said to say ashamed, two drinks and I banquet two times, but now want to come, but has been like a mist in the flower, the vague can not see clearly. This kind of thing, hiding, but my name often Xiao Han received The shape of the trace of the surgery Often nine nodded, then said Yes, although clever different, but the variance of their cases, Wen Xiong, brother to think carefully to look sharp to the desk toy fidget cube sale two eyes, rivers and lakes of the Road, how Lianlian Guo Several people are not clear To Zhongtian said Changxiong not mention, do not think the next, the said to think about it, but it is so, are rivers and lakes above, there really can change the shape of the wonders of it No, but really caught in them, there are intricate sense of unpredictable, but once put.

Desk Toy Fidget Cube Sale ng, how do you, but what Xiao Han Yue said I think, these people are also flesh and blood, young and grown up, do not he really afraid of death Bai Yuxian nodded and said This thing, I also feel strange, do not know what they use the methods to train these killers, all of them are not afraid of death. Is not relying on drugs Unlike white fairy said Everyone who is under the control of the drug, one will become unconscious, and behave a little stiff, but they do not have these shortcomings. Xiao Han month sigh, said If you want to slaughter, these people die is not a great pity Unfortunately White Jade cents, said They are bloody hands, do not know how much life has been hurt, they are being used in a cold training methods, erase the human nature, has become a round to the cold blooded killer. Xiao Han Yue said As soon as you kill, kill them early Bai Yuxian said They are the second generation of the wind group killer, martial arts of the high, especially better than the first generation, kill them easier said than done. Xiao Han Yue said Should the white girl feel should slaughter, in the next is willing to try. Bai Yuxian eyes staring at the Xiao Han on the face, looked for a while, said This is just the beginning, prelude, this group of staff down, or retreat, there will be a group of more powerful hands to desk toy fidget cube sale kill up, so endless, I do not know th.ival, but also do not need to move to you these armored man shot. Iron seven Now I will kill you Xiao Han Yue said Also want to experience the next, I do not know you in addition to the right hand hidden in the left edge of the knife and the knife in the left, there is what murder hidden weapon Iron seven Take it slow Suddenly rushed forward, his hands together, his right hand fist attack chest, his left two fingers, straight to take binocular. Turned out to be a move style, and the general master attack the enemy the same way. Only, iron fist, iron means more horror look. Xiao Hanyue eaten a bitter, the heart has been vigilant, Jiedui two step, out of a hit, sword stabbing, stabbing the iron seven of the left eye. Good fast sword, really like lightning in general. Iron seven shocked, hastily side of the face, sword thorn in the left eye an inch of the place, slamming, emitting a bunch of Mars. This place armored, is the body armor of the thinnest place, Xiao Han although not pierced, they have to shake the iron seven faint hearted, his left eye temporarily lost vision, shock, hastily receded back. His mind to understand, fidget cube on sale already temporarily lost the ability to fight, the hearts of fear, a few hundred feet back, until the car in front. Repel them Bai Yuxian leap out, said Very good, you are not hurt them suddenly found Xiao Xiong months chest, blood dye clothes.

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