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Best Desk Toy Fidget Cube rden fidget cube aliexpress in a quiet, quiet sound can not hear a little. After a full time for a long time, often nine only opened his eyes, closed iron tube, stood up and patted the body of the soil. Wang Shouyi frowned, said Often, you make a mystery of trouble for a long time, engage in what tricks ah Often nine appeal breath, said Tell you, you do not know Zhang Lan said This is the rivers and lakes uploaded to listen to the surgery Often nine nodded and said Yes Wang Shouyi said Listen to what is not Often nine I heard the sound of water coming from the wheel, and I heard the sound of the heavy objects hitting the ground. Zhang Lan said What The sound of a heavy object Often nine That is, that rockery chamber, some activities, but unfortunately Shek Pik thick, unable to hear other voices. I almost have to give up, but came the crash of the sound of heavy objects, speaking, but also coincidence Zhang Lan then said Nine, you can be sure, it is the weight of the impact of human sound Absolutely yes, but also hit the Shek Pik on Often nine voice firm to say So the chamber is inside the rockery. Wang Shouyi eyes stare Zhang Lan, seems to wait for him to take an idea. Xiao Han also felt this matter, the jack say, may not be useful, Zhang Lan should make a decision. Look for the portal, let s go in and see Zhang Lan made a bold decision. Wang Shouyi said Often, do you hear tha.paralleled endurance, great wisdom, read to this, anger on the heart, head note two servant, cold Cold said You are tied on hand, or to our shot Two girl suddenly turned away, ran to the back. But see the two shadows, swept out of the sweep, Han afraid of tigers and often nine, has long been deliberately to go, buy official fidget cube jumped between the two girls have been blocked in front. Surprisingly, the two girl, martial arts is very poor, to deal with Mrs. Yang is more than enough, in the Han fear of tigers and often nine men, but three strokes, have been point of the acupuncture points. Asked the inside story, it was so surprised that Wang Shou yi, even Zhang Lan, Chang Nine and other rivers and fidget cube green lakes that experienced people, can not help but wonder the design of the enemy in detail. It turned out that the two girls are young women to enter the Young House to follow his wife s side of the girl, but was the enemy to use, and pass them a few recipes Kung Fu, specifically to take care of Mrs. Yang, even relatives and friends visiting, as long as Ms. Yang does not say Inside story, also can not introduce doubt. Wang Shouyi and Zhang Lan some discussion, decided to first Lady Yang sent to Zhao, sent Han Bohu and He Gang, and please Xiao Han, Tan Sangu brought Zhang Jie and ten archers into the park after the first. Do countless thorny odd case, this time, Wang Shou yi really feel the pressure odd we.

months have begun to think, but not yet fully think well, to be mature ideas, and then the older generation of discussions. This is the only Hui, chest Luo Jinxiu, thoughtful, different from the rivers and lakes, the character of the place. Often best desk toy fidget cube nine suddenly interface Tan predecessors, with your achievements, do not really know the royal palace around the rivers and lakes high people come and go Know some, but the old body has always been thought that the training of the Generalissimo in the palace best desk toy fidget cube guards activities, not much attention. Often nine Tan predecessors think around the palace, where the suspicious This one Tan Sangu pondered for a while, then said Before you can find out the exact evidence, you can not talk. Seven princes looked solemnly said Is the palace around, really entrenched a number of rivers and lakes fierce evil it Often nine No mistake, at least, there is a place near the palace where they settled. Wang Shouyi hear straight cold sweat, illegal channels This kid I do not know the severity of talking, straight, offended the seven princes, Zensheng is good Fortunately, seven princes very bearing, smile, said Often tracing tracing the hero can, the best in the world, I do not know can not find their place of the place Often nine It should not be difficult, the difficulty is that around the palace, are Gonghou House, often someone can not be good at tracingdistribution, face clearly visible. Wang Shouyi dumbfounded, he did countless cases, Jiangnan name catching, since the non Langdexuming but never encountered such a coincidence, the same time, the same clothing, the same burden of small cloth. That village women turn around and saw Wang Shouyi best desk toy fidget cube one, smiled, holding the girl s hand to the clothes, whispered Sister, take me to the painting on the fat look good Green girl sighed, said Sister, what good looking, it is a woman selling laughter, sister as thin as paper, reduced dust, how can I also dragged you into the water to Sister, I just take a best desk toy fidget cube look away Village female tone, full of pleading. Green girl some helpless All right, sit down and have to go. The two turned to the quasi quasi river line to Wang Shou yi s side of the line from the side, Wang Shou yi smell that green girl body powder aroma. Staring at the back of the two girls, Shou shou shook his head, called on one breath, said How can such a coincidence, but a clever design Wang Shouyi turned to look, I do not know when, Xiao Han has been standing behind him, startled Yi Zheng, said Xiao brother, you mean Xiao Han on a wry smile, said She wore the same clothes, in the agreed time to the Qin River, but she is not Zhao Youlan, Zhao girl Wang Shouyi suddenly jumped up, then said Zhao girl There are General Zhang Xi Yes He also took two guar., playing an hour, even unable to Tanguang Sangu Department of the knife array, forced two sworn out of rivers and lakes. Xiao Han said Since then, this is not often Beidou Daofa appear in the arena No Is that war, Beidou knife array full name of the world, but never appeared in the arena At this time, the Beidou knife array has begun to move, seven armed black people, while moving forward, the action is very slow, but uniform, seven people take the pace of the distance, exactly the same seven action One person, and always maintain the form of matrix method. Xiao Han Yue breath, said It seems that there is no way to get some advice from the older generation. Tan Sangu said Be careful of the enemy, bold shot, I skirt for you. Xiao Han on smile, said Thank you. Move forward to meet up. Zhang Lan in the field, often nine, Wang Shou yi, are also surrounded up. A wind has been difficult to deal with thirteen, seven of the joint best desk toy fidget cube knife array, at least seven winds of thirteen forces, coupled with the potential power and influence change, I do not know to enhance the dash, Xiao Hanyue one power, can Deal with it It is worrying. Xiao Han Yue approximation of the knife array, mobile battle, but also stopped. Xiao Han slowly out sword, flat in the chest, slow voice said That one can answer Xiaomou words But you must break the Big Dipper. best desk toy fidget cube Sound sweet, was actually a woman accent. Wi.

