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What Makes Us Unique

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Here at Mendel Money Management, we take pride in directly managing investments by buying individual securities, instead of mutual funds, for our clients. This eliminates the layer of fees typically paid to the adviser and to the mutual fund under the increasing popular financial planning model employed by many other market competitors. The potentially lower fees should help you build wealth in a more efficient manner. What allows us to do this is the extensive knowledge of our staff in securities analysis obtained through years of experience, our educational background and professional certification.

About the CFA® Designation

CFA® stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. The Passing the three CFA® exams is a difficult feat that requires extensive study (successful candidates report spending an average of 300 hours of study per level). Earning the CFA® charter demonstrates mastery of many of the advanced skills needed for investment analysis and decision making in today’s quickly evolving global financial industry. As a result, employers and clients are increasingly seeking CFA® charter holders—often making the charter a prerequisite for employment.

Additionally, regulatory bodies in 19 countries recognize the CFA® charter as a proxy for meeting certain licensing requirements, and more than 125 colleges and universities around the world have incorporated a majority of the CFA® Program curriculum into their own finance courses.

The CFA® Program curriculum provides a comprehensive framework of knowledge for investment decision making and is firmly grounded in the knowledge and skills used every day in the investment profession. The three levels of the CFA® Program test a proficiency with a wide range of fundamental and advanced investment topics, including ethical and professional standards, fixed-income and equity analysis, alternative and derivative investments, economics, financial reporting standards, portfolio management, and wealth planning.

The CFA® Program curriculum is updated every year by experts from around the world to ensure that candidates learn the most relevant and practical new tools, ideas, and investment and wealth management skills to reflect the dynamic and complex nature of the profession.

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