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  • “Every time I turn around, there’s another financial decision to make. How do I know I’m making the right ones?”
    As fee-only financial advisors, we sell no products and receive no commissions. Instead, you pay us one annual fee that covers all our meetings and full access to us at no additional charge whenever you have questions or your circumstances change.

Mendel Money Management

Here at Mendel Money Management, we aim to simplify your financial lives. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients and make it easy for you to share your goals with us. Whether your goal is to save money for retirement, children’s college education, or generate income during retirement, we are there to guide you down the right path.

For over 25 years, we have been working with individuals and small businesses to customize and manage their financial assets. What separates us from most other investment advisers is we spend most of our time researching individual companies and economic news, rather than selling our services to new customers. We buy individual stocks and bonds, thus eliminating the additional fees that mutual funds charge.

Protecting and growing our clients’ assets is what we strive for and where we excel. We look forward to the opportunity to assisting you with all of your financial needs.

Why Invest?

Keeping your savings in the bank often reduces your buying power slowly over time. By investing in stocks, bonds, and other regularly traded securities you can keep your money liquid and allow the money to grow over time. The stock market can be a very scary place for the average individual. However, by investing in the market and staying disciplined, you can reap significant benefits. It makes saving for the purchase of your next home, children’s education, and retirement easier. Each investment vehicle has a different long term expected return. Typically, the higher the expected return, the higher the volatility and the higher the risk.

At Mendel Money Management, we help determine your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon. From there, we give you the peace of mind that someone is watching your investments on a continuous basis. As your objectives and the economic environment changes, we shift your investments accordingly so that you maximize your wealth, while maintaining reasonable risk levels.