Best Desk Toy Fidget Cube of the hilt of the cable, collected from the Tianshan different ice silk, defying the edge, the length of the fine cable four feet of eight feet, wrist is made of gold snake skin, up best desk toy fidget cube and down two cold iron elite, cold iron tablets But also when the hidden weapon, by connecting thread manipulation, distance heart, such as the sword on the eyebrows, both inside and outside the front edge, the blade can be used as a sword, Broken jade cut gold, invincible, practice familiar. Internal strength of the deep, can put the days silkworm rope, wounding in the distance of twelve feet. Fortunately, Xiao Han Yue extraordinary vision, but also very carefully, but also know Zhuanzi, which at a glance, found a secret. A table are staring at Xiao Han months, I do not know why he was absorbed in the hilt. Zhu Yingying curious mind, but also carefully look to the hilt on the look can not help but shout It is not a flower, is the word Xiao Han Yue nodded and smiled and said Yes, yes, the princess know plum characters, it is convenient, Silver Flying Cream secret carved in the above, a closer look, plus practice flight, will Use it. Slowly into the sheath to the sword into the Tan Sangu. Often nine breath, said scholar not to go out, to know the world, it seems not a lie. Xiao Hanyue said Wanli Road, Yousheng read million rolls of books, often brother s rivers and lakes experience, the best desk toy fidget cube younger adm.hang Xiong, Ying Tianfu jurisdiction under the Crown gathered, Gongqing many, spacious on the prefect adults, though Jing Zhao from the second Wang Shouyi seize the opportunity to say To do things up, but also afraid of the difficulty from the heart, will be seven princes strongly support Caixing. Zhang Lan nodded and said Seven princes full support, however, this case, not the brigade army can play Blacksmith hot, Wang Shouyi took a, said Zhang Xiong means Zhang Lan is a veteran of the characters, arrogance subsided after the decision was very clear, how will not fidget cube mexico hear the sound of Wang Shou yi, laugh, said Wang Xiong do not need me, this matter, I have determined to invest, do not check the stone, will not stop, they can hire lakes to intervene, the old lady can invite martial arts friends to help boxing Yes, yes, Shouyi, and should be Tianfu in the arrest, have to listen to Zhang Xiong scheduling. J,, C M Zhang Lan nodded smile, looked Xiao Han months, said Xiao brothers and other experts to help, I believe best desk toy fidget cube enough to compete with them, the problem is the safety of Zhao girl, down to be particularly careful some Do not worry about me Zhao Youlan smile to take I am a little through pharmacological drugs can cure, but also self defense, I will live in place, cloth a dragnet. Zhang Lan smiled and said Well, you can protect yourself, we.

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